Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arts Education

I dabbled in grad school at two different private universities, but the only places I have graduated from are a state school in Texas and a public high school. This makes me beg the question...

How was your arts education?









Do you know the significance of each? Could you carry on an intelligent conversation about any of them? Is there a reason to go through the grueling daily grind of everyday life if we cannot appreciate the richness of what makes us human?

The Second Question: Can you identify American culture?

It is everywhere. Though it is still a little young; it is rich and full of life.

Europeans are always complaining that "America has no culture" at the same time as they complain about "American cultural exports." From rock music and Negro spirituals to Twyla Tharp and "Star Wars" to Grant Wood and William Faulkner, American culture is a thriving, beautiful creature. I might just be a part of it, my beautiful world. So might you...

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter last night. You should receive it Tuesday. I really cheered up in LA. Can you tell? I am not spending all of my blog time verbally shooting our incompetent national and worthless leader anymore. What a wonderful City of Angels! I have been trying so hard to be positive lately; now I actually can! I love you. I am sorry if a letter of mine scared you. Just read the next one. Kisses!

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