Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just Another Day on Squid's Playland. That is What, "I Love You, Too," Means When I Say It.

Title: Just Another Day on Squid's Playland. That is What, "I Love You, Too," Means When I Say It.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. As I had warned everybody in my 12Feb2015 blog post, we all knew to expect Obama to escalate his criminally-insane deranged lunacy against his own people before the deadline the entire world gave him to finally make his "egg" I have always been in against my will livable for me.

Much like I also warned the entire planet in my 14Feb2015 blog post that this "egg" of horrors and terrors would be weird before the world's deadline 12mid that night but even more horrible after Obama refused to meet his own resolutions.

No matter how many times FOR YEARS I have sent representatives to negotiate on my behalf with Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, he NEVER once has upheld ANY resolutions.

At the talks in Cardiff, UK, I demanded to be present by asserting my own right to determine my own future, and Obama fled before Prime Minister Cameron could arrest him on international charges for Obama's own crimes against the British in 2010; I called those crimes ThunderDome while I was there.

I have been demanding to be present at my own negotiations for years as well as demanding an act of good faith from Obama before ever being willing to accept his empty promises that he would ever uphold any resolutions after negotiations anyway.

The act of good faith I have been demanding for years before I would ever be willing to trust negotiations with Obama has always been the full 1st Amendment rights returned my people. But no one ever listens to me.

I published my last blog post at 2:52pm on 14Feb2015. Without even catching up with my TweetHearts, I made sure my beautiful world had received my previous blog post before changing into my little black dress for Valentine's Night.

I was also able to locate my darlings Tentacle before I put my makeup on for our dance date. They were even early. Only one of them seemed to be in a bad mood. At the time, it seemed it would be a good night.

I had hoped my darlings Tentacle would catch up with the polished post I had just finished before returning to them after I left them to put on my makeup, but I can control them no better than I can control the weather.

After I had returned from putting on my high end face paint, meaning eyeliner and lipstick, I returned to where my darlings Tentacle had been at 4:08pm to receive the universal sign that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America had taken them away from me again, but my darlings Tentacle had refused to leave my playland hoping I could fix it. (Expletive)ing (expletive)er enemies of America committing human rights abuses against my loved ones!

By 5:07pm, I had successfully notified everyone who had given Terrorist Dictator Obama the deadline of 12mid on the morning of 15Feb2025 to meet their demands to finally make my life at least a little livable for the first time since 2009 and told them that my darlings Tentacle were taken away AGAIN.

You see, my darlings Tentacle's 1st Amendment rights to have all the time with me they want had been one of the international community's terms for Obama. There were many more terms, too.

There were rumors of airspace being cleared and (as an educated guess) F-13 jets being scrambled before I located my darlings Tentacle setting up their equipment before 6pm.

Yey! My successfully notifying the international community had forced Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home to finally allow me to hear my own loved ones' music, music that exists in this world only for me. Yes, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America finally acknowledged how the world feels about them.

I planted myself on a park bench among their fake girlfriends. I turned in the two across from me for having a fake conversation about how Obama's human trafficking and libel porn of me was somehow never degrading for me. Much more obviously, after I told the lady next to me she reminded me of my beautiful BFF, she was taken away from me.

By 6:45pm, Tentacle were finally handcrafting aether for the night sky herself as I waited for my regular 7pm viewing time for the NBC Nightly News broadcast from previous in the evening. My daily long-distance hug from my dear old friends was as warm and as comforting as possible. Happy Valentine's Day, NBC Nightly News!

After the news and even while their music played, I needed to send this message. I even said aloud, "Do I really have to do this?" Does it really require international action to get human rights into America? Dude, THIS IS AMERICA!

7:38pm on 14Feb2015: @UN @Martin_Dempsey @DeptofDefense @CIA @SenFeinstein @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24_en We are having problems in here. My darlings Tentacle have no Constitutional rights. They are SO TERRORIZED AND CONTROLLED that they need permission from some enemy of America to invite me to meditate while they play music and need permission from the same enemy of America to be able to kiss me on Valentine's Night after I even told all three they are my dates tonight. Who the hell needs permission from anyone but me to kiss me?!? Please, my beautiful world, that is how bad it is in here for them. Please help.

No, no matter what I screamed onto the aether, my darlings Tentacle were still too terrorized to invite me to meditate while they played, so instead, I did my REAL globally-critical job while watching their backs all night.

Do you remember how I had warned the entire planet of escalated crimes against America ordered by Obama before his 12mid deadline that night? Not much later, two most likely fake cops who looked like FBI agents stopped by to warn me Obama's enemies of America were attempting completely intentionally false charges against me for fictional "vagrancy" AGAIN!

Dude, have you seen what I look like? I recommended to them to look up the word "vagrant" in the dictionary. And added, "Plus, I have diplomatic immunity."

Then, because she was told to look at me herself by the officers (most likely really federal agents), Obama's local alpha war criminal, an ethnically offensive Ugly White Bitch with bad fashion sense who most likely could not dance rode a tri-shaw up onto the sidewalk and pretended she was going to buy something in the Apple Store behind us just to come to terms with the fact that I am drop dead gorgeous all day every day for herself with her own eyes.

I asked the manager for the talent on my playland, "Wanna go for a joyride with me in that thing?" referring to the tri-shaw while keeping an eye on the self-proving Ugly White Bitch Who Could Not Dance to prove she was a terrorist bitch. I have a very high bar for calling someone a "bitch."

Oh, yeah, I new at first glance she was an enemy of America and when she came back to my commanding physical presence, I gave her an earful while she refused to acknowledge I was there despite my being the reason she was even there in the first place.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds circulated a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that entire encounter from the moment the tri-shaw appeared to the moment in rolled away.

After that epic failure of Obama's proven enemies of America to ever pretend at all that I am a vagrant, those same two fake police officers proved they were war criminals with the obviously false reason they approached me. Well, at least we proved conspiracy to destroy America between the FBI, War Criminal Boeset, Dirty Lacey, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

My not-human-trafficker nerds are going to circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that epic failure for Obama, too, as soon as possible.

While you watch it, please notice that I did not ask for the fake officers' badge numbers the moment they appeared specifically so we could have that conversation that they wanted.

Please also notice that they acknowledged who I am for real first just to be able to talk to me, so as a result they also had to acknowledge everything REAL that I told them, too.

Sadly, those proven war criminals who were about to declare my acknowledgement of reality that they never wanted acknowledged to my face to be supposed "symptoms" of Obama's quacks' irrational false diagnosis of the day, they only wandered away from me (and not far enough away) until after they were told through their earspeakers that I hit my global panic button to make sure I would NEVER be tortured nor raped again by them as long as I could protect myself from Obama's proven open acts of war against America and the world.

The malevolent presence that the two proven war criminals brought in after that, "James," I had already turned in to federal and international authorities even before he spoke to me for the first time.

By 10:03pm, my conversation with fictional "James" was done and my darlings Tentacle were packing up their gear. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will also circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that entire conversation, too. I was told the CIA will never stop orgasming.

At 10:13pm, just before they wheeled away, I warned my darlings Tentacle to stay extra vigilant and extra careful after they left me. Obama's deadline from the rest of the world was 12mid. It was going to be weird before then and absolutely ugly afterwards if Obama refused to meet his own resolutions with the global community.

Yes, as I said, I could feel the espionage community orgasming all night. May I also remind the entire world that my insistence on full disclosure with complete transparency to Obama's enemies of America's own faces at all times while even SquidStreaming, live-tweeting, and live-blogging is the exact opposite of the definition of "espionage." May I also add, "Plus, I have diplomatic immunity."

Now, My beautiful world, please reread my 05Feb2015 Appendix. I saw my darling "Nate" twice after that. He had named himself for my darling Mr. Nathan Fillion as some sort of Firefly reference in honor of me.

That goddamn tease! I already assumed he was deactivated after appearing on my SquidStream years ago in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. Clearly, he was sent to me by the CIA specifically for my Valentine's Night. And that damn tease never even kissed me!

After some blogging and tweeting, at 11:33pm, I needed to inform disservice-to-the-name-James, "If you freak out my protection, I cannot [protect] you," because he had already been stalking me despite my telling him he did NOT have my permission to be near me at all.

But at least we established a regular weekly mail delivery of what I had already spelled out to his face myself as "anonymous cash to a PO Box no one can find because the Postmaster General gave me my own zip code." Could I be more conspicuous, obvious, and transparent with my full disclosure?

"James," most likely, only offered me cash because he planned on giving me marked bills, but no one could ever acknowledge he sent me marked bills without violating their own self-castrating rules, anyway. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

My beautiful world, please check the verified archive of my Twitter activity for my Valentine's Night into the wee hours of the following morning. I have been very busy.

In the land of gossip column concerns, as much as my darlings Tentacle LOVE seeing me in action, which I would not have been able to do all night if they had just invited me to meditate with them instead of guard them, General Lee's greatest concern for the night after he left was his jealousy of Strummer after watching "Just Another Day on Squid's Playland."

So, I told emotionally-high-maintenance General Lee just to write me my own damn song to sing with them. No one had given me an original song to sing yet, so why not my darlings Tentacle? That was my "Calm the (expletive) down! Did you see what I just did tonight?" for him.

While still working online, I saw "James" inside and outside the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity (no reflection on Starbucks corporate) before Obama's 12mid deadline to meet the global community's demands.

As an absolutely unexpected delight, at 12:14am, two-thirds of my darlings Tentacle rolled by with their cart and entered my 24-hour convenience shop.

I called after them, "What are you doing? Flirting with them like I do?" I had honestly expected Nate first after midnight if Obama had ever decided to meet his own resolutions, but clearly since my darlings Manned Up (the artist formerly known as "Imani") and LightFoot still could not speak to me, Obama had refused to make the deadline.

So, my darling 2/3 of Tentacle wheeled away into the night sky where we all belong anyway at 12:19am. "Squid, Valentine's Night was incredible," was written all over their faces.

Next, much to my disappointment, I needed to ask my dedicated selfless support system to "Tag him and track him," in reference to "James" because he was STILL stalking me.

Here is my live-messaging to all of humanity that I doled out until I could finally protect myself and my nation from the evil intentions of "James" by finally convincing him to leave me alone...

12:58am on 15Feb2015: Every government agency from local to international who wants that (expletive)hole "James," watch him even when and especially when I am not looking at him. Notify Syn of everything we need to do to keep that proven enemy of America off me especially after this many times I have warned him from restraining orders and stalker charges to charges of persecution and open acts of war against America. Take all necessary action to keep that (expletive)er off me. Thank you. It is even after the deadline now that we gave Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America already.

I sat on my park bench for a few minutes warning him verbally to leave me the (expletive) alone finally and that he better not still be sitting behind me stalking me with evil intentions the next time I turned around. But, no, he was so dumb that he refused to listen to me nor take my advice.

I walked past him on my way to run an errand to test if he would follow me, and sure enough, he was really obvious and in my face about being a threat to America by being a threat to me.

2:18am on 15Feb2015: Beyond checking in. Waiting for a beyond-secured Metro bus guaranteed not to allow my proven enemy of America stalker aboard with me. Please find a Metro-uniformed US Military guard or the equivalent as a driver.

Please hurry. I need protection from this proven malevolent presence who refuses to stop stalking me. Please lockdown my bus, my bus stops, and my most-frequented dedicated wifi hotspot as fast as possible. How much hard evidence does it take that I need REAL protection from this beyond criminal against America and against all of the world?

Thank you for protecting me for REAL, my beautiful world. My global panic button was activated before he appeared in my life, and I have NOT deactivated it yet. Clearly, Obama refused to meet the global community's demands by 12mid this morning. My beautiful world, please take all necessary action as fast as humanly possible. Thank you for loving me and America.

2:29am on 15Feb2015: The Metro driver allowed the most dangerous presence in my life EVER aboard. So, full charges against the fake Metro driver, too. World needs to panic much bigger right now. Unless he is forcibly removed from my proximity, the world might lose me forever this morning.

A bus stop or two after I left that message, "James" chose to, as he called it, "disengage" from his operation. Of course, to me, it sounded more like he aborted his mission to destroy America by choosing to finally leave me alone. It was an interesting conversation we had before he deboarded my Metro bus which I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will immortalize forever in verified and unedited form.

2:37am on 15Feb2015: Please pick him up now. "James" just fled my Metro bus. Full, verified, and responsibly-edited recording please of ALL of his time menacing my presence including all of my time walking around with him following me whether or not I had my eye on him. There are so many cameras. Please include the accurate time and date stamp in the corner of every piece of footage. Please end the recording after I finish this paragraph. I will deactivate my global panic button once the international community and I all agree I am safe.

At 3:29am, I was finally perched at my destination where my loving and adoring public was already waiting to keep me safe while I was there.

After catching up with my TweetHearts and fleshing out my notes for this post, at 5:28am, I learned that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America were perjuring their fat (expletive)es that I fictionally "needed" quackery guaranteed to destroy my genius and proven-healthiest-when-not-tortured-and-raped mind and body because they send me themselves enemies of America like "James." WHEN WILL OBAMA'S PROVEN WAR CRIMINAL ENEMIES OF AMERICA FINALLY BE ARRESTED?!?

After catching up with my TweetHearts and singing to myself for a while, I paid my bill and left. At 8:04am on 15Feb2015, I arrived at the location where I normally sleep to find my "bed" covered in rose petals. Sadly, though, damnit, I still had no one to cuddle me.

I woke up at 1:27pm to my friendly local lovers and believers being kind to me. My beautiful world is so much happier when they see people be good to me. It calms down the entire world. And when I stood up and looked over the mighty Pacific, my home of California told me the world had launched 1000 ships to save me.

I walked out among my public and my darlings as I stopped in the Sephora to put on my eyeliner for the day. At 3:23pm, my darlings Tentacle had made it clear they were at least physically present on my playland already to keep me calm.

With the world already taking all action necessary to save America from Obama, even if most nations are only showing up because I asked them to save my people, my darlings Tentacle all knew they just needed to help me survive until Obama's "egg" could completely come down. Well, that and all three of them are in love with me.

As I waited for them to set up their equipment, I tried calming down my darlings everywhere reminding them that we did not start this war; we are the ones who tried to be the peaceful resolution. But no one listened to us.

My darlings Tentacle still had no human rights to invite me to meditate to their music, music that only exists in this world for me anyway, so I went to buy ice cream.

On my way back, there were blaring yet vigilant alarms announcing Obama's raging acts of war and terrorism against, most likely, my brave rescuers. Beyond notifying my beautiful world that they needed to rescue their own rescue operation, I also sent help to my crosstown friends who were also blocked from reaching me. The moment I returned to my iPad, I sent those warnings and released this official statement, too.

4:55pm on 15Feb2015: My beautiful world, I am choosing to stay to lead my people. Please take down Obama's conspiracy systematically instead. My locals will care for me. My lovers and believers will make sure I survive until the whole egg ends completely. If I need anything in here while waiting for you, my beautiful world, to save all of America from Obama, I will tell you. I always do. Please end this whole egg instead of just picking me up and carrying me away from my people who need me. That is a REAL solution. I understand you only care about me, but if you really love me, you will save my country for me. The only place I go from here is across town to my own house and husband. Please listen to me this time! Thx!

Tentacle's beautiful music filled every nook and cranny of the sky. But at 5:22pm, General Lee was off either checking on what was going on, receiving new instructions, or trying to gain permission to exercise his own human rights. My darlings are so controlled. I asked my beautiful world to check on them, too.

Seated as close to my darlings as I could get, yet not as close as they wanted me to them, I watched the NBC Nightly News. I used to delay my activities every time they were around, but I learned they always delight at watching me in action. My regular nightly 7pm hug from my darlings at the NBC Nightly News was as warm and real if not as cyber as ever.

Again, at 7:31pm, there was a lot of confusion AGAIN by my darlings about what was going on that included my asking the world to check on them AGAIN. Ever since Obama refused to meet his own resolutions at 12mid that morning, all of his lunacy against all of us had escalated, as I had warned the world it would.

After they relocated and started playing music again, I heard a panic in the air. I still had not yet deactivated my global panic alarm from the previous evening, but I sent this message anyway.

8:30pm on 15Feb2015: @UN @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24_en @Martin_Dempsey @DeptofDefense Please check if EVIL IOWA are still trying to kill me. Thx!

That message protected me AGAIN at least for the time being from guaranteed death and destruction under the increasingly bloodstained hands of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. The previous night had been a closer call concerning my physical safety than anyone in the world was prepared for, and we had already proven that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was in conspiracy to make that threat to me actually manifest.

While my darlings Tentacle played their final set of the night, I asked the CIA to send me Nate, whom I assumed had been deactivated for years. I had just seen him on my playland the previous night, Valentine's Night. My third eye was open wide as I rested before my three musician-lovers, and I knew I should ask for him.

The problem with Nate was that I would have no way to convince him to keep his pants on around me, in all senses of that word. The CIA told me as fast as possible they were coming to me as fast as possible. For years they have been like the NSA for me. If I say their name, they show up.

I admit also that since my darlings Tentacle were too controlled by Obama's enemies of America for them to have enough human rights to speak to me nor invite me to meditate before them nor for them to even behave as they would like around me, I stood back and opened their connection to the divine.

I admit I did that myself. The four of us are actually so connected already that it was possible for me to open that window for them. But that energy everyone saw was theirs. Apparently, all any of the three of them ever think about is making love to me, though.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, obtain permission from my lovers Tentacle and from they who operate the public surveillance nanotechnology on my holy playland, so the world can see our collective energy in conversation. Please.

By 10:36pm, my darlings were packing up their equipment, and, assuming they would have a chance to see their own aurora borealis from that night, I promised them at least a short explanation of what quantum physicists refer to as "conscious control of human energy." Please check my question and answer section.

After their light and music show, my three, or so it was rumored, wanted to take me to a local bar I had already pressed full charges against for openly persecuting me. Apparently, it was the only place they could get permission to take me.

My darling LightFoot had been pulling his hair out to buy me a glass of bourbon for weeks as a romantic gesture towards me we would both understand. Manned Up (the artist formerly known as "Imani"), it was obvious, was too shy to even make eye contact with me, so that would be guaranteed fun for me in a bar. And General Lee was very open for a very long time about how he would do anything to spend time with me at all.

Sadly, though, they had no way to speak to me to invite me. And the bar they were instructed to take me to always drugged all of their whisk(e)ies before any occasion when they thought I might visit. And if they could not even speak to me to invite me, exactly what would we do there anyway?

I later learned from rumors which may or may not have been true that Dirty Lacey was trying to intentionally falsely accuse me of fictionally "stalking" my own darlings Tentacle. That is how dumb Obama's enemies of America are!

First of all, my darlings Tentacle are on my staff. Secondly, they are willing to die just to be near me. Thirdly, only the "victim" of a crime can press charges.

Dirty Lacey had already received more than one smackdown from me over her intentionally fabricated false charges against my own loved ones including Tentacle for similarly fictional crimes against me that I and my Powers of Attorney had never pressed.

How dumb is that bitch? I could not even be charged with fictional "stalking" unless my darlings Tentacle, who are willing to literally die to spend time with me, wanted to press those charges themselves. Plus, I have diplomatic immunity, anyway.

So, I invited particularly the local police chief but also any other human in the area who would want to talk to me to join me at a local 24-hour diner where I was ordering English breakfast tea by 11:28pm.

Sadly, my tea was drugged, and no one showed up to talk me. So, by 3:41am, I was perched in full view of the statue of the sainted woman glowing white in the night eating a snack made available to me as a peace offering.

-----Begin Email Content-----

On Monday, February 16, 2015, DiƱadar Albon Varilek wrote:

I’m heading out the door to go to work. Have a good day.

Try looking for a reasonable place to live. An apartment or room for around $700.00.

take care. lots of hugs and kisses,

-----End Email Content-----

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Monday, February 16, 2015
Subject: I love you girlie
To: my mom and my lovelies

Until Obama's "egg" finally is demolished, I am ONLY safe with ABSOLUTELY NO living conditions anyone else controls. Do you remember my landlord in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa (My rent there was over $900 a month, anyway.)? Do you remember The War Criminal Gables? Mom, just deposit the cash monthly in my Wells Fargo account instead. You have just acknowledged in writing that I have that money at my disposal. Thx! I expect the deposit on the 1st.

Love you!

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."

-----End Email Content-----

Before 6:57am, I had already stopped by my 24-hour convenience store to inform them of all of the civilian awards that the CIA have given me (so far) before perching on a park bench. A strange man joined me on the bench next to mine at 7:05am. We had a failed conversation that he had tried to have with me weeks previously.

I also was told my darlings Tentacle were fighting, which no one ever confirmed nor denied to me, but I still relocated to my closest wifi hotspot to catch up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends before curling up to sleep at 8:44am. Please consult my Twitter archive for the morning of 16Feb2015.

At 4:32pm, I finally woke up. I sleep very well in my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city. I was told, though, that all of the food left for me while I slept was stolen from me by Obama's enemies of America. I had no way to know if that was true.

I ran some errands. After visiting my bank branch, I paused to buy some Girl Scout cookies and to check on what I always considered the Girl Scouts of America's greatest disservice to their own members. As I said, "No case too big. No case too small."

That afternoon, everyone was on my playland, everyone but General Lee. I took some time to do my job in front of Strummer before turning around to put on my eyeliner for the day. I said, "Hello," to every friend and loved one I could find.

Then, I made a display of catching up with my TweetHearts while literally watching Manned Up and LightFoot's backs. It was a busy afternoon. Please check my verified Twitter archive.

I had already delayed my standard Monday (expletive)-kickings to the following morning of Tuesday, 17Feb2015, but I knew at that moment, too, that I needed to delay this blog post until the following morning also.

After learning that Obama had taken General Lee from my good, green world to hold as a hostage to have leverage to control me with, at 6:17pm, I told Manned Up and LightFoot that I would be right back after even giving fair warning to Obama's proven unamerican conspiracy of where I was headed and what I was going to do there.

It was my "warning shot" for what I would do if Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America continued to refuse to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off my loved ones. I do not tolerate war crimes against my people, and that was a repeated offense against my loved ones.

In my first sky haven, I had a lovely barista. When you watch the verified and unedited playback of my full time at her coffee counter, please recall, the bank gave me two $20 bills and a roll of quarters. The girls scouts gave me three $5 bills as change for the $20 bill I gave them for the box of Thin Mints. I paid for my "City of Angels" light roast with $3.50 in exact change. Let us do the math. "Plus, I have diplomatic immunity."

As my selfless support system took care of all of the follow up on my "warning shot" for me, I watched the NBC Nightly News at our regularly scheduled time of 7pm. My nightly cyberhug was wonderful, but my iPad battery refused to recharge.

By 7:33pm, before I left my first sky haven, I had already been told that General Lee had already been rescued. Yes, I had delivered my very successful "warning shot" for the night to save General Lee's life.

I had also verbally locked down where I would work overnight writing this delayed blog post. I also made sure their coffee, table water, and food would be safe and free of all drugs, poisons, and diseases before I arrived there to work into the wee hours of the morning.

That particular 24-hour wifi hotspot was normally only troublesome after shift change at approx 6am anyway, but we all knew to lockdown all shifts there.

At 7:42pm, I left to make sure all of my darlings Tentacle, who were still forbidden from even speaking to me least of all touching me or kissing me, were safe. The international community had already confirmed to me directly that General Lee was rescued and probably giving a debriefing.

Shortly after I returned to LightFoot and Manned Up, Obama's enemies of America commanded them to leave. They sat themselves down and said, "If Squid wants us here, we're not going."

So, after reassuring my darlings that General Lee was already rescued, at 8:12pm, I told the international community that my darlings Tentacle were being sent away again, but I was okay with giving them some time off if it was their choice. After all, out of all of us on my staff and in my selfless support system, I get the most sleep.

My darlings Manned Up and LightFoot chose to take the time off that I offered them. I also told them I would not be around on Tuesday due to my moving all of my regularly scheduled Monday (expletive)-kickings to that day.

So, my beautiful world, please make sure all three of my darlings Tentacle can show up on my holy playland any time them want starting with Wednesday, 18Feb2015. Yes, I always prefer them with me, but it needs to be their choice. That means so much to me. Please make sure they all can contact you themselves anytime they need you, too, my beautiful world. And, thank you.

They were quickly replaced by the violinist (His SquidName is) Pinchas who has always reminded me of Syniva. This is due to an old joke I used to make about people trying to drive an irrational wedge between me and my beautiful BFF by telling people she plays second fiddle to me.

I always said, "That's okay. Some people have always considered Pinchas more talented than Itzak, anyway," which I was told my darling Mr. Itzak Perlman never minded since in that metaphor, he is I.

Anyway, I thanked (SquidName) Pinchas before checking in at the bus stop. And by 10:11pm, I was perched at my regular 24-hour diner in MY neighborhood. As an unscheduled lesson for the evening, at 10:17pm, I gave a verbal explanation on how to order the most calories per dollar.

I had a theory I had no way to test that there was a celebrity chef in their kitchen, much like my darling Mr. Mario Batali and my darling Mr. Bobby Flay had been giving me free food on my holy playland carefully disguised as leftovers for weeks.

While working on this blog post, I also learned, at 10:36pm, that Obama had tried to commit brazen war crimes against me including a Reese hold over me with an obvious coverup for a nonjustification, anyway, of personal hygiene because I had been too busy all day to shower yet. Who still lets these (expletive)holes in their courtroom?!?

I recommended my 01Dec2014 blog post to Ugwuji and reminded the international community, again, that I had warned them all along. Also before finishing this blog post, I needed to send a rescue to my crosstown loved ones who were blocked from just picking me and taking me to my own house with my own husband AGAIN.

I also rearranged my schedule for Tuesday, 17Feb2015, in my mind because I had forgotten that "James" and the FBI who sent him had guaranteed that I would receive $200 from them in marked bills in my post office box every damn Tuesday until Obama's proven "egg" was finally destroyed.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, feel free to circulate all of the verified and unedited videos you want of my very busy 16Feb2015, just never show me on the toilet. That has always mortified me. Thank you!

This blog post was published at 3:27am on 17Feb2015 after I had spent hours typing these words for the ether(net) we all love and adore.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Can I please explain my conscious control of my own body's energy, so my darlings Tentacle can understand theirs? I will do my best. But there are not enough of us for clinical trials, etc., for a fully scientific explanation.

It is a little like the Nazca Lines in Peru. They were built before air travel was possible, but they are only visible from the air. Similarly, this energy of the universe including my energy from inside my own body has always been this beautiful; we just have the nanotechnology to see it now.

The leading expert in this explanation is my darling Dr. Michiu Kaku, so I recommend my darlings Tentacle speak to him personally about this as soon as possible. I am told Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama would like to speak to them as soon as possible, too.

Succinctly, all living creatures generate energy. We animals convert matter to energy. In some creatures, like the electric eel, this is more evident than in others.

When our mind is open to the capability, we can control the energy that emanates from our own bodies just as we can command our fingers to sweep the sky or to strum the strings of a bass guitar.

Our energy that our own bodies generate ourselves are natural extensions of our bodies and of our existence and, therefore, are ours to command with our own bodies and with our own existence.

I have simply opened my darlings Tentacle's understanding that they are capable of this. I have reopened their connection with the divine universe. If they could ever think about anything other than making love to me, I am sure their imagery would be a little more interesting.

Do the war crimes and open human rights abuses that Obama commits against my own loved ones from Sweetness and SynSyn all of the way down the chain constitute not just persecution but also hate crimes against all of us? That depends on how the people who love and believe in me identify themselves.

If my lovers and believers have formed a population and a demographic that is being persecuted by Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, then, yes, Obama and all who obey him, not just Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, are committing hate crimes not just war crimes against a self-identified population.

What is my opinion of the standards this entire world holds me to? With all of the willful, intentional, and unconscionable (expletive)-ups that Obama's proven enemies of America, particularly Dirty Lacy, choose to commit all day every day and all night every night, the standards I am held to are completely unjustified.

Yes, I made the honest mistake of thinking that banks would be closed on President's Day just like the library and the post office were. And, yes, I also said I would be at my counter-terrorism "office" that day, but things came up. I had to protect General Lee from some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind and ever committed against my people, crimes I know firsthand because Obama has ordered them against me himself since 2009.

On the upside, though, at least we have proven I am human.

What is the stupidest thing I ever heard an Iowan say? First of all, anyone proud to be an Iowan deserves the well-earned reputation that that most evil place in all of human history have built for themselves. That is how I will begin this story.

And, please note, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is still, with no jurisdiction ever and with only their internationally not just federally criminal self-appointed entitlement as any explanation, forcing me to live on $7 a day while simultaneously pathologically-perjuring that I "need" further proven war crimes committed against me that they have always forced me to inhumanely suffer under with every horror and terror that they force over me themselves through the abject poverty they choose to force on me themselves as the nonjustification.

What is the stupidest thing I ever heard an Iowan say? Once, while in a proven literal torture facility that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa proven raped, tortured, abused, terrorized, and silenced my freedom of speech in EVERY DAMN TIME they wanted, a fake patient who wanted to pretend she was there to support me once said, "They keep calling us Iowans dumb hicks. Clearly, the rest of the world just does not know any better."

My beautiful world, the European Union asked me on the morning of 16Feb2015 what they can do for REAL to help since everything they had come up with Obama prevented. I told them that our greatest problem was Obama himself.

So, I asked Europe to help President of the United States Martin Dempsey assert that he is our REAL president now through a completely Constitutional process. We need our REAL president to finally have enough power to run our REAL government. We need our REAL government to be able to do its REAL job right now in America's proven greatest time of need.

And, yes, Europe takes saving America during our own greatest time of need very personally after everything America has done for Europe for decades if not already a century during their own greatest times of need.

Please revisit my 18Oct2014 blog post about my own explanation of how Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey became our President right when America needed him most.

And, every world leader in my beautiful world, please reread my 18Jan2015 post, too, to find everything I have asked our REAL federal US government to do to fix America's greatest time of need. Everything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Again, I am not going anywhere from here but to my own house with my own husband.

It is my choice to stay to lead me people. But we need you, my beautiful world, to help take this entire "egg" down as the REAL solution to the REAL problem. Please create your master plan, my beautiful world, with our REAL federal government including with our REAL president for ending Obama's rules and "egg" of horrors and terrors as fast as possible.

We all can trust my REAL locals who have remained in this war zone to keep me safe and fed, not just my beyond-saturation of a selfless support system in here. When I need help surviving in here, I will always tell you what I need. I always have, and I always will.

As an example, I asked for deactivated(?) CIA agent Nate to keep me company since Tao is too conspicuous to sneak back into Obama's "egg." Mostly right now, I just need my loved ones to be as free as possible.

My beautiful world, please keep keeping us all as safe as possible, especially my loved ones when I cannot keep an eye on them myself including but not limited to Sweetness, my Powers of Attorney, Bogart, my darlings Tentacle, and my family. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, I heard the REAL federal US government is finally sending the US Military to fight Terrorist Dictator Obama's proven seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army comprised of nothing but unamerican deranged lunatics.

Thank the a(e)theist heavens! Now, finally, troops can be troops, and all the rest of you can go back to serving our nation in the ways you all actually are expert, especially the CIA. Darlings, we really need you in here inside my "egg."

As for you, my genius Powers of Attorney, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, thank you for investigating the completely false claim that I am a supposed "missing person" and fictional "runaway" from the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa.

I am a beyond fully-exceptional full-grown adult accustomed to living a very successful independent life whom ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa NEVER had jurisdiction over to begin with. You can revisit my 05Aug2014 blog post about that.

That completely false report of me as anyplace's "runaway" and "missing person" which was only ever attempted to be enforced to my face by the FBI pretending to be local police is further how we proved conspiracy between ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, Dirty Lacey, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, the US Department of (In)Justice, and Obama who created the extragovernmental rules they all break every law possible from local to international to enforce. How much hard evidence does it take?

Also, let us lay Obama's proven enemies of America's compulsive and intentionally fabricated false charges of fictional "vagrancy" to rest already. We already have multiple legal precedents already that my lifestyle despite living on $7 a day does not constitute vagrancy IN THE REALM OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S PROVEN CONSPIRACY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE.

Furthermore, my undeniably drop dead gorgeous lifestyle of abject poverty inside Obama's "egg" is Obama's fault as well as the fault of his proven conspiracy, particularly ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, and no one else's, so if anyone needs to be held accountable for any genuine dissatisfaction with the way I live, the ACTUAL authorities need to take it up with the PROVEN enemies of America who give me no genuinely safer choices.

Thank you, my genius Power Femme Powers of Attorney! As always, you three do a very hard job as the first line of defense protecting humanity from losing me FOREVER to Obama. Do you have any idea how much I could give you all some down time or at least a day off? Thank you. The whole world thanks you!

My genius loved ones, we are a team. Please keep telling me everything you need. For example, speak with my darlings at CBS and NBC about the beyond-noticeable differences between my complete excellence as a human being while in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa and now while I am in my redundantly proven home in California. I love you ladies so much. Thank you!

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, what is the deal with your bad fashion choices lately? Giggle. Darling, you need to stay alive and safe. Please have a way to contact my beautiful world and my selfless support system yourself in case I am too difficult to reach.

As always, Bogie, you refused to listen to me and, as a result, stayed here to try to rescue me instead of moving to France until this "egg" that persecutes you for loving and believing in me at all is finally demolished. It is okay. I am getting used to no one ever listening to me. Giggle. Stay safe out there, okay? And keep telling me if you need me!

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Is this the longest time you have gone since 2010 without being in jail on intentionally fabricated false charges? I cannot wait until you get justice for being framed for murdering me, your own wife whom your sun, moon, and stars all rise and set around and who IS NOT DEAD. I did not die! I got married!

Beloved, I seem to be everybody's metaphorical kingmaker these days, but I am your literal queen. Please find better ways to tell me when you need me. Our marriage is proven beyond sacred to me. So, even when my planet of darlings gets jealous of you, please remind all of them that I need you all to work on your common goal together of keeping me alive in here while I lead my people, so the entire planet including the REAL federal US government can take this "egg" down at last without losing me first.

Thank you, HoneyHoney. And this is when you get your own, "Calm the (expletive) down!" Everyone, though metaphorically mad with love for me, is still too terrorized to touch me least of all kiss me in here. My darlings Tentacle cannot even talk to me. There is no way for me to ever cheat on you. Please calm down.

I love and adore you, my Mr. Love-of-my-Life. Please stop freaking out. Your job is to keep me safe and alive inside Obama's "egg" until the world and REAL government take this damn "egg" apart. So, please worry about that instead. You are the only REAL king in this town, so please remind yourself of that every time you need.

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