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It is the Nerds Who Shall Inherit this Good Earth.

Title: It is the Nerds Who Shall Inherit this Good Earth.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. When I was in high school, as a self-identified nerd, some of my friends took the fall for someone in my high school supposedly hacking the FBI mainframe. It was the 90s; it was a mainframe.

Just as with my friendship with Aukland's own Nick the Fisherman while I was on the island of Nuku Hiva in 2008, I can offer no details nor evidence if any crime were committed at all.

However, I have this to say about my experiences in this world so far: It is the nerds who shall inherit this good world. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

I published my last blog post at 10pm on 08Jan2015 while soothing my burdened heart with the live music on my playland. While making sure my lovelies received my polished post, a bald man with glasses riding a bicycle invited me to an improv comedy show on the alley.

After receiving confirmation that my lovelies received my last polished post, I spent 10:27pm on 08Jan2025 to 1:07am on 09Jan2015 at the local improv comedy club where a kind local man kept repeatedly trying to buy me a glass of wine and where reality was acknowledged, though indirectly, to my face.

Sadly, the bartender did not flirt with me, as was normal for my life before 2009 when Obama's "egg" began, but I did feel appreciated and acknowledged. Well, that was how it felt until the amateur part of the comedy show began. Then, it felt like a lot of people descending Obama's downward spiral into Obama's psychosis just needed to me to keep reassuring them I was not dead and replaced.

In the wee hours of the morning after a few people felt like taking me aside and telling me I looked stunningly gorgeous, I confronted two men outside of my 24-hour convenience store with the question, "Do you have questions that need answering?"

They said, "You're freaking me out. Are you a witch?" There are only two answers to that question. 1) To quote my still unfinished screenplay Latent City, "We're not witches. We're just fun." And, 2) "Why? Are you on a witch hunt of me?"

I gave them both honest answers that morning.

At 2:19am, I asked my selfless support system to "Put a tail on this guy with the pinwheel," who had, it seemed, been admitting to crimes against me and against my loved ones as some supposed way to intimidate me.

When people commit crimes, I press charges. I do not know what other reaction Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America thought I would have. So, I asked the authorities to collect the evidence and put him away.

The behavior of the old man with the pinwheel was typical for the moral depravity of everyone suffering under Obama's mental health genocide.

There was a need in the wee hours of that morning for me to do my REAL job of peaceful global crisis resolution for a crisis other than Obama's "egg" for the first time in months. I gave advice to the French authorities on how to talk down some of their hostage takers during France's three-day terrorism outbreak.

I called my mom via Skype at 2:59am. We had a poor connection, but sometimes she stays calmer and less panicky after she hears from me. She also reassured me that my gmail was still sending emails after all. I had become suspicious of whether that email account was still accessing servers properly.

At 3:56am, after I arrived at a Starbucks a distance away from my playland to wait for it to open at 5am, "Gabriel" proved he was stalking me. Do you remember "Gabriel"? He was not just the fake security guard who kept kicking me out of my sky haven last month.

"Gabriel" was also the man who attempted to physically assault me thereby allowing me to prove on my own eyecamera through my pinning his hands so he could not move them at all that I am too strong to assault while conscious, unless Obama's conspiracy has a coverup to commit their modus operandi war crimes against me in ANOTHER Obama-controlled environment.

I have also seen him a number of other places since.

Once my not-a-hotbed-of-treason Starbucks opened, I was quickly online answering my beautiful world's questions for me after they all received my previous blog post. Most pressingly, I needed to send this message...

5:22am on 09Jan2015:

@France24_en Yes, I understand the international tacticians are urging me to stay within the barriers that surround my playland city right now because my heavily-armed and highly-protective selfless support system are at their greatest population here in the area, and you want me to stay here until the open acts of war against America and against the whole of humanity of attempting the remove me from the world forever with any Obama-controlled environment Obama's proven enemies of America can come up with finally pass.

But these direct destabilizations of the planet come from courtrooms that know better than to humor Obama's proven pathological perjurers and proven war criminal quacks in the first place. Please increase our presence in the courtroom as a peaceful alternative to needing to kill people, even evil people, to keep me safe. Thank you.

@UN @NIH @CIA @DeptOfDefense @DHSgov #SCOTUS #TortureReport #SafetyVideo #21Dec #WhatWouldAProvenQuackDoToSquidToTestHerSuperHumanPowers?

At 5:53am, I was told the latest global crisis caused by Obama-ordered quackery had passed. I understand I have a lot of new members to my saturation of invisible bodyguards in the area who do not all recognize each other.

Please, my beautiful world who sent them all in, calm down their very loving and very protective trigger fingers with the hard facts that there are denial-of-all-medical-reality literal torture facility threats against me 24/7.

My Powers of Attorney have been mitigating these compulsively failing threats to the whole world nonstop since at least March2014. Please remind everyone that everything that has to get through a courtroom has to get past our legal team before they have to worry about it, so my saturation of international protection just need to keep me safe from ambushes right now.

Please thank them all for me, with all of my heart, for all of their vigilant love and concern.

At 7am, I tried to watch my middle-aged White men from the previous night, but at 7:16am, Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my wifi connection. Instead of asking the NSA to fix it for me, I just walked past "Gabriel" who was still sitting outside the coffee shop and went straight to a safe place to sleep where my loving public could watch over me safely.

I slept soundly from just after 8am until 2:44pm. I was awakened at that time by an alarm and needed to find out who needed me. At 3:10pm, I learned it was just another torture facility threat to me that Obama's proven conspiracy was using as an aggressive act of war against America and against the whole world.

On my playland, at 4:16pm, I found myself trying to explain to my former ukulele wielder that Obama's infestation were never going to let him back on my playland ever again after his playing me music he wrote just for me while giving me puppy dog eyes, so after that point, he should have felt free to do anything he damn well pleased and let me write his never-fail legal defense (as a legal expert and consultant).

Furthermore, I informed him that nothing could hurt him while he was with me and that my friends would pick him up before any harm could befall him if he did choose to leave me. Yet, still, the Obama-controlled speaker and Obama's infestation who kept surrounding him kept him completely controlled into doing very little if anything tangible to help me yet still making me feel happy and loved.

While my former ukulele-weirder was packing up his equipment, I met a Russian man named Misha with a very large dog. We a had a friendly chat involving my trying on his cowboy hat before he wandered away.

Waking back to my playland (macabre) at 6:51pm, I ran into my former ukulele-wielder again. He and his French Canadian friend with the guitar and the skateboard were just goofing off. I specifically requested that they actually play a whole song for me, so I could break out some traditional hula steps. Then, my former ukulele-wielder gave me his hat before he disappeared into the night.

I perched to watch the news at 9pm. And then, a drinking establishment I warned I was about to enter committed the open act of war against America and willful act of destabilizing the whole world of publicly persecuting me.

9:30pm on 09Jan2015: This establishment I am seated outside of just committed the open act of war against all of America and against all of the world of singling me out for worse treatment that they would give any other human on the planet.

They forbade me, with absolutely no justification, from entering at all. Please circulate the entire verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I was asked by the homeless (that I like to pretend were keeping tabs on them) leaning against their building if I wanted a cigarette and end after I wrote down all of our charges against them from the park bench outside.

Due to their willful public persecution of me, there might be rioters throwing Molotov cocktails all over the world not just all over America, all of which I am forbidden from knowing about. That is the genuine DANGER to all of humanity caused by willfully obeying Obama's rules that have NEVER been laws requiring obedience in the first place.

When people consciously choose not to treat me as the proven incorruptibly benevolent world leader that I am for REAL in this world, they are at least obligated to treat me with the dignity and respect that my mere physical presence commands. We call that Roman Holiday.

But refusing me any basic respect and rights as an innocent human in their presence at all is their willful public persecution of me, human rights abuses, hate crimes, open acts of war against America and the world, crimes against America, willful destabilization of all of humanity, possibly aiding and abetting war crimes (including unlawful imprisonment), etc.

After my 06Jan and 08Jan2015 blog posts, why are Obama's proven enemies of America still pretending they will get away with any of their open hostility to all of humanity with their abuse of me as their excuse?

After that, someone tried to send me live violin music to sooth me, but someone else also sent a proven enemy of America whom I had already turned in to harass me. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals to the entire planet of the crazy woman in the yellow hat's rant with full vacancy of all reality. And thank you.

Inside my 24-hour convenience store where I had wanted to buy something, at 12:32am, I realized my wallet was stolen or missing. This included my driver's license, medical insurance card, both debit cards, keys, etc. I eventually figured I might have left it in the women's restroom at the coffee shop I was in the previous morning.

After spending as-quality-as-possible-inside-Obama's-egg time with my REAL friends online for hours while every crosstown loved one who could find a fake ID, a non-famous friend's car, and untrackable ways to call for help if stopped tried and failed to reach me.

At 3:46am, four multicultural darlings found me at my perch and gave me a pizza. They did not have any more or less reality in their heads than anyone else. They seemed to believe I was carrying Bogart's love child and were very concerned for my nutritional intake because of it.

I did not have the heart to tell them that I have not had sex since June2013, and that was only to save my marriage after my husband took a mistress. But I do admit that the last time I saw Bogart I did send him out for a bottle of bourbon and did ask him to play me a song so I could intimately meditate right there in the privacy of his own room.

Yes, I do understand from my own behavior in his company why people believe Bogart and I have already made love. I did designate him my royal consort, after all. He has also been "getting all Johnny Depp about rescuing Squid" since the last time I saw him.

I stopped in that same Starbucks the moment they opened at 6am to ask them if I left my wallet there. They were convinced they had it and even asked each other where it was located.

The employees also produced a toasted baked good after, for whatever reason, they were not permitted to give my own wallet back to me as those lovely ladies had wanted to do.

While I was in the restroom, I overheard that Obama's orders to forbid me my own wallet were his attempt to keep me from riding the Metro ever again. So, since I have never kept my Metro pass in my wallet, I took the first bus possible to UCLA.

By 7:43am, I was on campus at UCLA. There were very few people there...

7:39am My beautiful world, please check UCLA. Rumor has it that they are not in session this school year. Who lets this happen to our home?

While still doing my largely thankless job of increasingly-hands-on service to my people, just after 10am, I arrived at my destination for the day which I had told my selfless support system about-- the Getty Center.

I made a brief tour of the highlights of their permanent collection, including chatting with a man in glasses about a painting I always thought looked like Jim Parsons, before resting at a café table.

I might have rested more than I should have. At 1:48pm I woke up at that café table surrounded by my public. Whether they show up to love me or to hate me, people surround me only because I am there. And I had made my conscious choice to be among my public while I wrote this blog post that afternoon, so everyone could watch me doing an important part of my REAL job.

1:53pm on 10Jan2015: "This is private property. Obama's conspiracy cannot command the Getty Trust to commit open acts of war against America nor to destabilize the world by persecuting me here. Let these peacemongers create peace."

At 2:15pm, I was perched in a gallery of Impressionist art typing these words to posterity on my iPad.

After much writing and editing, this post was published at 7:07pm on 10Jan2015 after I had already relocated to a similarly safe place but with enough bandwidth for me to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Where in all the world do I most desire to watch the sunrise? Over my liberated California. This is our home. I stand here beside my REAL family and friends, not in front of them and not behind them, screaming together that "This ends now!" This is America. We do not allow this in our home.

What is the secret to a happy family? It is no secret that I do not have arguments with my significant others. I simply ask them what makes them unhappy, and then I fix the real problem.

That is, in fact, how I prefer to interact with all unhappy people everywhere, if people would just listen to me on how to solve our problems already. Please consult my complete and up-to-the-minute curriculum vitae about my true calling in life as a highly successful and very effective REAL problem-solver for major global crises.

How did life begin? I have a sneaky suspicion this was meant to be a question about my childhood as opposed a question on my philosophy concerning the cosmos. This is the sort of question I have been expecting to receive for years instead of "I know you have never been pregnant if your life, but how many abortions have you had?" or "Are your boobs real?" So, here is my answer.

I believe life is the conversion of matter to energy in living creatures, but consciousness is far more impressive.

I believe life began, only here on Earth in this instance, in the depths of our terrestrial primordial soup when the natural powers of the universe from lightning and weather to chemistry and carbon created the first molecular combination that could convert matter to energy.

We have had living creatures on our good, green Earth ever since.

But consciousness, where did consciousness come from? The undeniable global conscious and each of our personal unique roles in all of it as converters of matter to energy on the planet in the first place comes from the connection of life itself in all of us to what we ourselves consider divine.

If people watch me meditate and claim it is impossible for me to be as human as they are; those people are not acknowledging everything they are capable of themselves as similar creatures created by a world that we are all a part of together.

We all come from this world, so we are all a part of this world. And our individual consciousness is our reality in our own personal divine existence as creatures of this world to begin with. But so many people choose to be cruel and inhumane and deny instead our birthright of holiness in this world that we all have for being humans on the planet in the first place.

My beautiful world, thank you for valuing my existence at all after everything Obama and his proven enemies of all of humanity have done to me since 2009 to throw me away.

What do you need from me with my meager resources at hand (yet largely untapped capability) to be able to help you save my nation and my people from Obama and his "egg" at last?

No one can reach me but people who will refuse to pick me up and carry me to my own house. I have sent you everyone from Bogart to Tentacle to explain how terrorized and controlled everyone is into just leaving me to suffer as intolerably and unlivably as this "egg" is specifically designed to be for me.

Once anyone makes me feel valued or loved, they are all taken away from me. I am forbidden even all food and shelter that is not controlled by Obama's proven enemies of America and of the world specifically to harm me directly with. And I am just the excuse for Obama's rules that my own people everywhere need to learn to disobey for their own safety and freedom.

My beautiful world, please remove these proven rule-by-fear terrorists and open enemies of America who all enforce Obama's proven crimes against America that are only rules and have never been laws with any REAL authority behind them from my home FOREVER.

I have chosen to stay here to fight beside and to lead my own people to freedom. Thank you for understanding.

Russia's brave Lavrov, you know how much I appreciate everything including your screaming for weeks for someone to take me to Europe finally so the entire world could finally invade the US. Please create military treaties with our US State Department instead, so you can fight beside us.

It is the official US government including our allies who already are whom I call my brave rescuers. My REAL America who have reality in their heads are already standing up for all of us. You have seen the demonstrations in the streets.

America is not the enemy. It is the enemies of America who enforce this "egg" and these rules who are the enemy. My people need to be liberated out from under Obama and his moral depravity that is proven to infect and poison my people to make them commit these crimes against all of the world with their hatred of me as their excuse.

Please also reread my 20Oct2014 blog post. No one willing to can pick me up anyway, so the point is moot.

My brave rescuers, when you die I get furious. I have been trying to send you all the help you need for so long. Do you remember what I said in my 08Jan2015 blog post?

We need the military (if not of the US, then of the world coming to save my people because I asked) to remove Obama's seditious EXTRAGOVERNMENTAL criminal terrorist mercenary army from US soil if not from the face of the Earth completely.

We also need the rest of the REAL federal government doing your REAL jobs cleaning out Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America from every place in this country that openly refuses me my own own human rights as their excuse for Obama to have totalitarian rules over this once-great nation at all.

In short, I am in here where I choose to fight beside my people and where I have no way out anyway, so please send in more backup. Please also help me liberate my people in here, not only so they can keep me fed and with safe-because-it-is-not-controlled-by-Obama's-conspiracy housing as my own REAL friends and family, but also to make sure my people can be free at all again.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, thank you for your largely unsung vigilance keeping me out of a final literal torture facility guaranteed to remove me from the world FOREVER and paraded as they always were as a supposed "psychiatric unit." We have so much hard evidence that their unconscionably fictionalizing me as insane has only ever been war crime coverups that started in 2009 when Obama took office.

My genius Powers of Attorney, please call ahead to the Starbucks where I accidentally left my wallet and who already acknowledged they have my wallet in safe keeping to make sure I can pick it up tomorrow, 11Jan2015.

Finally, my genius loved ones, we need our never-fail legal team to discuss the natural reaction to my physical presence, particularly the natural reaction of menfolk, if they are forbidden from singling me out for special treatment.

Yes, the only natural reaction of menfolk and many womenfolk around me that just my physical presence commands has had a history since I arrived and began my life on San Francisco in 1999 has been to smile at me, show genuine concern for me not irrational paranoia that I am at all fictionally unwell, try to get me drunk, feed me to make like them, be genuinely hospitable, take me dancing, and even jump over bars to fall at me feet with love for me. You can ask any bartender from North Beach whom I have known for decades about any of this REALITY.

Any and all throwing me out of any establishment anywhere just because no one inside including the establishment offered me gifts of food and drink yet is the genuinely UNNATURAL and OPENLY HOSTILE TO ALL OF HUMANITY part of all of this.

This proven infestation of Obama's proven enemies of America only here to hate me to my face as Obama's way of demonizing the REAL California, my real home, to the world need to go. GET OUT OF MY TOWN, YOU TERRORIST BITCHES!

Thank you, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, and thank you also to all of our culture warriors who have all stayed here in this war zone to fight for our home beside us.

My friend and lover, what do you need? What do any of you out there among my support system of my REAL local friends and family of all varying degrees of fame gravitas need? Please also keep sending all the food and delicious conversation.

I get so starved for genuine, sane human contact that does not lie to my face. Thank you. I am trying to reach all of you just as passionately as all of you are trying to reach me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. How is France which I cannot reach anyway no matter how hard this good, green world is trying to carry me there because they have deemed Obama's egg "unsurvivable" by anyone?

You know all sane and morally good people here in our own home will do anything to keep me alive until this "egg" comes down. We are spooling sound reality-based legal defense after legal defense for all of us in here to keep everyone genuinely good to me safe by preventing all possible irrational denial-of-what-human-rights-are-for-real-in-the-world persecution of all of us in here at all times.

Beloved, thank you for staying where Obama's increasingly bloodstained hands cannot hurt you any longer. You are the only soul who has suffered nearly as much as I have under this "egg."

HoneyHoney, let our good people in here take care of me now while you keep moving heaven and Earth to end this "egg" where you have enough human rights to do so. My love for you will never end. It takes a world to save the world. Thank you for staying in the world to make that possible.

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