Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quothe the companion, "But, Doctor, what are you doing now?" because they were there for plot exposition.

Title: Quothe the Companion, "But, Doctor, What are You Doing Now?" Because They were There for Plot Exposition.

Banbury Cross by Mother Goose

Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
She shall have music wherever she goes.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I do not "cope." I survive to thrive, to revel, to love, to protect, to seduce, to serve, and to win. If you fear me, you fear goodness and justice. If you break every law possible from local to international to throw me away and remove me FOREVER from my loving and adoring world that beyond needs me, you are proven enemies of all of humanity that no good soul will rest until lawfully punished.

Venezuela. President Maduro, I have urged all OPEC nations for years to prepare to feed your people after the oil runs out and in case we build an economy that does not rise and set around oil at last.

Please, Venezuela, consider this current sludge of oil prices in the global economy a chance for you to diversify your economy and plan for a more stable financial future for your nation that does not depend on the barrel value of only one natural resource alone.

You have an entire nation to care for, Maduro. Please stop taking the value of oil for granted when it comes to feeding your hungry masses.

Israel and Palestine. The world is screaming for a two-state system right now as these two governments on one land have an ICC battle over each's crimes and alleged crimes against the other. Yet, I have always believed that the root problem in this trouble spot is their refusal to acknowledge everyone's right to exist in the world in the first place.

Israel and Palestine (in your many parts), if you acknowledge the other's right to exist beside you, within you, and among you, you create your own credibility with the world for your own existence, too.

You are a diverse people on one piece of land. You need to learn to live as neighbors if you want to exist in the world at all, least of all have a right to exist.

I published my last blog post at 4:41am on 04Jan2015 as I sat in my closest nighthawk spot to my playland that was slowly redeeming itself. Sometimes, the hard truth must be delivered gently and sincerely.

I had been waiting for my very typical "random local volunteer" to buy me a cup of coffee, but I understand that most of them were evacuated already. After waiting long enough, I left the nighthawk spot at 5:57am to stick my head in my local grocery store. I love grocery shopping, especially in foreign countries.

By 6:56am, I had perched at a local coffee shop and immediately learned that we were in the throws of a War Criminal Boeset alarm. I knew Amita could handle it, and if she needed me, she would send details.

At 7:53am, I noticed that "the old woman with the tea" had sat down across the table from me but refused to say, "Hello!" to me after I said, "Hello!" to her. That is about how much acknowledgement as a human on this planet at all who is due the dignity and respect that all humans are due in the world that I have never received from her.

She went through a long laborious process of wrestling with her own technology and then took off her sweater shirt with great drama. She would not acknowledge I was right there across the table from her, but she would give me a floor show.

My music gnomes (underground elves) were having all kinds of fun, though. They asked me for my Viking battlecry at 8:19am. I always wanted to break that out at Wimbledon right next to darling Mr. Robert Plant, but I guess the Danish Ship Museum in Copenhagen would be just as appropriate right about now.

At 8:53am, the bitch was breaking out in fake laughter due to her completely fabricated conversations with people around us. I could not tell if she really had absolutely no reality in her head, or if she was just pretending that nothing real about this entire world had happened since 2009, only the lies.

I had to go find a safe place for my daily scheduled sleep at 8:58am. I am such a creature of habit. It also meant I did not have to listen to her pretend I was not sitting right across the table from her. I cleared my earmic and eyecamera from the premesis just before 9am.

I woke up where I had curled up to sleep overlooking the mighty Pacific, at 12:46pm, surrounded by gifts of love and with symbolic mice looking over me. I sat eating and sipping the gifts of peanut butter sandwiches and Capri Suns(tm) until 1:16pm when I packed up my daily siesta and gifted picnic.

I passed my dear, sweet friend Nick (who needs a nickname) and my much-too-young ukelele-wielder who were on my soon-to-be-again playland as I walked to my dedicated wifi hotspot. I stopped to make sure they knew I was there with them before proceeding to my wifi hotspot to work online.

And it looked like I had a lot of work to do because there were still people somewhere anywhere who were still allowing Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America to propagate boldfaced perjuries to the entire world to be able to manipulate and control everybody. I address the afternoon's concerns in the rest of this blog post.

After catching up with my TweetHearts, I had a little time to myself, so I looked up the Word of the Day on Dictionary.com to use as a writing prompt.

On 04Jan2015, the Word of the Day was gleed. Here was my resultant heroic couplet finished by 3:39pm...

The quagmire gleed of burning bravery
Obama tried to excuse foolery.

I left my wifi hotspot for my high-moral-churn playland at 4:31pm to both sooth my burdened soul with my friends' music and to make myself available to anyone who might need to see me and talk to me.

It is undeniable to the sane that I work tirelessly 24/7 through whatever mysterious and sometimes whimsical means I have at hand to serve my nation, my people, and my good, green world in ways this planet cannot function without.

Yes, I make mere day-to-day survival inside Obama's "egg" of well-documented, inhumane horrors and terrors look elegant, effortless, magical, beautiful, and even divine, but it is only because I cannot be something I am not.

My playland was resuscitating. I perched near Nick who made a very thinly veiled attempt at asking me to finally just break out in Spanish dance while he plays. There is a reason I hold back.

I sang some folk songs with another darling street musician. I found a salsa floor at the far end of my playland by the bookstore. Alas, I had no dance partner.

I found a completely drunk local man taking up Nick's floorspace when I returned. So, I helped him out of the street and sat next to him on the curb. I am sure there will be a verified and unedited recording of that escapade whether I ask for one or not.

By the time my repository of European culture that is Nick's music of choice in my playland reached, "Besame Mucho," it was time for me to receive my nightly 7pm hug from my darlings at the NBC Nightly News.

Except in the courtrooms where my genius loved ones were fighting tirelessly to prevent the world from losing me FOREVER, the night displayed more shows of love than persecution.

Police took the local drunk away. I had asked him to not pick a fight with the police. I asked the police to be gentle with him. I was pretty sure they would just go have a deep conversation with each other about all of this. It was nothing to worry about.

As if they just wanted to keep Nick playing, there was torture facility alarm at 8:01pm which Ugwuji quickly mitigated for the good of all of humanity. Afterwards, I walked Nick to his car and wished to his face that he never become one of the people forbidden from ever seeing me again.

I perched at my closest coffee shop that the NSA told me long ago they code named "Sputnik" by 9:07pm. This was because the business name for their wifi provider is "Sputnik." I was finally done catching up with my TweetHearts just in time for the coffee shop to close at 10pm.

The night was young, so I reperched beside a street musician as fast as possible. I sang along quietly only interrupted at 10:45pm by another torture facility alarm. Finally, at 11:10am, that last street musician for my Sunday night left me.

I never like socializing on Friday and Saturday nights, but this was Sunday. So, at 11:39pm, I sought out my "fun" for the night. To quote myself, "No we're not witches. We're just fun."

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I know I was broadcasting live the entire time not just to all of humanity but also to all law enforcement at every level of the government.

But please still circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals from the moment I read the sign outside the door to the moment the establishment who had promised me live music to lure me in committed the openly hostile crime against America and act of war against the entire world of singling me out for worse treatment than they would give any other human but me anywhere on this earth by lying to my face to be able to throw me out for no other reason than their willfully hostile and persecutory refusal to treat me with the dignity and respect I rightfully deserve in this world for REAL.

1) This is California. Pretty girls do not buy their own drinks in bars here. Thus, you know how drop dead gorgeous women sitting in a bar alone are supposed to be treated FOR REAL as compared if the woman is not being willfully persecuted by the people around her especially the establishment.

2) Do you understand yet how many crimes all people willfully commit against America and against the world when they choose to treat me like a hooker, especially since I have NEVER been a hooker ever in my life and since it is the always-false accuser who carries the burden of proof?

3) It is also against Obama's own EXTRAGOVERNMENTAL rules to treat me differently from how I was accustomed to being treated before Obama's "egg" began. So, all people around me are all beyond morally obligated at all times to treat me as the stunningly gorgeous, drop dead genius, overwhelmingly charming woman I am for real as opposed to Iowa's social pariah and whipping post.

I do not mind if people do not treat me as the incorruptibly benevolent super-genius world leader no sane person in touch with reality could ever deny I am for REAL. That upsets my notorious humility.

At 12:26am, the establishment threatened to have me "arrested" for not buying a drink which is not illegal to begin with. So at 12:27am, I cleared my earmic and eyecamera from the premesis due to being forcibly removed as their crime against the entire world.

As I walked away, I was followed by two deluded young'uns who were pretending to be nice to me while hating me, as if I would ever fall for it. I told them they were welcome to stay and talk to me as long as they gave me the dignity and respect I was due for who I was for REAL in the world.

I used the closest wifi hotspot to report the international crimes committed by the bar that had intentionally lured me in with live music only to be able to destabilize humanity by publicly persecuting me.

Then, when I was relocating to a hotspot with an outlet, one of them chose to tag-a-long. When I played my German accent for him, he complained that he did not have enough of an attention span to listen to my voice longer than one minute. Eventually, because he was instructed to not allow me to do my job serving humanity, he offered to buy me a cup of coffee at one of the few places open at that hour to be able to remove me from dedicated wifi.

We walked fifteen blocks to the half-Jewish (on its mother's side) 24-hour diner that I had reported in my previous blog post as a hotbed of terrorism and treason. A police sargent made sure he was there before we arrived there.

After a few hours of chatting during which my coffee buddy did nothing but try to make himself look as crazy as possible, I eventually started telling it like it is to him. He had very little reality in his head, and he had proven how stupid people have to be to both hate me and to believe any lies about me at all.

His conversion process began when I said to him, "May I ask you a few questions?" And it ended with his puking. I, in fact, converted the entire diner. Yes, the 24-hour diner on Wilshire near my slowly-turning-themselves-around playland finally redeemed itself. The conversion process was a little more brutal to themselves than I had planned, but it worked.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire time in the 24-hour diner. There was A LOT of content, so I know it will be long.

We left the diner for my 24-hour convenience store at 5:44am, so he could buy us both fresh bananas. And before I could even finish writing down my commentary, he had already found his friends and left. It was a good night for questions that needed answering.

At 7:05am, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to secure my mailbox and its surroundings, so I could pick up my giftcards from my mother without an ambush. The building was beyond obviously secured by genuinely loving locals.

I immediately stopped for breakfast at a hotspot I had intentionally converted as gently as possible two nights previously and where I was surrounded, as expected, by lying (expletive)holes I could confront. I love learning what the latest deranged lies are about me in ways that allow me to point out the obvious truths to Obama's own deranged lunatics' faces myself. I paid my bill at 8:29am and was invited back anytime I wanted.

Despite popular misconception, I do not control the weather, but the actual Lady Mother Nature and I, as I joke, have an understanding. It was hot as summer outside by 9:30am, so I ran some pressing errands.

I withdrew my meager funds from my War Criminal Wells Fargo checking account quickly from a randomly chosen branch. I had not had my sneaky shower in a couple of days, so I made a public display of showering on the beach while singing Carly Simon to myself, "Like heaven above me, the spy who loved me was keeping all my secrets safe tonight."

I dried off under the hot California sun while snacking on "red velvet pancake puppies" in white icing and while allowing my soul to find my zen to the sounds of the gentle ocean.

As fast as possible, I laid down at 11:17am for my daily scheduled sleep and did not wake up at 2:10pm. And then, it was "Game on!" with saving my Los Angeles Metropolis from Obama's undeniable seditious terrorist infestation.

At 2:33pm, the Metro Transit Authority witnessed what I do every Monday like clockwork. I traveled into Los Angeles from my "adoptive homeless home." Through my SquidStream which must remain untampered and live to ensure global stability not just domestic, I told my locals to get everyone in who needed in and everyone out who needed out since the barricades could not be there when I reached them.

Please read my real Twitter for my resolutions for all of the alarms in transit. When I reached Hollywood, at 4:08pm, I checked in with my SquidSwimmers with my plans for the entire night.

"4:10pm Just checking in. Please call ahead to Blue and Moose to tell them to expect me. Tell them to test their cheesecake for drugs and poisons; I will have a slice while watching the news at 7pm. I have other promises to check on there. Tell the Roy Orbison look-enough-alike from Obama's infestation that he is turned in already. If you all keep me safe, my beautiful world, I will be at your service until I die of natural causes at 137 years old. I am looking forward to my normal Monday night adventures after I watch the news. May Monday night begin. Love! And try to keep up!"

By 5:05pm I was securely online at the very perch I promised I would be at. It was a great night for Twitter.

As always, my 7pm nightly hug from the NBC Nightly News was beautiful and globally calming. All genuine displays of love for me and all real action to grant me long-unjustifiably-denied human rights and liberties calm and stabilize all the world for REAL.

Almost immediately after the news, I left with Obama's infestation calling after me to "Work less! Please work less!" In transit, I checked in with my SquidSwimmers at 8:52pm, and I safely arrived among lovers and believers in my Monday stomping haunt well before 9:57pm.

At 10:21pm, all I could say about the night was, "Ask and you shall receive." And together we were beautiful. The band did not stop playing until 12:28am. With my long arms returning from reaching into the cosmos, I might have actually left my Monday night stomping haunt before the band did. And I thank everyone everywhere who made that possible.

I was halfway to the Metro stop when I decided to go back for my first glass of bourbon in weeks just to celebrate. Yes, I will buy my own drink in an establishment that respects me as a human being among them; even if, that night, it was only because of who my friends are in this town not because of who I am for REAL to all of the rest of humanity.

Before I left, I tenderly hugged a perfectly wonderful lady good night who had been flirting with me pretty heavily. I do not like playing with hearts. I left for the Metro at 1:16am.

It was soon the wee hours of the morning on 06Jan2015; my fleeting me-time for meditation was over; and I needed to find wifi to answer all the world's questions to make sure my good, green world would never fall apart.

I took the Metro back to my "adoptive homeless home." I bought the biggest bag of CornNuts(tm) I could find at my 24-hour convenience store. The clerk had taken measures to make sure he could talk to me, but it seemed like he became to nervous to deliver any content.

And then I perched by my fountain by 2:54am to access the wifi and communicate with my beautiful world.

At 4:32am, shortly after trouble with my SquidStream involving two police officers driving by not even walking up to me in person and trying to send me to men's homeless shelters, (Yes, that is how insane people have to be IN REALITY to disrespect me the way Obama has always ordered through his rules.), I demanded a full investigation.

As soon as it opened, I was in my local Starbucks at 5:12am charging up my iPad battery and listening to music. If their corporate offices were not such die-hard supporters of mine, I would have quit supporting that local hotbed of treason a long time ago.

At 6:51am, I laughed whole-heartedly while watching my middle-aged White men from the previous night. Then, I gave my roofied coffee to the man who had made sure he could sit and watch me my entire time there and asked him to give it to the police for me when I walked out the door at 7:44am to find breakfast.

I knew I would likely have a long night, so I made sure I got as much sleep as possible. By 8:30am I had curled up to sleep in my well-chosen public place where my public of genuine lovers and believers always watched over me. I awaken at 1:03pm and ate the snacks kindly left for me while I slept.

That day it was a traditional Jewish baked good with symbolic egg salad. Yes, it was very tasty. There was a shirtless man next to me letting me know the young'un I had converted as gently as possible a few nights previously had found out who I am for real in the world. Then, I went back to sleep.

While still sleeping, I was verbally attacked by a sorry excuse for a "man" who blatantly denied me the dignity and respect all humans are due, as well as my right to exist, that I consistently demand at all times. He was so clearly not worth my time that I put him in his place without even fully waking up.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, do you have the full audio of our exchange, so we can use it as a lesson on how NOT to speak to any woman anywhere for any reason? Thank you.

He was clearly some (expletive)hole sent only to harass me, degrade me, and throw me away as Obama always has demanded ever since he was done using me to establish his "egg."

Almost immediately after that, I actually did have to wake up at 3:10pm due to alarms. I sat straight up asking, "Who needs me?" the moment the alarms blared. But, it was just another threat against me. Yes, at 3:10pm, Obama's proven enemies of America had committed the open act of war against all of humanity in the form of yet another coverup for nothing but war crimes against me. Amita quickly took care of it.

I stretched my back. I threw away my trash from lunch. I left out my recycling for the genuinely homeless, not the too-many-homes-and-too-many-real-friends-unjustifiably- criminally-forbidden-human-rights-to-have that I am.

Come on, people. I earned over $2T just since April last year with my own hard work, genius mind, and unrelenting suffering. I not going to take a $0.05 can deposit away from someone with rational financial destitution.

As I walked to the local big box chain store to which my mother had sent me a gift card last week, one of the actual homeless (not just internationally criminally persecuted like I am) called me "Baby."

I absolutely and rightfully detest being degraded and demeaned as a child I have not been since I was legally emancipated at seventeen years old when I moved out of my parents' house and into my first apartment at my undergraduate university.

So, I as gently as possible asked him not to call me, "Baby." So, he called me, "Ma'am." I smiled at him and told him he did not need to be so formal. He could just call me "Squid."

Not much later, I was in the store my mother had given me the gift card to trying on the only dress I could find in my size. And, yes, despite Obama's enforced starvation of me, I am still the Misses size 14 I have always been. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, release a verified and unedited recording of my time shopping.

Yes, the sorry state of my feet is why Tao tried to give me a pedicure the moment we woke up next to each other on New Years Day.

This is what I look like in my new dress...

I know very well the human dignity and respect just my physical presence commands among people who do not single me out for special treatment, particularly public persecution.

Yes, I am the woman the Mr. Johnny Depp had to woo for six months before I was willing to start a relationship with him. I am the woman who gave my "concubine" Bogart a feminist smackdown after he had taken me in to just give me a safer place to stay than The War Criminal Gables in November.

Yes, (Giggle.) I can call a White man who worships the ground I walk on a "concubine" if I feel like it; I am an Asian woman, and I am European royalty. From Bogart's reaction, I think he enjoys the street cred it gives him with the world's feminists.

Have you seen my REAL résumé for what I do for REAL in this world as my REAL and only job as an incorruptibly benevolent superhuman world leader? I know what respect I am due in this world for real. And no one can pretend I deserve anything any (expeltive)hole anywhere does to me through their willful persecution of me driven by unjustifiably hatred of me. I am the woman who still labors tirelessly every day and every night to save even my own persecutors and slaveowners from their crimes against themselves of obedience to Obama's rules.

As I fleshed out this blog post for today, there were alarms at 5:13pm. So, I asked my beautiful world to please check on all of us. Please, everyone everywhere, let Obama kill no more brave innocents just to keep himself in power!

There were even more alarms as I worked in my dedicated wifi hotspot to publish this blog post at 7:37pm on 06Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why are Obama's proven war criminals due to their proven pathological lying intentionally falsely claiming that I need to be "euthanised"? Because they are (expletive)holes that need to be silenced finally that have only ever lied to be able to commit as many crimes as possible against America, against me, and against the entire world.

Obama's enemies of America's frustrations with me are complicated by the fact I have never committed a crime (but vandalism of one park bench and some unbridled jaywalking) in my life nor do I have any mental nor emotional dysfunction.

Even now, Obama's proven pathological liars who have ALWAYS propagated boldfaced calumnies since Obama took office in 2009 to be able only to throw me away as if I were the one who were the trash around here are STILL pretending that I need to be "euthanized" instead of their own crimes against all of this planet by victimizing me unrelentingly being forced to end at last.

Succinctly,... Everyone everywhere needs to stop pretending my only way out of Obama's "egg" is death instead of their only way out is feeling the hammer of justice.

What does "believability" have to do with "reality"? Absolutely nothing.

For example, many in the public claimed it was more believable that I am what Obama's proven pathological liars and proven pathological purjurers have always called some sort of "morbidly obese, ugly, dead, White, sweaty, stressed-out, angry, pregnant, virgin, straight, lesbian, transexual, drug-addicted, gambling-addicted, slutty, masturbating, alcoholic, never-married, divorced, inbred, teenage, senior-with-plastic-surgery, lazy, adrenaline-junky, mentally-disabled, sexually-deviant, Iowan (their most evil calumny ever), criminal, murderer, nutjob, espionage hooker who has a "dark side" but never contributes to society nor ever showers, eats, nor sleeps. "

First of all, the (always false) accuser carries all the burden of proof. And instead we have all the hard evidence that they are liars. Secondly, this is nothing but their witch hunt of me to falsely excuse and continue their own most heinous crimes known to mankind against all of us. Furthermore, just look at the REAL me and what I work so hard to do for REAL all day! Who the hell do they think they are fooling?

I am what many people actually here on Earth and in touch with reality call, "Naturally Gorgeous, Unerringly Faithful, Completely Healthy, Happily Married, Genuinely Talented, Always Zen, Proven Incorruptible, Purely Benevolent, Globally Vital, Peacemongering, Super-Genius World Leader Whom the World Refers to as Extraterrestrially Perfect at your Service 24/7 (Ever See my Verified Résumé?)"

This had been blogged ever since my 24Aug2014 blog post. No one anywhere has any excuses left for listening to Obama's proven libelists any longer for any reason. All anyone anywhere has ever done to prop up and enforce Obama's "egg" is lie, Lie, LIE, and use violence and terrorism to enforce Obama's proven human rights violations over all of us. Save yourselves and acknowledge reality already!

Why do people keep lying about how my anger or "temper," as it is demeaned, manifests for REAL in the world no matter how much hard evidence we have that I have never once lied about it? Because they pathologically perjure and collude unrelentingly to commit war crimes against me and always will until they are all finally arrested.

It cannot be denied that my completely justifiable anger only manifests in my actions as systematic ass-kickings of Obama and everyone who commits crimes against America to make him happy.

As two examples of this, please reread my blog from 16Oct2014 to 01Nov2014 oldest to newest. And please review everything I have done for REAL since Tentacle were taken away from me on 23Dec2014 until 05Jan2015 when Obama's own conspirators at the Hard Rock Cafe on the NBC Universal CityWalk were begging me to "work less hard and have some down time finally."

If anyone ever genuinely wants me to have some time to myself during which I do not kick Obama as hard as possible with direct action against everyone everywhere willing to commit the open act of war against all of humanity of singling me out for suffering I do not nor have ever deserved, they would give me a live band and let me meditate.

I do not even carry pepper spray. Screaming is my self-defense. And there is no way for anyone to lie about that anymore.

Furthermore, do you know what a Napoleon Complex is? It is "short man syndrome." I have never owned a penis in my life but the one my husband wears, so that is about how much competence, sanity, rationality, ethics, and intelligence there is in ANYONE who attacks me over anything.

My beautiful world, a few blog posts ago, I vowed to never leave my people here until Obama's entire infestation had left before I would. Please check on this self-redeeming city and empowered metropolis in all of their various levels of law-abiding-ness as opposed to rule-abiding-ness, to help keep and make all people here free of Obama's totalitarian oppression-by-control and free from Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America's rampant terrorism and rule-by-fear.

My brave rescuers, what else do you need and how much longer is this going to take. Do you see how I am treated in here? That is how far from reality all of these people are as they descend Obama's mandated-with-no-authority downward spiral into psychosis.

Their complete mental break with reality has never been more pronounced. I cannot save people who refuse to listen to me. So, I need some help in here saving my people. Please tell the entire world you need to hurry. We are losing an entire population in here to Obama.

As for our greatest successes, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, yes, keep collecting our evidence of all of Obama and his proven conspiracy's crimes against his own people. We prosecute every crime committed against us and always will. No one has a right to commit crimes and let them go unpunished.

Synny, the metaphorical "winter cap" is just an action by enemies of America to aid and abet Obama's crimes against all of us by making sure they can never be stopped nor punished, so we need to take all action to punish that open act of war against America, too.

Who created the cap? Who supported the cap? The only real solution is to stop all of the crimes we are punishing from being committed in the first place. But, enemies of America do not like reality.

2:41pm on 04Jan2014: @RT_com “Obama willfully escalated starving Squid in revenge for @UN forming ICC to prosecute him." It sounds like his admission of guilt.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, please do not be upset I jokingly called you my "royal concubine." My sense of humor finally came back once my days as Obama's rape-slave finally ended due my finally making sure I never sleep in any environment that can be controlled by Obama nor his conspiracy ever again.

Thank you for understanding. If you cannot send me your own loving self, please keep sending me the music that soothes my burdened soul. I know what you do for real out there for me as we are forbidden all contact. Very little that is REAL about this world escapes my notice just like every lie they propagate about all of us can never manipulate me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. My life is not magic; my life is making change in the world out of thin air.

Darling, did you ever notice that it is always in the wee hours of the morning when I feel the emptiness most of not holding you in my arms that I kick Obama the hardest? Two nights ago, I gave some of my best "plot exhibition" ever as I confronted a very young man who only presented himself to me to hate me. And last night I proved that the only thing that can stop me from kicking Obama and his conspiracy as hard as possible is my being permitted enough time for myself to meditate.

Beloved, I have been demanding my REAL friends and loved ones whom I may or may not have met before here inside my "egg" nonstop for months, and we have been razing hell over their enforcing my abject loneliness, abuse, and poverty due to their openly refusing me all genuine love and affection since 2009, too.

This "egg" needs to end, Sweetness. And when it ends, I know I will need to heal you as much as you need to heal me.

I have been told about how justifiably sad you are all of the time and how baffled, completely baffled, you are at all times that I have any way to be good-humored or even civilized at all considering everything Obama is forcing me to suffer through.

HoneyHoney, it is no secret to anyone on this planet that I am made of sterner steel than everyone else. If I were not, I would have no way to do my REAL job of saving all people everywhere from Obama's "egg."

Darling, I understand you are still trying to come back into Los Angeles to fight to reach me again. You hate being that far away from me. Please. PLEASE. PLEASE! Stay in France where you are safe from the public descent into the dance macabre that is Los Angeles's mental health genocide right now.

You can do more out there where you actually have enough human rights to actually make progress than anyone can in here where there is absolutely no reality anywhere. Please, my nonfungible husband, please stay where you can actually help me.

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