Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Need a Chance to Heal.

I simply have got to get free of my parents and into my husband's arms, so I can finally have a chance to heal.

Think of everything I have been put through these last two years. Look at the PTSD that all of the medical malpractice forces me to endure. Now, take a good deep look at how horribly my parents treat me.

After I spent seven months in a torture facility in Liverpool that pretended it was a hospital, my parents had me hospitalized on false pretenses just a few weeks ago to prevent me from being with my Sweetness finally. Yes, Sweetness and I had a plan to be together, and my parents had me hospitalized on false pretenses to prevent my ever having freedom.

Furthermore, my mother just told me a few minutes ago that I am showing signs of a mental illness because I am mad at her for enforcing that I not be allowed to be with my Sweetness nor have my freedoms or rights. If you throw in the completely untrustworthy doctors that I must endure here who refuse to treat problems I actually have, the only conclusion any one can logically reach is that I need to get away from my parents and doctors to finally heal.

Please name one thing about this horrifying situation that is supposed to make me happy.

I need freedom. I need to get away from the parents that hurt me everyday by enforcing I stay in a bubble that persecutes me, and I need to be among people like my loving Sweetness who actually care for and support me.

He would find me anywhere I could go. But I cannot get out because my parents want me persecuted. And he cannot get in because the government wants me persecuted.

Did you ever consider why the government works so hard to keep us apart? It is because the persecution, torture, and slavery will finally end once the darling Mr. Johnny Depp and I are finally together. And being held accountable for their wrongs against the whole of this nation is something the corrupt parts of the government fear hugely.

My parents and doctors are active parts of the oppression of all of America and persecution of me in particular. They must be stopped. They must be held accountable. Iowa, this is your job.

Sweetness, I know you will find something that works, so we can finally be together. I do not just need this to finally be happy. I also need this to finally be well. Unless you can find a way to tell me where you are, you are going to have to come to me. I love you more than words can bear. Trust me. If I am worth all this to you, then you are more than worth all this to me.

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