Monday, May 16, 2011

Black is the New Black.

If you are a regular reader of my little ole blog, you might notice that I have been delayed in writing this newest entry. It has been almost a week since I put fingers to keyboard, and you might be wondering why this has taken so long. That is a good thing to wonder.

Well, I wanted to be able to say something happy. Unfortunately, happy news is rare in my sad and miserable life. Do you want to know what happy thing finally made it from out there into this bubble of persecution? Well here it is...

Black is the new black.

Yes, I am talking about pirates... But before I go more in depth about pirates... and eyeliner... I must share a little bit about a different great love in my life. One that travels everywhere I go and loves to pose for photos.



Secret Military Installation

Yes, I am talking about my Kermit doll. I once considered getting him a passport. I once joked about convincing my increasingly understanding husband to adopt him.

And sometimes two of the great loves of my life appear in the same place at the same time. I agree. It was so cute I wanted to explode.

As for pirates... You can measure the greatness of a pirate by the magnitude of his eyeliner.

While we are looking at photos... Can you identify which one of these creatures with giant, brown eyes is an urbanite instead of a small woodland creature?

slow loris


archituethis terrestris spledidis (the splendid giant land squid)

Yes, we all have giant, brown eyes, but we have a few other things in common as well. We are all in danger.

It has reached the point I cannot trust anyone who complies with the rules Obama the Oppressor has set out just to persecute me. This goes beyond my parents who ignore what I mean to the world. This goes beyond Ankeny who still refuses to clean up its water. This goes beyond the doctors who deny me necessary care, and rape and torture victims need serious care.

This goes beyond the British. Have the British cleaned up the members of their media? Did they take down all of the officials who stuck chips in everyone's heads? Did they convict every last one of my tortures, including but not limited to Dr. Helen Reynolds and every member of the nursing staff at the torture facility (except for Vinnie and Damian)?

If we let people run around breaking whatever laws they want, the entirety of humanity degrades into the Wild West.

This includes murdering terrorists without putting them on trial first. I cannot believe Obama the Sociopath actually wants credit for that particular international crime. I suppose, though, that he started walking down the path of social ruin and public injustice, so now he cannot stop.

It is not only what Obama the Terrorist does, like threatening all of America into giving up human rights and liberties, but it is also what he fails to do that makes President Incompetent a menace to all of humanity.

I am a big deal. I have been a big deal for a long time now. While I am inside the jurisdiction of the United States of America, it is America's responsibility to uphold my human rights and keep me safe.

However, ever since he took office, Obama the Asshole has refused to keep me safe. From his insisting from the start that I have no way to protect myself or even know what dangers I face, through everything that happened to me in that hospital in Minneapolis in May 2009, through being raped and tortured in this bedroom at my parents' house in the following months, through the torture, slavery, and public humiliation following me to San Francisco, through my being forced to flee the country on a hunt for some sort of physical safety at all, through the horrors that followed me abroad, and to my still having no rights but my freedom of speech now, Obama the Oppressor has chosen not to support my human rights but instead to enforce my persecution.

He does this at the expense of everything, including all of America's freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and liberty.

We all know that I have done nothing to him to deserve this sort of personal vendetta from him. We all know that he has committed crime after international crime. We all know there is no justification for doing this to anyone for any reason. We all know he has lied to cover it all up from the start.

We also all know that every last thing he has done to me is an impeachable offense.

Do not fall for his charms. He is a sociopath. He is attempting to seduce you into liking him, so he can continue harming all of us. Resist him.

It is time for you all, yes, all of America, to reclaim your human rights. I am fighting for mine. Are you exercising yours?

Refuse to comply with his illegal rules. It is only illegal to enforce them, not to defy them. I want this nation to become a place I can trust. For that to happen, you have to refuse to comply with the oppression you are enduring. Make America the land of the free again. It is not too late to save this country.

Sweetness, I will be mailing you two letters today. They should reach Los Angeles on Thursday. I have been sorely heartbroken lately with you so far away from me. Writing to you always cheers me up. Dream of me.

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