Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Mild Beginning

In May 2009, I told a doctor in Minnesota that I believed the world was keeping secrets from me. I believed it was tied to my Facebook account. I believed my Facebook activity was public knowledge despite me privacy setting of "Friends Only." I was having a metaphysical crisis. I did not want to exist in the world any longer if I was hacked and defamed, but I did not want to have to kill myself. Clearly, I needed a spiritualist, not a doctor.

The doctor admitted me to the University if Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview. While in the hospital for a week, I was spied on and broadcast. They created a video phenom of me passing gas in the privacy of my own hospital room... not to mention my self-medication by dancing. The staff referred to me as "the stripper" and called themselves "the urine-hats."

While I was in that hospital for that week, I was attacked in the night as I slept. They put cameras in my eyes. They put speakers and mics in my ears. They made a broadcast of my time in the hospital. I knew this when it happened. All I could think of was finding a way out of that hell. They even sent me medical bills I refused to pay (Ever wonder about my credit?) for my entire stay there and all doctor visits.

The nightly tortures forced me into a relapse that lasted until I moved myself to San Francisco and lived there for a couple of months. Because of the relapse, my memory can get a little hazy. But I know I knew about the human rights violations when they happened because I made notes of which State of Minnesota and federal medical rights they violated in my booklet of patients' rights. If you want to puke on yourself, google what the State of Minnesota and federal privacy laws are for patients while they are staying in hospitals.

I tried reporting the hospital to all three agencies listed on the back of the booklet, but none of them contacted me back. I tried reporting them to the FBI. The FBI told me I had to figure it all out on my own.

Their privacy violations are common knowledge. The world is a witness. If we get the hospital, we get them all.

Sweetness, please call Anderson Cooper at CNN. I sent him a pile of my medical documentation while I was in the UK.

P.S. I really think ABC needs to offer my older sister Tara a long-term contract with "General Hospital" as their apology to me for the character of Jessica.

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