Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who is Warmongering Today?

Conspiracy theorists are probably having a field day with the fact the biggest aggressors out there, the US and UK governments, are also the governments that have wronged me the most. I know the corrupt forces that be are just going to hate me more for saying it, but let us take a breath and think our way through this. I would really like to avoid WW3.

Pakistan, the US military is not the problem. The military is made up of good people. It is the orders coming out of DC that are the problem. I question the president and his role in all of this. If the president really is guilty, expect lies to circulate as they try to protect him.

Iran, I know it was not all of you who raided the British embassy in Iran, but those of you who did, are you calmed down now? The British government locked me in a torture facility for seven months last year. I know what it is like for them to push you and push you and push you because they want a conflict. The best advice I have is please do not give them the international conflict they want. There are forces in the West that make money off of waging war. If you take away their ability to escalate this conflict, you take their power away. Please remember that the West is not your enemy; the powers profiting off of conflict are.

The corrupt powers that be hate peacemongers like me. They like to enslave us, lock us in bubbles, and tell the world we are crazy when all we do is speak the obvious. Just because they have spent the last two and a half years torturing me, it does not mean I will stop standing in the way of WW3.

Sweetness, the weather looks iffy this weekend... snow, sleet, rain... but it the sky should be clearing up by late Saturday. I love you.

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