Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Time for Patience is Over.

I saw Obama the Terrorist was in front of the camera again instead of doing his real job. He was urging the nation to be patient. This is why we cannot trust the guy.

The time for patience is clearly over. Obama the Sociopath is clearly not going to do anything helpful; if he wanted to, he clearly would have bothered by now. This is not a time for patience; this is a time for action.

Iowa, the time is right for you to stand up and refuse to comply. I am already planning the thank-you I will give you after it happens. I know you will do the right thing. Keep my Sweetness safe for me. Demand justice. End the ignorance. Communicate. Refuse to comply.

I saw a news article on a local broadcast not so long ago about building houses that can withstand tornadoes. It involved reinforcing the joints in the house and can be done as a retrofit. It really sounded worth looking into. It could also drastically reduce insurance premiums. I just cannot seem to find the article, now.

Sweetness, do you need help with anything? (Shhhh.... I actually bought lingerie today that was neither red nor black. I have expanded to include pink and purple. I am sure you will appreciate.) You are going to make me giggle like a school girl, aren't you?

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