Monday, November 14, 2011

The House and Yard

The ten-acre yard that surrounds my parents' house is in jeopardy. I know, I know. With every evil thing my father has done to me, why would I help him? Well, just because my father is a waste of breathable air, it does not mean the trees and animal life should suffer.

I was tortured, raped, violated, and injected in the bedroom, but that does not mean I do not care for the giant pin oak on the north side of the house. If the City of Ankeny has its way, they will cut it down.

The City of Ankeny drew up plans years ago to build sewage lines through three sides of my parents' county-forest-preserve yard taking out any tree and disturbing every animal habitat in the way. So far, their plans have been unstoppable.

About a year and half ago they cleared out old-growth trees in the backyard across the creek to build the sewage line back there. They are not paying rent for using the land to carry their shit indefinitely, and they did not even leave the wood from the trees for my parents. You could have made lumber out of some of those trees.

Now, they are coming for the apple, ash, maple, and other trees along the road to build a sewage line up there. They have no plans to replace the greenery, particularly not with larger, older trees.

A few years ago they extended First Street through the neighbor's yard to the north. They did not build a sewage line then and refuse to build their line along that nearby road now.

The whole thing screams that they have targeted my childhood home to be devalued on purpose. My parents' yard is not even within Ankeny city limits, but they refuse to dig across the street on Ankeny land. I would not be surprised if they plan on forcing an annexation of my parents' place due to "eminent domain" and do not want to pay full price for the beautiful land.

My dad is a Republican, so my older sister wrote a letter to Senator Grassley about this years ago. He said he could not do anything.

I am asking you now, my beautiful world, if you can do anything. I know many of you consider my parents' house a major landmark in the story of my suffering and battle. I know the house and land have a great significance now. Please do not allow the City of Ankeny to ruin the land further.

Please save the yard. Save the tall, old trees. Save the deer, foxes, owls, hawks, and everything else.

My beautiful world, thank you.

Sweetness, I still plan on leaving this place and never looking back. I will be at the poetry night at Java Joe's Coffeehouse tomorrow night and again at the open mic on Thursday. I meant to start you a new letter. Maybe I will do that when I finish online today. I love you. I want to go see "The Rum Diary" again in case I missed anything the first time. That movie makes me very happy.

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