Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because you Always Ask so Nicely...

I just received this email right now from my court appointed attorney...

I just got a call from the County Attorney saying you had blown off treatment and had left your parent's residence. If you get my email contact me immediately. You only have 9 more days to go of cooperating with treatment and the case would be dismissed. We've got to stay with the program just a bit longer.
-----END MESSAGE-----

Of course, I sent this message back...

Atty. Cooper,
I have no idea what you are talking about. My next appointment is on July 12th, and I am at my parents' as I type this. Has my father completely lost touch with reality?
-----END MESSAGE-----

Apparently, the corruption in the system has not yet been dealt with, and Obama the Terrorist is getting a little desperate. Please, my beautiful world, make sure justice happens. This might require phone calls. All of the same old phone numbers still apply. Let us bring some benevolent action and, if necessary, benevolent resistance. So much would be solved if you would file malpractice charges as soon as possible.

Still on the topic of national politics, is Congress doing the hard work on the debt ceiling? This is a time for democracy to show off. Please calculate how much of the deficit is interest on interest. Please remember that to be able to pay off the deficit, you need to be able to pay in more than the interest it accrues each period. If you raise the debt ceiling, there is so much more that you will have to pay off each period due to interest compounding, but it does make sense to put a band-aid on this for a couple months to buy enough time to fix the problem properly. But you need to make sure you fix it properly. Please take this crisis seriously and look at the hard math.

I hear that the troops are finally supposed to come back from Afghanistan. Do we have any trust or faith left in President Incompetent? Is the Failure that is President actually capable of keeping any promises especially those that do not create human rights violations? Will the troops have jobs when they come home? Will they have any benefits particularly disability benefits? Demand our heroes be treated as heroes.

As for you, Europe, please review your fiscal policy towards Greece. How many times have you tried handing them cash and imposing austerity measures, and how many times has it worked? You need to take the cash you plan to give them and invest it in their economy instead, so that they will eventually have enough tax revenue to run their own government and pay off their debts. I believe you need a better approach to the problem to be able to prevent global economic collapse.

As for other problems facing the world, what is Global Climate Change bringing us today? I cannot carry the world through this from inside this bubble, and no one else is stepping up to do the work... And now it is hurricane season...

Please, my beautiful world, burst this bubble. You know you need me to be free. If my father is threatening me with illegal hospitalization again, we all know that what we are doing to end this crisis must be working.

It is a lot of work for you all to save me from the corrupt legal process inside the bubble AND to exercise your full human rights... but I know you will keep me safe AND deliver me from this bubble of persecution and torture. Do not back down, it is working. It is time to kick it up hotter.

Also, please, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and every other world class city that wants to see me finally safe, tell the world what you would do for me if I could find a way to live in your mighty city. Tell the world what you would do when I arrived. Tell the world what you would do to keep me safe there.

I am not expecting a ticker tape parade and everyone washing the street before I can walk on it. But would you paint a street red? Or would you move a street for me? Would you guarantee my safety? Would you get me a doctor instead of a quack? Please give elaborate examples. Please detail to the world how much you love me. We need to prove why I need to leave Iowa for my own safety.

Sweetness, I feel like I give you work every time I write a blog post. Whatever you are ALL doing out there, it must be working if Obama the Terrorist is openly corrupting the system again to cause me another PTSD breakdown. Please make sure people stay organized out there. I am sure everyone is looking to you and Syniva for leadership these days. Thank you for sharing my burden. I love you.

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