Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oil is Finite.

There are so many things we can consider as the reason for all of the dramatic weather we have had for over a year now. The world needs leadership on this topic. The last thing the people of this planet should be doing is feeding our dependence on fossil fuels instead of getting off of them. Also, just think of all of the poverty stricken areas that would benefit from no longer needing gasoline to have transportation.

If the US wants to be energy independent, it needs to change its consumption. We need a solar-powered Model T. We do not need a country enslaved by Big Oil.

We need to stop using oil, coal, and natural gas. We do not need to mine or drill for more of it. They say the US has only one hundred years of oil left. That is not very long, especially not in geologic terms.

Are you ready for when the oil runs out?

Years ago in this very blog I urged OPEC nations to invest in their economies and people, so that they would be ready when the oil runs out. Nations that are oil-dependent now will need a way to stay independent and prosperous when the oil is gone.

Fossil fuels exist in finite amounts. We have no way to manufacture them. If your country depends on exporting energy, you might want to look into manufacturing replacements for fossil fuels as a way to plan for the future. Start your research now, so you will be prepared.

Sweetness, I was thinking about going out on Friday, but I think I am going to the Des Moines Social Club's Literary Night tomorrow night instead. Literary Night is at the 4th Street Theater attached to Java Joe's Coffeehouse. I really hope they have good readings. I am in the mood for something new. I will probably stay in and watch Letterman on Friday. Steve Martin will be on, and I enjoy a good laugh. I just do not go out every night around here. There is far less to do.

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