Monday, November 7, 2011

He Loves Me!

Yes, I finally saw "The Rum Diary." I caught the earliest matinee yesterday. It was a private screening; I was the only one in the audience. It made me feel important.

When you go see it (and you should), do not go in expecting a comedy. I know the trailers sell it like it is all about humor, but it is actually a social commentary on class, race, gender, and sexuality that happens to use humor to tell its story.

It also made me walk away feeling loved. I was warm, fuzzy, glowing, all mellowed out with happiness, and floating the whole rest of the day and night. Some movies have that effect on people. "The Doors" movie made me feel like I was on peyote the first time I saw it.

"The Rum Diary" is a platonic love letter from Mr. Depp to Mr. Thompson. If you speak the Hunter S. Thompson language, you will be able to pick that out. I am not saying I speak that language. But you cannot pretend to evaluate the film without keeping their deep friendship in mind.

From the movie theater yesterday, I went to Grey's Lake, so I could just sit and look at the water and feel the warmth of being loved. Then, it was Cinema Sunday at the Lift. The movies all had a bike theme last night.

Saturday I stayed in to watch "Saturday Night Live," and Friday I went to the Art 316 open house in downtown Des Moines and then to Court Avenue to do a little drinking. I bought a guy a Surfer on Acid because he reminded me of Kevin Bacon. It made me giggle.

As for things far more serious, the only way through the European Debt Crisis is by reforming the proposed austerity measures. Let us be honest, we need the Greek economy to grow not be stunted if we ever want them to create enough revenue to pay off the debt. Yes, they need to change their spending, but what they really need is other countries to invest in them to help them to grow instead of smashing any chance for the people to economically prosper again. That us my two cents on the topic. We cannot do this with harsh austerity measures.

Sweetness, parts of my last letter feel a little silly now. I know you love me. I am beginning to understand the length and breadth of that love. I am even starting to see what you see in me. Thank you.

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