Monday, November 28, 2011

The Nation Knows.

Hello, Obama,...

By now the nation knows you leveled a federal mandate in violation of the US Constitution persecuting me and taking away the entire nation's rights, and because you do not want to face justice for your wrongs, you maintain the illegal mandate and spread lies and slander hoping to get away with it. You cannot hide it, now. Despite the fact you have suspended all freedom of the press, the truth is still getting around.

Breaking ANY law makes ANY president impeachable. Your human rights violations are now common knowledge. And you have never had the power to violate the US Constitution. I know you live in a bubble where you think you are above the law and have built a federal mandate that denies the entire country enough rights that you think you can get away breaking any law you want.

But how long will it be until the nation is fed up with having its First Amendment rights revoked, fed up with watching me suffer for no reason except your own corruption, and fed up with you as a whole? I am going to live until I am 137 years old. How long do you think you can keep me in a bubble?

Your downfall, you terrorist, is your inability to treat people with the respect we deserve. You do nothing but make enemies and create conflict in the world. And you leave people like me, the people you shit on most, to clean up the world messes that you are supposed to be leading us through.

You have been out and about the last few months making public appearances trying to shift the blame onto Congress, all of Congress, for your own failures. From the national debt you wanted raised to the high unemployment you used as an excuse to feed your friends on Wall Street, you want to pretend that Congress is the guilty party for your own destructive policies, and you are spending government money trying to sell your lies to the public.

How long will it be until Congress, all of Congress, is fed up with you, too? If I were Congress, I would be investigating your violations of the US Constitution, and I would be impeaching you. And Congress, if you are listening, please do this for me. Calling me a hooker was part of his cover up for enforcing I be trafficked, and the menace he is to the entire world needs to be stopped.

I am a completely benevolent influence on this world. I do live a little on the edge by putting whole milk in my coffee, but that is it. The world knows I used my benevolent influence to have a couple of hikers released from prison in Iran. Do not take this personally, Iran, but what does it mean when a pure force of love like myself has a better relationship with the President of Iran than the President of the United States? What does that say about the President of the United States?

Sweetness, I sent you a letter on Saturday. It should arrive in LA on Wednesday. You will like it. I bake cookies from scratch. I am going to send you a box of them soon. I love you.

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