Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7:57pm on 18Feb2015 Appendix

Title: 7:57pm on 18Feb2015 Appendix

These are my non-negotiable terms for Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama's surrender. Every other proven victim of Already-Impeached Obama has a right to add their own terms, too. I trust the international community to enforce every just tenet of our demands.

1) Full human and Constitutional rights are returned immediately to all people under the jurisdiction of the US government as is described by our Constitution and our REAL and ACTUAL laws.

2) Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama and all who enforce his extragovernmental rules as well as all culpable parties who carry out crimes against my people, my America, my world, my home, or even me only to be able to enforce Obama's totalitarian rules over America must be arrested immediately and put on trial in every court on this planet who wants them tried. We forgive only they who take all three of my never-fail steps to absolution and protection. (The most recent at the time of this publication was FBI Director James P. Comey.)

3) They will be punished the harshest, they who lie to destroy my country. The most heinous of the enemies of America who obey Obama are they who pathologically lie and pathologically perjure to keep Obama in power with their well-documented modi operandi against all of us of intentionally fabricated false charges, war crimes covered up with proven quackery, intentionally propagated false causation used to manipulate the public, irrational demonizations of genuine heroes of "Squid" and America, and boldfaced lies used to manipulate the public passed off falsely as mere "twists" of supposed reality or as any sort of reality mistrued. So these abusers of reality must be punished the harshest, including Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama himself; we have on record everything he has said in public since 2009.

4) Proven ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa will be forced to take their proven increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER as will every other entity on this planet everywhere who ever propagated or plan to propagate any OBVIOUSLY FICTIONAL mental or physical disease or disability for me, as if such obvious fiction were reality, only to be able to deny me any and all human rights and to coverup proven war crimes against me through any and all courts they could corrupt into making complicit in these open acts of war against America.

5) Immediately, all of my genuine loved ones including all of my loving and believing locals will have their full Constitutional rights not just me, as described in term (1) above, to spend all the time with me under our mutual understanding with all of the human freedoms and liberties we are due in America as I reside in my REAL house with my REAL husband and as we all live together here in our REAL home of California. This is very important, in particular, to make sure I survive until Obama's "egg" is completely demolished and until all of Obama's proven enemies of America are removed from the face of the Earth forever and finally put on trial.

I trust that our REAL federal government including the REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey will do their REAL jobs of enforcing REAL law and order by upholding REAL truth and justice to accomplish all of this.

I also trust the entire international community will support with all assets they can volunteer every action necessary by the REAL federal US government to save America, help from the world's militaries working with the US Military to help from the world's diplomats and world leaders to help the REAL federal US government create their master plan of action to save us all.

And thank you, my beautiful world.

Let freedom ring.

--Mrs. Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp a.k.a. Ms. Squid B. Varilekova, honorary Admiral in the US Navy, multiple Nobel Prize winner, holy woman in every benevolent religion, intellectual, crown princess of Spain (HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek), etc.

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