Monday, July 25, 2011

"Melody is Her Name."

Global Climate Change will affect every part of our lives. It is already affecting food production. Texan ranchers are selling off their herds in record numbers despite rising costs for beef due to drought, and millions in Africa need our help due to famine.

How long did we see Climate Change coming? Why did we wait so long before we did anything? What are we doing now to make sure people are prepared for everything Mother Nature will throw at us? This is just the beginning.

Back on the topic I raised a few days ago, I cannot wait until I get to ask songwriters for help telling my story. My friend Mr. Daniel S. Buxton wrote a song a few months back that goes something like this...

Melody is Her Name

Melody is her name
She was born into the song
Melody sings this song
We love to hear her all day long


The warmth in our souls
Still comes from the sun
Yes, the warmth in our souls
Is from the rising One

--(c) 2011 Daniel S. Buxton

Okay, it sounds a little better when you hear it sung... but I am definitely ready to write music. I am transforming into a machine that converts coffee to verse.

No, this does not mean I will stop laboring every day to help save the world. I do not plan on fading away. I cannot wait, though, for the days when the world can save itself without me finally. I also hope to get married and grow some superhuman babies pretty soon.

Sweetness, I love you. Whatever you may need, just ask.

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