Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am not Going to Just Disappear.

I know there has been some concern about weening people off of my addictive media. Do not fret. I am not going to just disappear.

Yes, I will remove the spy equipment from my head, and I will refuse to allow cameras in my home. It has all been so traumatizing for me to live through. I really need it to end.

But after I finally get a vacation from all this with my darling Sweetness, (I promise I will keep track of the news while healing in case a catastrophe pops up. I will not abandon you.) I will come back with some form of media for you all. The difference is, this time it will be legal. You will like it. I promise.

I take all of my responsibilities very seriously. I am not disappearing.

Sweetness, whatever you have planned, consider me on board. Let's roll.

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