Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Power to the People

Oh, all you protesters in New York, you are fed up and standing up. You seem to have largely idealogical goals right now. Make sure you set concrete steps to achieving your goals. You are large enough to tell people what your demands are. Make sure you have concrete demands.

It is one thing demand that they "Clean up Wall Street," but what is doable is demanding that certain people resign. Please make sure your demands are concrete, so you can actually do good in this world. There are so many of you. I am so proud.

I spent part of Sunday night at the Lift watching movies and partaking in tasty alcoholic beverages. At one point while sipping on something tasty and chock full of rum, I found myself explaining the existence of non-Euclidean geometries and the importance of the parallel postulate to a twenty-two year old as "From Dusk Till Dawn" played on one of the walls. I had a phenomenal weekend.

I hear many people expressing that they want to have both me and President Incompetent around. Well, it was President Incompetent who decided no one is allowed to have me. I live in a bubble where I am allowed to do nothing for this world because of him. If you want to someday have both of us, you need to kick Obama the Terrorist into line and make him clean up his human rights violations against me. Then, after he has mended his horrible ways, you will be able to have us both. I need to be released from this bubble first.

Sweetness, I saw the tasty posters for "The Rum Diary." I am very excited to see it. I also sent you a second letter last night. So, you should expect two letters this week. The first one should be there tomorrow. Yey!

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