Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Care Bear Stare

Yesterday, I learned that there are peaceful protesters in Des Moines, now. Occupy Iowa is in full swing. I had no idea that the people here had already organized. I think I might stop by and see what they are up to. Yey! Power to the people!

Today I learned that the line breaks I enter manually into the text of this blog do not appear on all computers as they should. I will try to fix that. I have been using XHTML style instead of HTML, so I am pretty sure I know how to fix it.

The US government is at it again with spreading around hatred. I do not understand how further alienating Iran will do anything but fuel the fire of distrust and potential violence between that particular nation and the Western World.

I am not suggesting group hugs and the "Care Bear Stare" to solve the problems that already exist, but we should do something other than make the problems worse. Iran does not need us. Never forget that. It is because of the heavy sanctions already against them that Iran is so defiant and independent.

Occupy Wall Street, please do not forget that there are some perfectly good millionaires out there supporting you. Even Warren Buffet, a billionaire, says that the super-rich do not pay enough taxes in the US.

Please make sure you focus your energy on reforming the greedy not on drawing a line in the income sand. Do not make this a protest that vents jealousy. Make this a protest that brings progress and reform. There are so many of you. Think of all of the problems you could fix.

Sweetness, why am I feeling all anxious with my body all tingly today? Is there good news I have not received, yet? Tomorrow is my birthday. Promise me you will go out and celebrate for me.

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