Sunday, August 28, 2011

It Should Have Been Enough.

The bubble itself is a cruel and unusual punishment. The bubble alone should have been enough to turn me into a cruel, fire-breathing monster of a public figure intent on nothing but revenge and violence. The compliance of the general public with the bubble should have been enough to make me give up on humanity completely. Just try living through everything this bubble inflicts on me and see if you still love the world almost three years later.

You are all so very lucky I am who I am.

I did not allow myself to hate humanity. I did not allow myself to stop caring for the world. I am a responsible soul, and I can be trusted.

When will I have the basic human and Constitutional rights I deserve as a human under the jurisdiction of the US government? When will I finally have living conditions worth enduring? When will I finally be allowed to be with my loved ones? When will I finally be treated as I deserve... as an equal instead of as a subhuman creature?

Do I not deserve to be treated at least as a human and an equal?

My beautiful world, may I ask you for help? May I ask you to make a list of all of the things I do and have done in this world? And then may I ask you to spread that list around?

I am surrounded by people who are either inherently cruel or who have no idea what I have accomplished in the last (almost) three years. I do not deserve to be ignored. I do not deserve to be persecuted. The only way to show me the respect I deserve is to outright refuse to comply with the rules of the illegal bubble.

We need to get the ball of blatant non-compliance rolling. If persuading Iowans to stand up for their own rights and mine does not work, we need to organize and invasion of Iowa with people who will publicly give examples of refusing to comply. Send me foreigners. Send me out-of-Staters. Send me anyone with the moral convictions to get this bubble burst.

I need and deserve my rights. This State needs to wake up. This nation needs to end its oppression. This world needs me free.

Please help.

Sweetness, did you get my letter last week? I have a sneaky feeling you have been very busy lately... in a very good way. I have yet to figure out what happened with the US Open (tennis) due to the arrival of Hurricane Irene in New York. Do you know if everyone is okay? I am trying to lay off the poetry right now... It gives me such a rush. I love you, Mr. Love-of-my-Life, and I cannot wait for whatever you have planned.

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