Tuesday, June 21, 2011

People Need the Freedom to be Themselves.

Let me start with stating the obvious. If a physically attractive woman in a short skirt and tall heels walks into a comic book store, it is normal for her to receive spectacular customer service. It is only if she does not receive spectacular service that she is being singled out for special treatment because of who she is.

Similarly, if Squid goes home to North Beach and finds she is expected to pay for all of her drinks for the first time in her life, she will be suspicious. It has always been the existence of the rules, torture, slavery, and persecution that has leaked the most. The second biggest leak is the slander and libel.

You see, the hate and slander campaigners spread lies about me to make the general public attack me. When people I have never met before in my life are mean to me for no rational reason, I can figure out from how I am attacked what the lie was that made that person do it. From there, it is easy to reverse engineer what actually happened to make the lie get spread around.

Please, my beautiful world, when you hear lies about me, name the slanderers publicly to take away their power. Please also hold my father accountable for all his wrongs. Press charges against every last doctor or hospital for malpractice. If needs be, bring it all to court separately. Every little thing helps.

This is a fight for justice so that 1.) the crimes will finally end and 2.) the culprits will never do it to anyone ever again. This is a fight for human rights including my right to seek justice for crimes committed against me... a right I am meant to be denied by the bubble. This is a fight to make America free again.

Besides holding all those that wrong me legally accountable, the freedom of the press should be another one of our priorities. The people need to be able to hear the truth. Please, journalists, broadcasters, and newspaper publishers, it is time we insisted on our Constitutional right to report the truth in a public forum. This is not just about getting the truth to me; this is about getting the truth to everyone. Please do everything you can.

Technically, according to the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Pentagon Papers, the presses cannot be censored until AFTER they speak or publish. There should be nothing that can stop you from telling the truth, and if they try to silence you after, we get to bring them to court for violating the Constitution. I bet it would work best if you all defied the rules all together and all at once. Please think about it.

This country really needs an open, honest discussion of the major divisive factors plaguing its people. People will do the right thing if they can get to the truth. Maybe we will all be able to find the real purpose of the bubble then. Is America being oppressed to ensure that I am persecuted? or am I being sacrificed to maintain that the nation stays oppressed?

I know for sure that this bubble has never been about controlling me. They never once tried being civil towards me, respectful of me, nor kind to me in order to be able to influence me. They have done nothing but batter, torture, rape, attack, and enslave me. If they wanted to control me, they would have tried being nice to me... particularly since all of the abuse has never worked.

Please, my beautiful world, defy Obama the Oppressor. Exercise your human rights, and wait to see how they enforce the rules on you if they can get away with it at all. Fight to prove the oppression is unconstitutional. This was once a free nation. Make it free again.

I have already said it... If you all defy the rules together, you will succeed at again being free. This is a matter of human rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Obama the Oppressor is a menace. Defy him to save America. This nation needs you. I cannot have my human rights unless you insist on yours.

Sweetness, you do so much for me. Please do not forget to take some time for yourself. I hate to think I am working you ragged. I love you unbelievably. We WILL find a way to be together. Never let them beat you down, and always keep me in your heart. I love you.

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