Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Cannot Fly without Wind in our Face.

It is under the greatest of pressures that the most brilliant stars are born. Remember that the next time you see someone or something spectacular. We cannot fly without wind in our face.

Libya, stick to your plans. Hold elections. Draft a constitution. Build a government. Please make sure you represent all people in your nation fairly and equally. This is only a reason to celebrate if you do not descend into chaos and infighting. You are a good people. I have faith you will see yourselves become a thriving democracy.

Near the same region, it seems we are getting out of Iraq finally. That was a war we never should have instigated to begin with. We can be such warmongers.

But there is something we got right in Iraq. We captured Saddam Hussein and put him on trial. We did not lawlessly kill him.

Obama the Sociopath says getting out of Iraq will allow us to focus on the economy. If he would rather focus on the economy, why is he sending troops to Uganda? Is that man capable of uttering a sentence without lying?

Sweetness, are you counting the clouds today? The ones here are all fuzzy around the edges. It is hard to tell where they end and the sky begins. I'm having a lazy Saturday prone to daydreaming about you... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no wonder I call you "Sweetness."

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