Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Launch the Ships.

They have been jerking my beloved around again. They are trying to distract him away from taking apart the bubble officially, so we can finally be together.

My beautiful world, launch the metaphorical ships. Call out the troops. You know the plan. But feel free to do anything else you believe will be helpful.

To quote my last post... My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again.
2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights.
3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.

I heard about the statute of limitations problem. I had no idea that applied to medical malpractice or human rights violations. Is "intent to torture" also a crime? All of that considered, we ought to get as many doctors as possible now before they all slip away.

Helen Reynolds in Liverpool is a torturer. With absolutely no medical justification, she gave me injections that felt like death crawling through my veins. Then again, she was probably trying to make me go mad. Dennert at Mercy Franklin in Des Moines is a quack. He medicated me while I still had no symptoms and tried to mandate that I be tortured again with injections. He refused to admit to reality, and claimed that things like drugged water and the bubble were all just symptoms. Dr. Ramos at Mercy in Mason City, Iowa only gave me a false diagnosis based on false test results because he was taking directions from somebody he feared. Find out who told him to break the law, and you will catch the bigger fish. Ocampo at Broadlawns is guilty of everything Dennert was guilty of, including keeping me in a hospital against my will for no medical reason. Go easy on Dr. Green at Broadlawns. She is actually trying to stay law-abiding despite being commanded by people she fears to keep me heavily medicated for no medical reason. Ask them all what my symptoms are.

As frosting on the cake, investigate all of my fellow patients at the facility at the University of Minnesota Medical Center- Fairview. They were all actors and psychologists pretending to have mental illnesses. There were people involved with the local police in that facility acting like patients and staff, too. I did identify one other real patient, and she kept screaming at the staff "Why are you pretending you have jobs to do? You are all doing nothing! What is this?" She was the African one.

Speaking of Africa, I saw Joe Biden at the Nigerian Embassy in Mexico City. He was there the same day I was there. He had a bad French accent and was pretending to be a French diplomat. Yes, while I was in Mexico City (Did you ever hear everything that happened down there? Poisoned bottles of water? Beaten in my sleep? Cameras in my hotel rooms? Drugs injected into my body? A population with chips in their ears?... It sounds a lot like the UK, huh? Did you hear any of it?) the vice president was down there running a muck. Yes, he is in on it, too.

Sweetness, I am going to mail you your "December gift-giving tradition (I am an atheist.)" gift tomorrow. It should make it to Los Angeles Friday. No, my darling, it is not all in your head. I really do truly, sincerely, and passionately love you. Considering how we communicate and the fact we are forbidden by an evil and tyrannical regime to be together, it is perfectly normal to have occasional doubts. Do you remember when I had mine? You fixed it thoroughly and quickly. I love you madly. It is the only mad thing about me. I would move a mountain range to be with you. You would move heaven and earth to be with me. No one messes with this kind of love without expecting disaster for themselves. This love will prevail.

P.S. My beautiful world, did you see the news? We need effective world leadership on the topic of Global Climate Change, and we need it now. P.P.S. Americans know that the bubble is immoral, unconstitutional, inhumane, cruel, and wrong, but they obey it because they fear the government. Sound familiar?

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