Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Last night, we lost one of the greatest minds of technology and invention. He was right up there with Archimedes and Edison. He truly took an innovative bite out of the world.

Steve, the world is a better and more accessible place just because you graced us with your presence; we will miss you. Thank you for everything you gave us.

On a completely unrelated note, I am hoping that Occupy Wall Street calls out Obama the Sociopath for being a puppet of Wall Street. Dr. Cornel West has had a lot to say about our current president and all of the ways he has sold out. It is an interesting topic to google.

Oh, all you protesters, I am so proud of you. Do not forget to make concrete demands. Tell them how to make the changes you want.

Oddly, I had a dream about sock puppets last night. It was probably some sort of internalized political satire.

Sweetness, did you get any of my mail for this week, yet? I love you so madly... It is the only mad thing left about me. I cannot wait to sing sweet songs with you and dance to your music.

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