Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only Getting Feistier...

My darling Sweetness is still not here to calm me down, so I am getting feistier. Leveling a federal mandate that violates the US Constitution makes Obama the Slave Driver impeachable... but that is the topic of my next blog post. Today we discuss Octopus.

You probably ought to seek the advice of professional child psychologists before you try explaining to your seven-year-old child that his or her favorite children's show star, Octopus, was really a battered slave. This is a burden their generation and their parents' generation and this entire nation have to carry. When your child looks up at you and asks, "If everyone knew, why did nobody do anything to save her?" you are going to be glad for seeking advice, so you could answer the question.

In all reality, no one helped me because Obama the Terrorist made it illegal to do the right thing, acknowledge the human rights violations, and take the spy equipment out of my head. He, in fact, enforced that the slavery and nightly tortures continue.

Rumors were spread around that I was waking up covered in bruises because I was battering and raping myself in my sleep. You have all seen me sleep. You know I do not attack myself. I was being battered by strangers in my sleep. It happened to me so often that my body used to seize and spasm to keep me awake when I would lay down to sleep. It wanted to protect itself. But I was so drugged from what people were slipping into all of my food and drink and exhausted from the insomnia that I would have to sleep.

Because of Obama the War Criminal, I was not allowed to address this with any law enforcement; they were not allowed to acknowledge any of it was real. The FBI honestly told me I had to figure it out for myself, and all of the local police thought I was a prostitute. I was also not allowed to address the rumors publicly nor seek medical help for the batterings without risking being put in another psych ward to be violated again at my attackers' leisure.

It is, in fact, the job of the government to keep me and every person in this country safe and free. Instead of doing his job, Obama the Sociopath leveled a federal mandate to enforce I be abused, violated, sexually harassed, tortured, injected, poisoned, drugged, and enslaved with nowhere to go for help. He let your children watch. He enforced that you all be guilty.

My beautiful world, you know who is to blame for all of this. It is the attackers, the President, and the rest of the executive branch that refused to do their job to stop it. It, in fact, is still not stopped now. The oppression continues. All of the people out there doing everything they can to end this are my real live heroes. Yes, Sweetness, that means you.

Sweetness, I know you will be here to get me as soon as you possibly can. I am doing everything I can to help. There is so much confusion out there sometimes, though, that I cannot always tell exactly what you need. I love you. I was hoping to see you today, but I understand what towering level of evil and corruption you face out there. I wish more people would offer to help you.

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