Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

I am not the best person in the world with the written word, so if there is anything I can say to convince you to run for the Democratic nomination for president for 2012, I will say it.

This is bigger than your party needing you. This is bigger than women needing your leadership and example. This is even bigger than your nation needing you to offer logically consistent, strong, diplomatic, and intelligent solutions to dire foreign and domestic problems. The President of the United States of America is still supposed to be the leader of the free world. Mrs. Clinton, the world needs you.

Just say you want to run, and bubble or no bubble, I will throw down no holds barred to get you elected.

Just think of all the good you could do in this world. Please consider this. The world needs you.

Thank you for all of your time and attention,
Squid B. Varilekova a.k.a. Tanya H. A. Varilek

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