Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do the Right Thing.

What matters most is that people do the right thing; it does not matter why they do it. Some people go green to save the world. Others just need to save money. Do the right thing, people.

Doing the right thing means being good to each other, respecting each other's human rights, creating good in the world. It never involves lying about someone just to able to hurt her. My father is a prime example of this sort of behavior... so is the hate and slander campaign. There is a reason libel is illegal.

The lies only work to control the public with hatred because we have no freedom of the press. We have no way to conduct an open and honest discussion of the truth. We have no way to bring the truth to the masses. This is why First Amendment rights are supposed to exist.

What we do have, though, is way to hold the people who spread the lies accountable. Follow lies to their source and publicly call out all slanderers. Take away their power; prevent people from listening to them. Press charges. If we do not hold them accountable, it will never end.

Speaking of things that need to end, I cannot heal from all of the malpractice, torture, and slavery until the persecution ends. I need the spy equipment removed from my head, and when it is removed, I need security. Most importantly, I need to be with my immortal love, my Sweetness, my reason for surviving all this. I need a chance to heal.

We all need the bubble to burst, too, so I can do my real job... and on the topic of Global Climate Change, agriculture experts need to look into growing and raising food sources in changing environments.

As one example, crops and livestock in the States are flooded or drought-ridden right now. What does this mean for our food supplies, exports, and consumption come harvest and slaughter time? How do we make sure we can feed the world as the weather becomes more dramatic every year?

We need to spend similar attention on controlling the spread of diseases. As one example, incident rates of malaria might stay the same, but the geographic areas afflicted might change. We need to keep people aware, so they can stay safe.

Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Do not stop until we all have all of our human rights. This is not over, yet.

Sweetness, what is left that I have not yet tried in order to be able to be with you? I know this hurts you as much as it hurts me, and I am bashing my head against the bubble wall trying to find a way to get to you. Yes, I get a little angry when I feel you have been wronged, and I always put the blame where blame is due. That is where Monday's post came from. I do not care how many mountains have to be moved, so we can finally be together. I love you.

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