Monday, October 31, 2011


I flew back to Iowa from LA yesterday, but the misery of my living situation has not dragged me into depression, yet. I think the clean-ocean-air reset is still working.

I spent last night at the Lift watching the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" with one of the best bartenders in town. That guy who plays the boyfriend, he is going to do great things someday. Just you wait and see. Hee-hee. The movie made me giggle all of the way through.

My time in Los Angeles was wonderful. I had amazing family time with my mom and sister. There were actually friends there I could hang out with. I was disappointed that the bubble did not burst, but the people were fabulous. I was able to see the Occupation. I had time on the beach, and I watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. The museums were spectacular. And the food was delicious.

I even had a night in an emergency room because my hands, feet, arms, legs, all of me had swelled up. It turns out i have a thyroid condition. That explains so much, like my epic weight gain.

Now, I have another pill to take, but at least it is a pill that treats something.

I take Risperidone and Depacote for no reason. I am the same with them and without them; except, I am physically healthier without them. The Zoloft actually helps. This experience has been miserable, and an anti-depressant makes it more tolerable.

Believe it or not, the bubble was completely tolerable in Southern California. I finally remembered what happy feels like. My mind was clear, and my heart was light. I had a reason to laugh more than once every day. There were things to do other than writing anti-Obama rhetoric, stewing in boredom and misery, or going out drinking. That is all I have here in Iowa.

Let us all hope Iowa and my diabolical father do not get me down again.

Speaking of which, what is so different about the assassinations of bin Laden and Gadhaffi? They were both killed without being put on trial first. The Obama administration and global community have no grounds to criticize the actions of the Libyan rebels if they do not criticize President Incompetent's orders, too.

Sweetness, I have said it so many times. I will wait for you.

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