Thursday, October 20, 2011

Count With Me

My beautiful world, count with me on your fingers. Point to your left hand.

We begin with the Pinkie. This is for Oct. 21st. Go to the ocean on this day and ask for the answers to her deepest secrets. She will indulge.

Next is the Ring Finger. This is for Oct. 22nd. Count the clouds that pass you by on this day. Count them all day long. This number will be magic.

The Middle Finger is for Oct. 23rd. If you get angry on this day, use your energy to create good in the world. It takes more strength to be gentle. This is how we should fight. We should fight from love.

Oct. 24th is on the Pointer Finger. Bring flowers and plants into your home on this day. Let orchids lead you on your way.

The final day is the Thumb. We point to the Thumb for Oct. 25th. On this day, look to the sky. Look past the blue and into the cosmos. Will justice, goodness, and light into the universe. Use your will to set right what is wrong.

Let the countdown begin.

Sweetness, I have nothing but love, respect, and the letter I am putting in the mail today.

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