Friday, June 3, 2011

Stating the Obvious and Waiting for a Rescue

Here I am enduring another day of this hell with nothing to do but state the obvious while I wait for my rescue. I feel I will take the first few moments to assuage a fear I have been hearing from some people. And so begins my second blog post for the day...

Obama is warmongering, but the Pentagon wants nothing to do with it. The Pentagon loves me. They are not going to send ground troops anywhere without a declaration of war from Congress and a clearly defined threat against the American people. They have had enough with the past decade of pointless wars. As I said, they love me. Ask them about me sometime. The Pentagon can be trusted. They will not allow WW3 to breakout.

Secondly, I am going to address a women's issue... Rape victims need a safe place to go where they can heal. I know how it feels to live between being raped and battered. I know what it is like to go to a foreign country seeking help and protection only to be raped and battered yet again... while the world watches and does nothing. Please find Eman and help her.

As a mental health update, has the world yet discovered what madness looks like? It does not look like me. I know I need a little help. No one goes through two full years of this torture without needing a little help. That is why I take the meds. But I am no paranoid schizophrenic. Obama the Sociopath needs to get his head out of his ass. No one is buying it... but my dad is using it to hurt me.

I see that Syria is still standing strong and united. Keep fighting the good fight, you beautiful people. This is a path you must finish now that you started it. There is no going back to the way things were for you. Stay organized. Be smart and tactical. Be responsible for the country you form once you get what you want now. Always think of the future when you fight for the present.

Oh, Africa,... I know how it hurts. I know what it feels like to wake up every morning to live through hurt and pain and war crime after war crime. You do not suffer forgotten. We see you. Tell us how to help, and see us help.

Sometimes, it feels like there is unrest everywhere except where I need it. I am confined against my will to a house in Central Iowa. I need Iowa to fight. I need America to rebel.

Are you fed up, yet? What will it take? How much are you going to make me suffer through before you do something?

This message is for all of you, my beautiful world. I need you to help me. Have you noticed, yet? I am not safe in places where people comply with the persecution.

This is what I need...

1.) I need a physical rescue from this hell.
2.) I need a safe place to go to where everyone refuses to comply.
3.) I need America to stand up to the president who oppresses us all.
4.) I need freedom of the press.
5.) I need a return of free human expression.

This was once a free country. I need this to become a free country again.

This is a job that everyone needs to be a part of. You all need to get on board. Please, start a ball of non-compliance rolling. Once everyone is united in refusing to comply, this country will be free again.

But every single one of you needs to start the non-compliance. You need to start it now. Stand up. Say and do anything you please with anyone you want... live within the laws but outside of the rules.

Do this for me. I am already doing everything I can for you.

Sweetness, anything you want, you know that... You can have anything you want as far as I am concerned. I know you will rescue me. You will have the happiest birthday of your life this year. You never let me down. You can spill any of my secrets you want all over this green Earth to get it done. I love you more than you will ever understand.

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