Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rage, my Beautiful World, Rage.

I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck. I carry my trauma in my lower back. Sadly, my chiropractor has jury duty all week. My back is a mess these days... after all those threats of hospitalization, after never being allowed a chance to heal from the torture, after living with parents who adamantly maintain the bubble to be able to hurt me.

My contacts are staying in until I feel safe again. Yes, I am using the slavery for physical safety. It is all I have, and they refuse to end it.

When you are treated cruelly, you leave for better surroundings. My parents will not relent with how they harm me, and we all have heard how I would be treated in a different city in the arms of my Sweetness. I would even find my human rights there. What sane person would not leave this hell to be surrounded by love? Look at how often they threaten me here. Look at what few rights I have here. Look how my father treats me.

According to my father, I have over $20,000 in a bank account I am not allowed to access. Meanwhile, it took until last week for him to allow me to buy a second bra. I have only had six dresses for the last six months (and a few separates). I cannot even afford to repair my shoes. He does not give me any money to buy my medications; what I am taking are free samples from the manufacturer. He lies to the courts to be able to threaten me with hospitalization. And I cannot speak to him for fear of his verbally abusing me.

Then look at how my beloved Mr. Johnny Depp would treat me.

What sort of person would choose to stay in this life I lead in this house? What person would not spend every moment trying to be with the people who love her? What sort of person would stand in the way?

Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Build me a place where I can finally heal, and carry me there. This is not over until we all have our full human rights.

This is a human rights crisis that America is living through, and it will not end until America demands and exercises its full rights and liberties. Rage, America, rage. Hold every last culprit accountable. Tear apart every propagator of untruths. Demand this country be free again.

I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks. But as long as I am in this bubble, I am suffering a torment that no human should ever be forced to bear. This is worse than the term "human rights violation" can imply. A "crime against humanity" sounds more fitting.... but I do hope that the courts will justly do everything they can in their jurisdictions. Everything helps.

Sweetness, I think the world has finally become used to how much we love each other. Tell everyone about the life you would give me. Use elaborate detail in every example. Tell everyone what you would do to keep me safe. I cannot wait to make superhuman babies with you. The world needs our kind of love.

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