Friday, June 3, 2011

What is Squid's Influence on the World?

I really wanted to write this, my third blog post of the morning, on how this bubble of persecution would be burst already if my dad were not a tyrant and had not locked me in a hospital for no reason but to hurt me. I feel that is obvious, though, so I am going to write about something else. I am going to answer a question.

What do I believe is my influence on the world?

There are some obvious and some not-so-obvious things to say in response to that question. There is one obvious place to start, though.

Look at the Arab World. I inspire and fuel peaceful movements for freedom and democracy. I honestly wish I could see more of them. My constant rhetoric trying to fire America into standing up has done wonders for the rest of the world. I preach the powers of peace. And when people see and understand the power of peace, they are never violent again.

I am also a symbol of human endurance. Last month marked two years of living with this constant torture... the equipment in my head... the public instructed to persecute me... the physical attacks on my person... all of it. Obama the Oppressor still has found no way to torture me into killing myself for his convenience. He has also found that he cannot rape me until I go mad. In my current state, I endure. I suffer. I fight. He cannot stop me. He should have made me complacent.

I am a living example of how intimidation is no way to control or influence people. When they threaten me, I do all I can to fit as much good as possible into my life before they can kill me. When they try to intimidate me, it makes me fight that much harder against them. I do not believe in letting bullies get away with anything, especially if that bully is the president of the United States of America. I am a shining example that we need to be good to each other. Unlike the people who persecute me and who put rules on the public, I demonstrate how to live life as an emotionally mature adult. I wish my father would finally learn something.

I am a sign that education, education, education is something that works, works, works. I would be nothing if I were not a thinker. I would be lost if I were not a student of the world. It is just as important to learn as it is to teach. Think, people. Think. Do not just go along with everyone else. Think it through on your own and compare your results with others.

Back when all of this started, back when all of this first landed on me against my will and initially without my knowledge, back when I first realized there was a show broadcast out of my head that no one was willing to stop in order to save me, I decided that if I had no choice but to endure it, if no one would acknowledge it, and if every time the cameras fell out I would be attacked in my sleep so they could put new ones in, then I would make the world see that it is beautiful. I decided to show off the beauty I could see in the world. And look what you learned, my beautiful world. You learned that you are beautiful.

I have also demonstrated the power that the written word has to do good in the world. Words can inspire. Words can heal. Words can fix. Words can love. Choose your words wisely... because words say as much about the writer as they do about the subject.

I am also a living model for demonstrating grace and intelligence under pressure.

How was that for an answer to my question?

Sweetness, when we finally meet, I will laugh in your ear until your eyes get my sparkle. I will hold you to my heart as the stars climb the sky. And I will kiss your beleaguered face until it cannot help but shine. I love you more with every passing moment than I could ever express with words... and I am damn good with words. We will be together. And the world will be a much better place for it.

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