Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Goes Around...

My mom spent four hours cooking bacon today. I think she did it just to be outside in the beautiful fall weather. Do not worry, she freezes it and eats it slowly. As much as she likes bacon, she hates having the smell in the house.

I had a pretty good night last night. I made it out of the house to the Gaslamp where I caught a great blues band. The crowds are so young in bars in Des Moines. They go out to party around here. I am used to people going out just for the sake of being out.

So, the US government treated Pakistan with very little respect for a prolonged period of time, and now the US government is whining that we no longer have a strong relationship with Pakistan? That is like Obama the Brat treating me like a prostitute and then complaining I will not support him for reelection. Are we sensing a pattern here?

Obama the Oppressor has no regard for other people, other nations, or even the people in his own country. He just does what he wants then throws a tantrum when people do not like him for it. Accountability. I doubt he even knows how to pronounce the word.

What goes around comes around. Try creating good in the world, and then see how people treat you. Create peace and stability, and the world will be peaceful and stable. This does not take a mathematician to explain.

Sweetness, I have a surprise for you. My mom got me a glorious birthday gift. I will let you know when I mail you my next letter. You will like it, trust me.

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