Friday, November 25, 2011

Safety and Freedom

I know I promised a post on Obama's impeachability, but let us delay that for the moment. Oh, trust me, he will tick me off into writing it if he does not know what is good for him. And he never knows what is good for him... or this nation.

Do you remember my last post? I was attacked in my sleep in Minnesota. I was attacked in my sleep in Iowa. I was attacked in my sleep in California.

Do you remember the legend of Cuddlebunny? I identified him as one of my attackers, and I made friends with him. I used love to render him incapable of ever hurting me again. A couple of months later, though, they sent a new one... Andrew.

I kept getting sick from everything I ate and drank. There were cameras in my home I had no way of getting rid of. There was spy equipment in my head. I was enslaved, and I had nowhere to go for help.

I decided to flee to someplace outside of Obama's reaches... someplace it would not be illegal to help me.

I did not find such a place in Mexico. The horrors just continued there. I tried to seek humanitarian protection from the torture and slavery in the UK, but it all just continued there as well.

I do not make dangerous decisions. I am on a constant sometimes desperate quest to find safety and freedom. I will not find either while Obama the Torturer is in office, unless he ends the bubble designed to torture and enslave me.

What do my actual real=life decisions look like? None of them are dangerous. The closest thing I do to living on the edge is getting whole milk in my coffee.

I have made an actual real-life decision to settle down with a man who loves and adores me and who treats me like a princess and an angel. I want to cozy up in a big house with him and make babies and hire bodyguards to keep us all safe.

I have decided to be a peaceful influence on the world. I have decided to inspire people everywhere to stand up and fight for their freedom and safety. I have decided to instruct people to do so peacefully. I have decided to help humanitarian aid reach the needy. I have decided to fight oppression everywhere intelligently, effectively, and peacefully. I have decided to be an intelligent and trustworthy world influence.

My decision making process is completely intelligent and trustworthy. I consider all claims to the contrary to be defamation. Expect justice.

Sweetness, with every triumph we get closer. We need America to stand up for itself and burst the bubble. If we organize and if everyone does it at once, this will again be the land of the free. No one has freedom of speech right now. No one has the freedom of the press. No one has the right to assemble and associate with me. They call America the land of the free and the brave. Well, at least right now we are brave. Try, try again.

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