Monday, November 14, 2011

War President

I was invited out tonight at 10pm for pizza. I told my mom. She whispered to me, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Are there really people left in the world who do not know about Sweetness? I told her, "No, I have a fiancée," and giggled.

As for my reaction to the news of the appalling, the US is warmongering with Iran and Pakistan. The special interests that make money off of waging war will not be satisfied until WW3 breaks out, so they have the Obama administration hitting angry Iranian and Pakistani buttons instead of trying to find solutions to our plagued relations. All we can pray for is that those two foreign nations do not fall for it and that they stay peaceful.

It is one thing to be strong. It is another thing to be an asshole. Besides, it takes more strength to be gentle.

Speaking of assholes, it is safe to assume the US government has no intentions of ever paying off the national debt. That is why they raised the debt ceiling yet again those months ago. That is why there is no plan to even pay off the interest it accrues. I cannot believe our credit rating was not downgraded further than it was, and I cannot believe that people are calling China, the country that loaned us the money that allows our government to function at all, a problem.

The US government needs to learn how to make friends instead of constantly aggravating everyone into being an enemy. Obama the Slave Driver is a war president. He wages war. He aggravates conflict. He creates enemies. He assassinates leaders without putting them on trial. And he commits human rights violations even in his home country.

He chose to persecute and torture me instead of treating me as a fellow human. When will it end?

Sweetness, I wish I could kiss you. I spent a portion of today at the public library reading and rereading Book 23 of the Robert Fagles translation of The Odyssey... You are my Odysseus, my man of twists and turns, the greatest tactician of Ancient Greece. Hee-hee. I always liked him better than Achilles.

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