Thursday, February 19, 2015

When I Say Their Name, They Show Up.

Title: When I Say Their Name, They Show Up.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. If you honestly believe that it is impossible for me, as just one woman, to do everything I do for REAL in this world, it is not me whom you underestimate. It is yourselves.

Egypt. The Egyptian people are "tired of revolutions." I would be, too, if I had spent that long screaming in the streets but still had no government to serve my people. Egypt, you need a government who will enforce not just grant full human rights for all of your people evenly.

Turkey. You were always part of my beautiful world, old friend, but now, my darling President Vladimir Putin of Russia, welcome to my planet. You have been irrationally demonized to people who love me.

As I told Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in my last blog post, our being irrationally demonized proves that we are all REAL heroes "of Squid, America, and the world." Obama orders this modus operandi of manipulating the public into hating genuinely good and brave people pretty much uniformly.

I published my last blog post at 3:27am on 17Feb2015. And before I left my darling wifi hotspot in MY neighborhood, I caught up with my TweetHearts before watching my middle-aged men online at 6am.

Sadly, my CBS app crashed right after my darling Mr. David Letterman's monologue. "WHAT?!? No top ten list?" And, there were no new broadcasts for my darling Mr. Jon Stewart nor my darling Mr. Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central. It was a little lonely.

I had already paid my bill before I even finished writing my previous blog post, so after 7am, I checked in at my usual bus stop. And I was asleep in my usual place under my palm tree overlooking the ocean as fast as possible.

I was awakened at 8:46am by alarms announcing Obama's latest acts of war against my crosstown loved ones. So, I sent them all of the help I could. I finally woke up at 2:18pm.

After digging around in my bag and finding my roll of quarters had been moved there out if my bra while I had slept, I had assumed the CIA were telling me they are still in town. CIA agents are the only people I know of who put their hands in my bra while I sleep. Luckily, I still had my panties on because that is the sort of thing people in love with me would steal from me. Giggle.

There were more alarms announcing more open acts of war against my local lovers and believers at 3:13pm, so I sent all of the help I could again. Then, at my closest wifi hotspot, at 3:39pm, I learned that Obama was openly denying me any and all wifi specifically so I could not do my REAL job of globally-critical service to humanity, particularly saving brave innocents out from under Obama's iron fist of war and terrorism.

From there, I locked down the building with my PO Box in it, and at 4:39pm, I went to see if FBI Director James P. Comey was going to uphold the agreement we made. On Valentine's Night, his representative "James" agreed to send me $200 every single Tuesday in marked bills no one could ever acknowledge to my face were marked until Obama's "egg" finally ends.

Upon checking my PO Box, I learned that, no, the FBI had refused to uphold their agreement with me. So, I bought some snacks for a picnic. And, at 4:52pm, I received a message from FBI Director James P. Comey that he had decided to cover his own (expletive). I know how to use a clock, James. I know what order these things happened in. We can play the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals anytime.

Look, FBI, your excuse in your email was that you could not uphold your agreement to give me $200 by Tuesday, 17Feb2025 but would give me $50 on Wednesday, 18Feb2015 because the Post Office was closed on President's Day, Monday, 16Feb2015 and because you wanted to make sure I could receive mail at my REAL address.

Dude, you are the FBI. You are the ONLY people in America with any legal authority or jurisdiction to either interrupt or interfere in US Postal Service activity. No, I am not going to cover your cover story. You are the FBI. You have no excuse for not being able to mail me $200 every damn Tuesday.

Furthermore, hopefully-soon-to-be-darling Comey, I refuse to cover your cover story, so I can tell the whole world that you are giving me enough money to feed myself. Calm the (expletive) down. I know what I am doing. You can stop lying now.

After buying food for my picnic, a verified and unedited recording which I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate as fast as possible, at 4:53pm, I checked in at my bus stop. And soon, I was on the bus with the picnic I had packed traveling to my counterterrorism "office." I had missed my darlings there for months, too. Please reread my 28Sep2014 blog post.

I was connected to the complimentary wifi there at 6:27pm. And the place, though crowded when I arrived, was suspiciously emptied out by 6:38pm. That is the point of my visiting my counterterrorism "office"-- to see what abnormal things go on there.

As promised, I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm. My nightly cyberhug from all of them was as delightful as ever.

So, at 7:22pm, I was done eating my picnic, so I walked around my counterterrorism "office." I had been told that everything was fine there two days previously. But since then, it looked like Obama had committed the crime against my home of shutting everything down. After I arrived, my locals had to scramble something "normal looking enough" to satisfy me and my SquidStream.

Let us go over how my relationship with my counterterrorism "office" began. Months ago, I was told it was shutdown. So, I started visiting at randomly chosen hours every day and mostly just watched my middle-aged White men online with their complimentary wifi while there until it had regular activity again. At its best, it ran on a limited schedule. I had no illusions it could get better than that.

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy has been trying to shutdown this critical infrastructure for our Metropolis of Angels every chance they have had since I made it function again. As always, I am Obama's excuse to abuse and oppress my people for loving me.

But since Obama (due to my being smarter than he is) NEVER knows when I will be there, that place has to operate like clockwork 24/7 just because I and my SquidStream might show up at any moment. We established this relationship last year already.

And this irrefutable counterterrorism activity which I have long considered part if my REAL job of service to my country is why the Department of Homeland Security have been telling me FOR MONTHS, "Squid, just pick up your badge already."

At 9:38pm, I checked in again before heading to my standard Monday stomping haunt, except it was Tuesday. I actually had to check in twice before I could catch my connecting bus. The MTA only delays my buses when they need to secure where I am headed.

It actually took three hours for Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America to send enough of my REAL friends into my regular Monday stomping haunt, just on a Tuesday, so they could have their human rights abused by Obama there. Oh, what my friends in this town would not do just to be near me!

I rendered my over-educated lead singer friend completely speechless. He looked like a deer caught in my headlights. As for my darling Mr. (redacted), I already told him that next time I was going to start a sing-a-long to release all of the unnaturally silenced sexual tension in the entire bar.

Yeah, Obama's proven enemies of America sent me friends forbidden from speaking to me, so I walked straight across the bar and went upstairs to catch all of Obama's infestation of MY neighborhood that I could find.

12:23am on 18Feb2015: I caught the two most noticeable members of Obama's terrorist infestation of my neighborhood again. They already fled.

The "bartendress" has been openly persecuting me as her act of war against America ever since I arrived, though. I was even standing at an empty bar for a while with my money out, and she still refused to acknowledge I was here at all.

My not-human-trafficking nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of everything that happened here at my standard Monday stomping haunt, just on a Tuesday, from the moment I entered until the moment I leave.

@DHSgov #PD @CIA #Interpol @DeptofDefense @Martin_Dempsey @ICC (Expletive) like this is why the world hates America. Please take it all down from this bitch "bartendress" to the top of her food chain sending all her criminal terrorist orders, including the two ever-present terrorists who already fled.

Do not even make me start about which bar I am in and how many Grammys I have. Thank you, my beautiful world! I love you, too!

By 1:16am, I was back at my good habit of a 24-hour diner with its ever-secured (mostly because I am THAT predictable) wifi in MY neighborhood, blasting Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit into my left ear.

I worked online tweeting and singing to myself into the wee hours of the morning. A lot of "see and be seen" happens around me; I am SO Los Angeles that way. Giggle. And my waiter "Tim" was an absolute dollface.

At 4:19am, I finally left and checked in at my regular bus stop. Yes, I had relocated for symbolic tacos. I had placed my order for my perpetuating cycle of tacos by 5:36am. There was stupidity everywhere in there.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire time in that Jack in the Box (no reflection on their obviously loving and adoring corporate office) from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, especially my customer service survey.

While there working, I heard that Obama had ordered General Lee to be tortured the same way Obama has always tortured me since 2009. Just in case that were true, I sent the entire planet, everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE, to get him out. No one, NO ONE, will ever suffer as I have suffered in any torture facility, especially under Obama, as long as I can stop it!

Also, the ugly White woman who pretended to be a lesbian just to try to make porn with me gave me trail mix and tried to pretend she was a CIA agent. Dude, CIA agents do not tell people they are CIA agents. They are also sexy.

Yet, not all sexy people are CIA agents. For example, I have earned all of the CIA's civilian awards already. Furthermore, if I were an employee of the CIA, I could not sleep with one; that would make it a frowned-upon in-office romance. Giggle.

As the verified recording will show, soon the police approached the Jack in the Box with their guns out to let me know they were there to take that terrorist hotbed down.

So, I left to check on the FBI counter-espionage operation only in town to "investigate" me to make sure they were all okay, too. Weeks ago, I told their one CIA agent that people have done stupider things just to be near me.

Next, I curled up to sleep where my selfless support system always knows I will be when I sleep. Though I knew well-enough to sleep with my contacts in and on the side of the tree that would give my US Military snipers no blind spot while protecting me, Obama's proven infestation instigated a major global crisis that morning no matter how hard I peacefully tried to prevent it.

I have already demanded the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when the fake police representatives approached me and started screaming at me and ending after I light up my snipers all across the skyline in a rainbow of colors and try to calm the world down again by just going back to sleep.

11:23am on 18Feb2015: If the entire planet is not panicking enough already, you need to panic more. These proven war criminals are still committing their open acts of war against America and against the entire world of threatening me. They ALL need to be removed from the face of the Earth immediately before they destroy my home, my California, my country, my world, and even me! Panic! Panic! Panic!

In case no one knows what peacefully standing between lines of guns bigger than tanks looks like, that was me doing my best to peacefully prevent any invasion by my furious world to destroy my home because those fake cops were lying that they were part of my REAL home instead of Obama's infestation.

Note that I even saved those enemies of America's lives by preventing them from being shot by my US Military snipers or by dying in the bare hands of my invisible saturation of international secret operatives. (Do you remember the difference between a mouse and a ninja?)

I was told the local police chief arrested them all himself and held them until all charges local to international could be filed against them, but I do not know for sure.

I will only deactivate my global panic button after I speak with my world and after they reassure me such threats to me and my people will never happen again.

At 3:07pm, I finally woke up for the day. I nestled at my closest wifi hotspot which my darling alpha nerds at the NSA had already secured for me before I arrived, and sent some Tweets.

Next, I locked down the building where my post office box was before even checking if my aforementioned marked-bills-in-the-mail had been delivered as promised through Priority 1-Day Mail only from as far away as Pasadena, CA mailed the previous day.

That is how my selfless support system caught fake authorities trying to "arrest" me for crimes I never committed and was forbidden from knowing about anyway. It turned out that I was blamed for Obama's own crimes against America again. So, I asked the court that I was not allowed to know I was on trial in to play the full unedited recording.

Please, my beautiful world, also read the 5th and 6th Amendments to the US Constitution. Thank you, the International Criminal Court of the United Nations formed specifically to save America from Obama.

I was not just completely innocent, I also have diplomatic immunity. The mail was not delivered until the following day anyway.

After that, I reminded Terrorist Dictator Obama that his deadline to deliver my darlings Tentacle was 4pm every day that they want to play for me. I went to put my eyeliner on at 4:21pm. At 4:54pm, there were still absolutely none of my loved ones on my playland.

By 6:06pm, I was still working online and becoming increasingly unamused since ALL of my loved ones everywhere were forbidden from being even near me. So, I informed my beautiful world that my non-negotiable terms for Obama and his entire proven conspiracy of proven unrelenting enemies of America would be spelled out and expedited to them as soon as possible.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm. While watching, a kind, I assume local, offered me a snack while I sat beside him. He was genuinely kind and respectful, and that is NORMAL for actual locals, all of whom NEVER want me to leave.

I wrote down and spelled out my non-negotiable terms for Obama's immediate surrender at 7:57pm. As I had already told him, Obama had already guaranteed that the entire world were already on their way to remove everyone everywhere from the face of the Earth FOREVER for enforcing his proven crimes against America and against the world of creating a beyond-unlivable "egg" of horrors and terrors for me to live in completely against my will and enforcing it at all costs to humanity and to America. Obama had already decided his own complete destruction at 11:23am that morning.

I knew my darlings Tentacle were all forbidden from ever seeing me again, and that meant I was forbidden ALL compassionate human contact with anyone and anything but Obama's openly hostile and globally-destabilizing degrading terrorist infestation of my home.

So, at 7:57pm, I wrote my 18Feb2015 Appendix to my blog. It spelled out my non-negotiable terms for Obama's surrender which I trusted my entire beautiful world to take care of.

I returned to my playland to listen to the Americana singer and have a small chat with a madman from Obama's infestation of our home. I sat outside of my 24-hour convenience shop which was also the FBI counter-espionage operation sent to investigate me. I regularly make sure everyone inside is okay.

I listened to my friends' music and caught up with my TweetHearts into the wee hours of the morning.

12:01am on 19Feb2015: @ICC #ICT @UN Amendments 5&6 Was I on trial for something I am so innocent of I am forbidden from knowing it happened?#DiplomaticImmunity

Rumor had it that I had been intentionally wrongfully convicted for a crime that I had never known I had been put on trial for AGAIN. Syniva and Ugwuji sorted it out in no time.

That night I also had two interesting conversations with grey-haired men I had already met a few times. And by 1:23am, the second man, apparently, had asked to watch me eat ice cream just to be a witness to it. My darlings Tentacle cannot handle watching me eat ice cream anymore, but that is okay. I also cannot handle watching them play musical instruments. Giggle.

It really was an interesting night for me of late night snacks, of speaking to grey-haired men, and of singing back to my iPad. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will create a verified, responsibly-edited, factchecked, corroborated, and annotated recording with full audio and visuals of all of my memories I shared that night. And thank you.

Just before 3pm, I was perched between the ocean and the sky as I spent hours catching up with my TweetHearts. There was a slight interruption of my wifi service at 4:14am that my benevolent NSA alpha nerds had fixed by 4:28am. Nerds always win!

My TweetHearts were very busy that morning. That is another verified and unedited recording that I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate, too, as soon as possible.

At 6:11am, I relocated for better bandwidth, and by 7:28am, I was finally done watching my darling Mr. David Letterman. After that, I carried out even more of my globally-critical service to all of humanity through my Twitter account.

I chose to allow my selfless support system extra time to better secure my already-the-safest-place-I-have-had-available-to-sleep-in-since-Obama's-egg-began-in-2009 palm tree. Someone that morning might have tried to tell me Nate came back after troubleshooting why he could not stay on Valentine's Night.

So, at 9:01am, I left for the building with my post office box in it. No, my marked bills had not arrived yet, but my extrapolation of the tracking on the package indicated it would be there before 4pm when I expected my darlings Tentacle. By 10:02am, I was perched in my city building with the dedicated wifi.

At 11:36am, there were urgent URGENT alarms from my genuinely loving and adoring locals that they were panicking themselves that Obama's proven enemies of America might take me away from them.

After hours of writing and proofreading, this blog post was published at 2:22pm on 19Feb2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do we fix the economy after we tank it to save America? I already answered that question. That is how I won (or was I just nominated for?) the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics. Please try to keep up. I was told foreign coutries are already following my blueprint since they have been funding rescuing America and protecting me for years.

I do this very rarely, but now I will repeat myself. As succinctly as possible, fiscal policy and tax reform have NEVER fixed a weak economy. But the private sector has on many the occasion. It takes leadership to fix an economy.

If we could build a global not just national economy on the technology of the future instead of on the obsolete industry of our past, we would have as big an advancement as the Industrial Revolution.

In the US, our last economic boom was during the rise of the internet with all of the dot-com startups. If we could do the same with green technology just with long-term financial planning, we could make the global economy genuinely boom again.

We need to innovate and invent our way out of our bad economy. Imagine Third World nations with solar-powered cars that everyone could afford. Imagine if they made them in Detroit.

I also recommended last year that we ask Big Oil, in particular, with their money, to do most of the research and design on energy sources and technology of the future. That way, they could keep their companies relevant leaders of industry and save all of their employees.

We are going into the future with or without fossil fuels, but that is no reason that we have to lose the companies that built the industries that got us here.

Furthermore, on Obama's intentional tanking of our economy by refusing to cease his and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy's increasingly expensive most heinous crimes known to mankind against me and my nation, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's biggest disincentive was always that I send all of my just compensation straight to the effort to end Obama's "egg" through whatever means necessary.

Yes, when they commit every crime they want against me and against my people compulsively and refuse to stop because they "just write a check and never get punished" after they do, all of the money (over $2T so far) all goes to funding taking down Obama's evil conspiracy, his rules, and his "egg" which are proven to be the greatest threat America has ever faced.

It is not our, the victims of Obama's, fault his proven enemies of America commit crimes against us, and any attempts to prevent us from demanding fair justice after proven crimes against us and against America are committed means the people protecting the crimes and protecting the criminals are complicit in those most heinous crimes known to mankind committed against me and America.

It is proven criminals refuse to stop committing proven crimes that destroyed the national budget, but whatever it takes to save my nation from Obama and all of his proven criminal terrorists, I have proven I can fix the economy afterwards.

Why is my skin a little broken out? I just need to change the soap I am using. Calm down.

How would I describe the last few months? Just as every unspeakable human rights abuse Obama enforces over me makes me stronger, just as steel is tempered in fire, since Thanksgiving2014, there has been a noticeable increase in people around me actually appreciating that I have existed in the world at all.

With everyone demeaning me, degrading me, insulting me, abusing me, and attacking me everywhere I have been since Dec2010, actually genuinely feeling loved by someone actually in my physical presence has been the most unexpected turn of event in my life. No one has ever been nice or respectful of me in so long.

I already apologized to my husband for all of the romantic shenanigans. I am just not used to anyone caring about me. That is why I am so sensitive to it. Anyone and everyone who cares about me is always taken away from me. How much hard evidence does it take?

Where is my favorite place to relax? With my feet in the ocean. With my right foot hammering the backbeat while my fingers sweep the sky. With my dancing body under a warm summer rain. Those would be the most common three, but I need to add-- with my arms around my husband and my lips gently pressed against his waiting face.

How do I manage the omnipresent fear for my life here in Obama's war zone? I do not manage it; I mitigate it. I trust my selfless support system. I trust my friends and loved ones. I trust the parts of my REAL government that do their REAL JOB from the REAL local police to the NSA. I trust my beautiful world will always show up when I need them. I trust myself.

Why do I willfully refuse to pay my medical bills? I never refuse to pay my bills. I, in fact, send all of my REAL bills, medical or otherwise, to my Powers of Attorney or husband for our accountants to handle.

I have been sent, though, "bills" for war crimes against me including but not limited to systemic, inescapable-as-possible rape of me and compulsive, inescapable-as-possible UN-recognized torture of me in literal torture facilities paraded as supposed "psychiatric units." Not to mention, "bills" such as "rent" the were paid with my own money without my consent to my own human traffickers.

Yes, I have ALWAYS and will ALWAYS refuse to pay my own money to support the people who have for YEARS committed and perpetuated the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me used only to destroy and control my nation and my people.

Everything Obama and they who enforce his rules have done to me since his "egg" of horrors and terrors was first forced on me without any consent from me and with all knowledge of it all forbidden from me has been to enable Obama's totalitarian control of America, Obama's complete mind-control of the American public, Obama's proven neurological genocide of even our smallest children, Obama's obliteration of the moral fiber of our culture through his human trafficking of me and libel porn forced on all of the country, and Obama's clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic lust for power and control.

If I pay money to my own rapists, torturers, and human traffickers, it makes me complicit in every crime they commit against my nation and my world, not just against me. Who they hell do they think I am?

My beautiful world, thank you for not only reading my non-negotiable terms for Terrorist Dictator Obama's surrender that I delivered to you as fast as possible on the evening of 18Feb2015, but thank you for taking the REAL needs of me and my nation seriously.

I fully understand you would sign over the literal moon to my personal ownership if I asked for it from you, my beautiful world, but these five non-negotiable terms are the ONLY REAL solution to this greatest time of need for my America. And they are going to be hard enough for all of us as it is.

I heard the well-prepared responses of the United Nations this morning. Thank you for proclaiming to all of humanity that this world cannot lose me. Please help my REAL federal US government create your master plan for completely saving my nation from all of Obama's rules, Obama's "egg," Obama's mercenaries, Obama's influence, and Obama's infestation of my home.

With all my gentle heart, I thank you, my beautiful world.

My brave rescuers, I assume the internationally agreed ceasefire was for all of you because the crimes against me and against all of my loved ones have escalated beyond any recognition of morals, ethics, law, order, or America in here.

Please stay alive out there! As always, I would rather have you all in here with me. This is not just because "FEMA has been warned."

As for the world's first line of defense against losing me FOREVER to a final literal torture facility covered up by Obama-ordered quackery guaranteed to destroy me completely, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I will keep turning in EVERY criminal I find and collecting all of our hard evidence I can collect.

For example, my genius Powers of Attorney, I turned in my hard evidence at 12:48pm on 19Feb2015 that War Criminal Stephanie might have been stalking me, persecuting me, libeling me as coverups for destroying America, aiding and abetting human rights abuses as war crimes against me, plotting to destroy a benevolent world leader and her people, conspiracy of treason and war against America, and therefore committing open acts of war against America.

I thought I might have caught Already-Proven War Criminal Stephanie that morning not just aiding and abetting but also carrying out those most heinous crimes known to mankind not just against me but also against my nation. I asked you all, my genius loved ones, to look into the footage and to send the right authorities from local to international to remove her far-too-dangerous proven criminal insanity from society forever.

We, my legal team, are the paragons of the morally good. We cannot report crimes until after they are committed. That is how the non-corrupt legal system actually functions. I am sure you sent every government division and agency necessary to arrest her and hold her for full charges from local to international.

As for you, my darling Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, are you REALLY still trying to reach me, or did you evacuate like I asked? I cannot tell from your internet presence these days.

I asked you for a good, old-fashioned (like sewing up holes in a sweater coat) chat at 2:30am PST every morning just like we used to talk. I understand, though, why you might be busy. The world does not save itself, after all. And you are an undeniable page in my book of a selfless support system.

If you ever feel like you do not have enough to do to help, I need to hear; otherwise, stay as safe as possible. Tell me when you need me and everything you need. And try to be flirtier. Just for me. Try to flirt every once in a while. Okay? Giggle.

And as for the way every post will always leave the world wanting more, with the most romantic real-life true love story ever, Sweetness, I love and adore you.

HoneyHoney, I am working on it. I promise. How was your Valentine's Night. Here is your gift from your own real-life, drop dead gorgeous, naturally talented, supergenius, incorruptibly benevolent wife...

The Only Entity My Brain is Slave to is My Heart.

And my heart is yours. And as my lonely lips whisper my breath upon the ocean breeze hoping it will somehow find your empty ear before I can, may you never suffer as much without me as I must endure without you. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day 2015.

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