Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am not a vengeful woman. I do not want revenge on anyone. I want justice.

The corrupt powers that be fear justice coming after them. That is why I am in a bubble. They will spread any lie they can and corrupt any official they can get their hands on to keep me persecuted.

I know there are stories about how I have psychic and super-human powers. Believe them if they come from my Sweetness. I suppose you can believe them, too, if they come from Cuddlebunny. Those two know things about me. Sweetness is the leading man in my life whom I love and adore, and over two years ago, Cuddlebunny was the last man I slept with... voluntarily.

I know Cuddlebunny is a controversial topic. He started out as such a monster, and I saved him. I actually had to save him from the corrupt forces that be a few times. They tried to turn him against me later, but there is no real way to fight the sheer force of love.

So many lies are spread about me. Be careful of the sources of stories. As examples, in 2009 they once made a fake sex tape of me and Mr. Viggo Mortensen. They also made so many fake images of me while I was in the UK. I am not a contortionist. I am not a clown. I am not any of those lies. I am slandered. I am defamed. And I am libeled.

BBC 3 might also try to say I have psychic powers. I know why.

If it were not already thoroughly established that I am only capable of being benevolent, I would fight these stories from coming out. Yes, we all know I am only benevolent. I am only capable of good in this world.

Why am I in a bubble then? Good question. I was put here by the type of people who fear the completely benevolent. I was put here by people who do not want good in the world. And they will spread any lie they can and corrupt any official they can get their hands on to keep me persecuted.

What I want most is my husband. Do not get me wrong. I also want all of our Constitutional rights returned to all of America. I want world peace. I want a lot of things. But what I want most is my husband to be happy. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND!!!

Obama, you bratty and lying child, you know you are guilty, and you know you are caught. That is why you are getting so desperate. Gay America knows you refuse to support the right to marry because it means Sweetness and I would have the right to marry. You let your unfounded vendetta against me affect all of your politics, and without support from me, you only have support from the corrupt forces that are ruining this world. The whole world is a witness to both your crimes against me and the fact I do your job as the Leader of the Free World better than you do. Save yourself and make me happy.

Sweetness, I have a feeling they will stop at nothing to take you away from me. On the upside, it means that we together as a devoted and loving couple are doing good and effective work to end the oppression of America, to demolish the bubble of slavery and persecution, and to create a more stable and loving world. I love and adore you. I am a little worried that you are not getting my mail anymore, though. You should have received a letter last week Wednesday and box of cookies today. I promised to start you a letter on Tuesday, but you have been keeping me distracted lately. I will start it tonight. Thank you for everything you do for me. This fight is not an easy one. Do not let them mess with your head.

P.S. My beautiful world, because of the greatly increased need since 2008, food pantries in the States are now running dangerously low. Please, if you are in a financial place where you can help, donate to food pantries across the country. Please.

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