Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dissent is American.

Good afternoon, my beautiful world. My, you have been busy lately. Just how much can we accomplish by my birthday? I will be thirty-four on Wednesday.

Egypt, please remember to represent all of your people fairly and equally with your new government. Democracy is often a greater challenge than it needs to be. Remember to love your neighbor and defend your neighbor just as you love and defend yourself. You need to take care of each other if you want your new government to flourish and survive after it is born.

As for you, my protesting Americans, never let them take your voice away. Dissent is American. And there is no growth unless we challenge the status quo. Rage, my beautiful world, rage.

Sweetness, I sent you a letter today. It should reach you this week Thursday or Friday because of the holiday on Monday. I have no idea if you received my last two, but there is absolutely no reason why you should not receive this one. Also, it is okay to celebrate my birthday a few days late this year if we have to. I understand.

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