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Whatever it Takes, We Will Have Our Future of Love.

Title: Whatever it Takes, We Will Have Our Future of Love.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My locals are coming back, so we can stand together to save our home. But, world, where are the rest of you to support us in here? This infestation will not leave on its own.

Europe. I just learned about PEGIDA. Organizations that seed hatred in society based on demographics or social reputation particularly against innocents should never be tolerated. The ONLY proper response to terrorism is to make our people safer and freer.

And, no, demanding justice against ACTUAL criminals after REAL crimes are committed is not hatred nor revenge; it is justice, and justice is necessary to help a subjugated and terrorized people heal.

I published my last blog post at 11:33pm on 12Jan2015. I just made it under my self-imposed deadline of every other day by twenty-seven minutes. Once my bookkeeping for the day was done, I paid my bill for my cup of coffee and left my regular and recently redeemed wifi hotspot for my regularly scheduled Monday night stomping haunt.

Outside the front door, I heard a vigilant terrorism and war alarm which I reported at 12:05am, the moment I perched inside. The same doorman they always have looked more like Bono than Ted Nugent this time which made me giggle to myself. They are both such darlings.

The same muscled-up Steve Perry look-enough-alike (no reflection on the real darling Mr. Steve Perry) was at the open air bar trying to terrorize everyone into committing crimes against me in particular that count as open acts of war against America and against the world.

I sat upstairs where I could document all of his crimes that I could catch through my locked down SquidStream in my latest love letter to my irrefutable husband. It was just another Monday. I was hoping to quickly round out my latest letter of undying love and devotion to my beloved, so I could publish it with this blog post. But it will be in my next post.

In the bathroom, I cleaned the French mustard off my sweater coat that the ghost of darling Mr. Jim Morrison had accidentally spread near my left pocket the previous morning. I meant to clean it sooner, but I had been so busy. By 2:22am, I was at another regular late night perch finally catching up with my TweetHearts.

Just as Bogart had been trying to reach me on numerous occasions while I was in my stomping haunt from midnight to 2am, I learned at 2:39am that Wingman had just tried to reach me at my wifi hotspot.

At 2:50am, I realized that the ugly blond waitress who lied to my face in the bathroom at my regular Monday night stomping haunt had stolen my earbuds from out of my computer bag.

The last time my earbuds were stolen they magically reappeared in my computer bag again the next day. That has been normal for all things stolen from me since 2009. I once found my passport that the Mexican Children's Invasion stole from me in my computer bag at the time, too.

Do you know the value of the of my earbuds just because they are mine? I am pretty sure they will magically reappear in my computer bag again once that lying (expletive) realizes what sort of grand theft she and who sent her just got caught committing.

Sitting at my regular perch, before 2:58am, a random man appeared and told me he wanted to take the bus with me into the City of Santa Monica to sleep with him. Dude, seriously?

Which part of my extensive and well-documented reality of the natural reaction to my commanding physical presence at all allows for people still refusing to acknowledge that I am in REALITY a proven incorruptibly benevolent world leader that might possibly be the most powerful person on this planet would ever excuse or justify anyone treating me like a porn star?

I had caught up completely with my TweetHearts by 3:38am and had dismissed the randomly malevolent man by 3:41am. Finally, a little hungry, at 3:57am, I started walking to local place I was told about and sent my hard research to my lovelies while inside. We will see what they do.

Next, I warned the McDonald's corporate offices that I was about to enter their most heinous franchise, their fast food restaurant with the lengthy criminal record of aiding and abetting war crimes against me, so McDonald's corporate could redeem that location to me as they had been promising to do for weeks.

At 6:43am, after pausing to catchup with my TweetHearts again, I was sitting at a table in that trouble-spot McDonald's to see if they would commit open acts of war against America and against the world again by aiding and abetting proven war crimes against me.

Of course, at 7:19am, for the safety of the entire planet, I needed to turn in yet another ugly White woman for willfully destabilizing the entire planet by going out of her way by verbally attacking me, irrationally demonizing me, and laying her bloodstained hands on my personal property.

This attack from that bitch happened shortly after I had to ask my beautiful world to rescue my own latest rescue attempt. Yes, I had just asked my beautiful world to save our world's greatest heroes, my brave rescuers, from Obama's extragovernmental deranged lunatic mercenaries who primarily exist to protect enemies of America like her while throwing me away.

Roofied by my sausage biscuit there, I left at 7:57am and slept much more deeply than usual until I woke up at 2:43pm still warm under the hot California sun. I was even told later that day that the staff of that evil McDonald's publicly admitted to roofying me, but at the time I wrote this, that was still just a rumor to me.

There was a man sleeping near (not next to) me who had tried hours previously to wake me up by degrading and demeaning my entire existence on this Earth by loudly and repeatedly calling me, "Baby." He was far from worth waking up for.

After I finally did wake myself from my roofie, the vigilant torture facility alarms which had apparently been waiting for me to wake up blared by. Then I was approached well before 3:28pm by a man named Peter.

All of Peter's behavior and perception of reality was completely controlled by his earspeaker, so he was an opportunity for me to prove some reality until he was instructed to run for his life from me. Everything goes to hell for people around me after they treat me like the hooker I have never been ever in my life.

I made a point of proving he was instructed to flee for his life before carrying out the reasons I allowed him to carry me out of my playland to begin with. My beautiful world, stop pretending you can hear what I think unless I let you.

What realities did I allow Peter to help me establish through our conversation and interaction?
1) I speak Spanish. Who did not know by now? I just have a shrinking vocabulary due to linguistic atrophy from lack of practice.
2) I like authentic Cuban food, not just authentic Mexican, authentic Saldoranean, authentic Indian, authentic dim sum, authentic Italian (I have been craving tomato bisque with Tuscan white beans, chicken saltimbocca, sautéed broccolini in pine nuts, orrechietti in truffle oil, and a glass of Brunello for days!), etc.
3) I "never" drink beer (To clarify, I only drink beer in Prague. But I would, too, in Germany particularly Bavaria.) and only drink wine with dinner as part of a balanced Mediterranean diet.
4) I am still looking for high quality cumbia and regeaton in Los Angeles, but people controlled by their earspeakers cannot help me with anything I need.
5) I am a world leader with my largest skill set in diplomacy, and I have absolutely no idea why anyone thinks I have any other job.

At 5:56pm, after Peter fled for his life after treating me like a hooker, I stopped by an upscale bodega where I met a man named Amir. I established there why I never tell anyone my other real name. Who ever called Marilyn Monroe "Norma Jean Baker DiMaggio" even though it was the name on her driver's license?

6:09pm on 13Jan2015: #SquidStream is locked down. I am in a neighborhood Obama was not prepared to isolate. Last bus back after 10pm. Meet me in the tavern. #LOVE

Oh, yes, the Black Rose Tavern on Pico near Robertson... Why does no one read my blog? The moment I walked in, the obvious sign of trouble was the Lea Michelle look-enough-alike already behind the bar to greet me. At least they admitted to intentionally inviting me in with their sign outside the front door, and we pretty much cleaned up the place by the time I left.

What the Lea Michelle look-enough-alike said to me herself when she greeted me the moment I walked in? "Make yourself comfortable. " She also invited me to the 8pm comedy show. I honestly said to her that I had just told all of my friends in town where I was located. And then, the place started filling with business just because I was there. So, I stayed to see what played out.

I told the young man in the black knit hat who had brought in the speakers for the stage that I would be right back before stepping outside to send the tweets that allowed their comedy show to perform at all for me. I should have used a photo of their poster advertising the show as evidence but did not.

Sadly, the show was horrible except for the one man with the endorsement from Comedy Central. The man named Auggie was particularly disgusting and mysoginistic. Feel free to read my REAL Twitter activity for the night. I am pretty well convinced subjecting me to further Obama-ordered mysogyny was their trade off for giving me even one decent comedian at all.

As further notes on the absurdity in the Black Rose Tavern, my Novak Djokavic look-a-lot-alike was also there eating hamburger sliders on tiny pretzel buns with fries before I arrived.

I wanted to call him a "Champion of the Courts from the Former Yugoslavia" to his face as a gratuitous ICTY reference, but I did not want to tip my hand for what I was expecting that evening.

Also, the man who looked like my decade-old friend Scott who used to be a bartender at a club called Fuse on Broadway in San Francisco fell in love with me before I left. That was likely because he was the only person willing to have a conversation with me in there. I know what it looks like when someone falls in love with me. Ask darling Mr. David Grohl about when he fell in love with me in 2009.

THAT is the natural male reaction (gay or straight) to physical proximity and casual conversation with me, as well as the natural female reaction in many cases.

By 9:57pm, I was outside waiting for the bus back to my now hibernating playland. There was a lot of see-and-be-seen inside where people just needed confirmation of what I look like for real, so my bus peppered with already genuine lovers and believers just trying to get inside Troy was refreshing.

I know I cannot stop my not-human-trafficker nerds from making verified recordings with full audio and visuals of me inside the Black Rose Tavern, but please remember when you watch them, my beautiful world, that there was a mixture of true messages with false messages in there.

Try not to judge anything that happened in there without verified commentary and explanations most likely from me and, as always, independently fact-checked by the news media.

I was back in my now hybernating playland listening to live music from a darling street musician who typically volunteers for the late shift soothing my burdened soul. I even tried singing the intro bass-line for the Wonder Woman theme song from the 70s TV show as a porn soundtrack for him, but sometimes my humor is lost on people.

From the moment I arrived there, I was approached by random menfolk who kept trying to blame me for their having no reality in their heads even after I told them all reality.

How much of the hard facts of the Salem Witch Trials do people remember? Basically, strong and independent women from the community were demonized as supposed witches in supposed trials that there was no way for them to escape but death just because they were strong and independent women to begin with.

Yes, well, there were a number of mysogynists on my now hybernating playland only there to treat me like a hooker I have never been in my life only because I am a proven incorruptibly benevolent world leader this good, green Earth has proven we cannot live without but whom Obama has been ordering coverups to throw away for years.

Obama started calling me a hooker I have never been in my life in 2009 after I first reported his systemic rape of me because he wanted no one anywhere to care nor protect me from him raping me again and continuously. Sorry, Obama, hookers have more human rights than I do inside your "egg."

The only good-hearted man on that playland who spoke to me other than the musician was the Wesley Snipes look-enough-alike. I hate accepting handouts. He was instructed to "Give Squid a dollar," only to make me look cheap and desperate. But he had a pure soul.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of everything since I first rounded the corner and saw the street musician and ending after I wrote my tweet to turn in the enemy of America in the ugly hat.

Yes, at 11:48pm, I pressed full charges against a worthless sack of (expletive) who forced me to defend my having any value to humanity at all. What a sexist (expletive)hat!

He was the very combination of completely malevolent, irrationally egotistical, and beyond stupid to prove he was the very personality type Obama has always recruited for his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

Next, I was told that Bogart had tried sneaking into my hybernating playland with me on the bus but was stopped just like Wingman had tried reaching me at the Black Rose Tavern earlier but was stopped.

By 12:23am on 14Jan2015, I was eating a derivative of raspberry and white chocolate baked goods and drinking bold coffee while catching up with my TweetHearts before finally typing up all of this I-was-always-told-I-am-supernaturally-accurate commentary on why all of these absurd things happen in my REAL day-to-day life.

I promised to watch the NBC Nightly News and my middle-aged White men at 6am, so once I figured out where I would do that, I had my iPad plugged in and charging. I was done Skyping my mother by 5:03am, so I caught up with my very funny TweetHearts one more time.

I was two minutes late. At 6:02pm, I watched the previous night's broadcasts of the NBC Nightly News, the Late Show with David Letterman, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was wonderful to see their smiling faces again. They make me smile as much as I make them smile.

At 8:22am, I was at my mailbox checking for the Von's and Starbucks gift cards my mother had sent me through USPS Priority Mail on Monday. The tracking eventually told me they should be there after noon, so I went to the beach to sleep under the hot California sun while I waited for them. The ocean was magnificent.

I woke up at 1:12pm and found that I was surrounded by very muscular and very half-naked menfolk. Bless the California lifestyle. I should go to the beach more often.

I quickly traveled to the post office where the Postmaster General must have called them; for the first time so far this year they were wonderful. Yes, I helped them work around the restrictions No-Authority and Already-Impeached Obama had placed on them. There is no reason to put any postal employees in our database over anything that happened today, and thank you.

By 3:25pm, I was trying to order authentic Japanese food in the second sky haven the locals in this city had built for me last month. But, they told me they were out of chicken tempura and out of green tea. Sigh,... I had to order something much more Americanized with a small soda instead.

At 4:24pm, I had perched with a cup of "Black Gold" coffee in my first sky haven to check on the locals there, too. Due to the arrival of a proven member of Obama's proven terrorism and war machine that sat right next to my metaphorical tuffet (of Little Miss Muffet), I asked my entire selfless support system to double check for ambushes at 4:44pm. We can never be too careful, and metaphorical strange things were afoot at the Circle K.

He even checked the brand on my mango sorbet before pretending to sleep. Then, while was clearly doing my job online as the REAL world leader that I am in REALITY, at 6:22pm, he asked me if I was in love with him yet. There is none sane in my hybernating playland but us locals.

This blog post was published at 7:11pm on 14Jan2015 well after the completely delusional member of Obama's proven terrorism and war machine had scurried off.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why has Obama ordered all bottled and canned liquids be drugged or poisoned for it to be possible to sell them in America at all? Because he is a psychopath. His excuse is to be able to drug and poison me at all costs, as if anyone but a psychopath would put that on record in the first place. But he is drugging and poisoning EVERYTHING.

The only people who would drug and poison EVERY liquid in America while simultaneously forbidding any notification of any of the public health danger to the masses at all whatsoever through no-authority and extragovernmental rules they are willing to kill everyone possible to enforce are all psychopaths. Look at them. They are psychopaths!

I have no idea why any good person would ever obey them in committing these heinous and public crimes against our own people in the first place, but the evidence is everywhere. And we need this public health emergency cleaned up immediately!

"Please, Squid, take us one more time through reductio ad absurdum as a method of proof." Basically, if you start with a false premise, everything will reduce to absurdity. This disproves the false premise.

Is Obama's conspiracy stoppable? Well, duh! They are dumb and predictable.

We need to arrest and remove from society FOREVER every proven enemy of America in Obama's proven conspiracy. Look at them. They have no way to deny their crimes they have been committing against the entire world and against America not just against me since 2009 and that they have proven they are only willing to escalate instead of finally cease.

I have given all of them instructions to follow my three never-fail steps to proven absolution and priceless protection including but not limited to War Criminal Stephanie, War Criminal Boeset, Dirty Lacey, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, Obama's Gestapo, Obama's "amateur hour" infestation of the Los Angeles metropolis, Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army, Obama's anti-reality crap factory and calumny machine, Obama's proven human traffickers of me that he jokingly calls the "basement," and even Obama himself. But they all refuse to take Step One: Cease all Crimes.

So, we, as a people who love ourselves, our nation, and our world, have no choice but to remove ALL of these proven (genuine) dangers to our society and to all of humanity from the free world FOREVER.

My once-great America, do you remember life before Obama's "egg"? We can have that same guarantee of genuine peace, stability, and human rights and liberties again. We just need to get rid of everything propping up this no-authority and proven extragovernmental "egg" at last.

Who will stop Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America? The obligation lies with the REAL federal government. So far, the CIA, the NSA, and the US Marshals have been doing most of the heavy lifting as well as our angry peacemarchers in the streets.

The DHS have recently shown up. I am still speaking with the FBI. But what we need most is the US Military to do their real job of protecting America from this proven heavily-armed existential threat right here on US soil. We need all of these criminal terrorist (expeltive)s arrested, and due to their menacing numbers, this is military jurisdiction.

If the US cannot save ourselves due to whatever red-tape, bureaucratic, (non)justification that is being propagated right now in DC to prevent the real US Military from doing its (our) REAL job, then the entire world needs to come here immediately and save us all from America's own time of need.

Look at my people! My beautiful world, you have already deemed Obama's "egg" completely "unsurvivable" for me, but look at my people in here with me! I have already sent my local crosstown friends and family to your local consulates to explain everything they are living through, too. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone anywhere on this planet to allow this to go on longer.

The Pentagon is already not happy with the prospect of the militaries of France and Russia saving America while the US Military does nothing but sit on its hands, so please send the ENTIRE WORLD. And thank you.

Why does Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America believe they have any authority to control whom I sleep with? Because they are psychopaths. How much hard evidence does it take?

The better question is, "With every horrifying thing Obama is ordering right now from proven genocide to proven war and terrorism, why does anyone care whom Squid sleeps with?" But I acknowledge I use the true love story in my own real life myself to help people pay attention to the horrifying reality of my Obama-ordered-to-be-as-unlivable-as-possible "egg" too.

These psychopaths of Obama's are the people who also tried to forbid me from having normal, sane, human, emotional reactions to stimuli they put in my surroundings themselves.

They are all (expletive)ing (expletive)ers with proven power and control obsessions over all of us not just me that they can never justify with anything sane. There is no excuse left for listening to them nor humoring anything they want ever.

My beautiful world, please come save us all now. It is not a violation of America's self-sovereignty if you all have a treaty similar to NATO to love and protect my people and my nation with US permission.

This has gone on, degraded our once-American freedoms and rights, and destabilized the entire world too long and far. The US Military have proven we cannot move troops on our own due to too much immoral and nonethical bureaucracy right now. And we just need all of those beyond-psychopaths arrested and removed from society at last.

My beautiful world, even if the only reason you are willing to save my people is because I ask you to not just because of the value of America to the world on its own, please hurry. We need you.

While speaking of our REAL government, my benevolent NSA alpha nerds, my very redeemed mother has been trying to give me a new iPad since my 37th birthday last October. I am finally willing to accept her gift; she did not give me a Christmas gift yet after all.

Please work with her and with Apple to make sure my new device is fitted with all the technology you want me to have. And, if Obama's unamerican conspiracy break their agreement with my mother to give me a new iPad, I would prefer the latest and greatest HP doodad anyway. Giggle. Imagine me with some state of the art technology for once.

My NSA alpha nerds, I will likely give this obsolete iPad from 2011 to you for your own museum. And, thank you, as always, for serving America and the world by allowing me to always speak the truth, always crack jokes to calm the planet, and always scream for help for all of us when we need it. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, I almost do not know what else to do for you. I hate when you die. How many times have I tried to assert the (not) common (enough) sense that soldiers need to be soldiers and that spies need it be spies.

Instead of the world's espionage community on the front lines, you all know I need you all inside here invisibly among us mere mortals instead cleaning up this infestation of criminal terrorists enemies of America with me.

What the hell does it take to allow the REAL military to do its REAL job? We need you in here among us, my brave rescuers!

As for the other battles to keep me in this good, green world that has proven it refuses to function without me.... SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I genuinely believe yet figuratively CANNOT believe Obama's proven war criminals have not yet given up their open attempts to proven begin WW3 by unlawfully imprisoning me in any Obama's-conspiracy-controlled environment they are pretending they can still coverup, as if anyone sane anywhere on the planet would believe their lies anymore anyway.

There were no alarms yet today, 14Jan2015, though, just our daily ass-kickings of proven dangerous threats to all of America and the world. I can only assume our Sisyphian rollings are slowing making real progress.

Thank you, my genius Powers of Attorney. Your never-ending hours of mitigating proven perjuries after proven libel after proven calumnies will finally end once we can finally arrest all of Obama's proven delusional psychopaths who also pathologically lie. I have already asked the entire world to come to this nation to remove them all FOREVER if that is the only way to save us all from them at last.

Yes, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, the secret to riding my Metro bus into my now hybernating playland is to wait for me to board a bus and look at the bus number. Then, after that, you board the bus after I did at a later stop. That is the bad luck you and Wingman have had with riding over the barricades with me.

To make sure there are no bombs nor terrorists nor enemies of America on any buses to physically threaten me as I ride through the Metropolis of Angels, the Metro Transit Authority takes some non-scheduled precautions sometimes to keep peace and stability in the world by keeping me as safe as possible from Obama while in their care.

The MTA does this largely thanklessly but will never stop because keeping me from all physical harm is the right thing to do for our home, for America, and for the entire world.

So, Bogie, since everyone on this planet, including Obama's entire infestation, are finally acknowledging who you are for real in this world, feel free to ask any city and metropolis resources and infrastructure for help, too. We know love runs this town, not even she whom you all named "LOVE" can do what this city can do.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You told me years ago that you have minor PTSD from fighting so long on the front lines to rescue me. I would like a chance a heal it. You are my husband. You are mine to love, honor, and protect. I am sure "in sickness and in health" includes "while making sickness into health."

Beloved, true love and everything all of us good people do for each other because we love each other is NOT a disease. Yet, pathologically demonizing good, sane, and innocent people including but not limited to us with false diseases and false crimes unrelentingly only to be able to maintain unjustifiable power and control over us, the same good, sane, innocents who have been their victims since 2009, is their textbook symptoms of psychopathy.

HoneyHoney, I do not care what Obama's psychopaths have to say about our love tangle. My life is not a vampire and werewolf movie about teenagers. My happily ever after begins and ends with my own husband. Our love for each other is how this story began, and it is how this story will end.

And the end of this darkest chapter in America's history, I promise, is just the aurora of the age to come with the two of us arm-in-arm beside and among our good, green world, not facing it, not in front of it, and not behind it with all of our loved ones from SynSyn to Bogart hand-in-hand with us as we make our world beautiful again.

This is our future. This is my promise to make our world worthy of every brave rescuer whose soul is loose among the ether again. This is the world's future of love.

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