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Here is my latest blog post. I am trying to concentrate more on doing my job in the world while allowing the people who love me to fight the good fight for me. When I help people, I cheer up.

Syria. Mr. Lakhbar Brahimi, we need to identify everything keeping al Assad in power. All I have been able to identify is support from Russia, China, and Iran and his tyrannical use of his armed forces. The Syrian people are fighting his armed forces, and I know it is my job to sit down with the foreign leaders who support him.

Mr. Brahimi, I have no idea when I am going to get enough human rights to do work towards ending this crisis in Syria. I do not even have enough human rights to buy myself a new pair of shoes. Please speak with the presidents of Russia, China, and Iran on my behalf, too, not just on behalf of the UN.

The removal of al Assad from power is inevitable. It is only a question of how many Syrians will die before their revolution is complete. Presidents cannot rule a population that hates them, and the net world sentiment is against him.

Please remind the presidents of Russia, China, and Iran that moves have already been made to create the opposition government that will replace al Assad. Ask them if they would like a hand in choosing the replacement leadership. Yes, the Syrians need free elections, but ask Presidents Putin, Xi, and Ahmadinejad if they want to help influence, support, and choose the new leader in return for their no longer supporting al Assad.

I understand that al Assad is an ally of theirs and that they must have a personal attachment to him to still support him after all of his slaughtering and unrest, but their people and nations will be better served if peace, stability, and prosperity is created in the region instead of strife and death.

Please ask them if they would like to help build a new government to replace al Assad that will not massacre its own people and that will similarly be able to be a good ally of Russia, China, and Iran before that window passes them by. We will do this with or without Russia, China, and Iran helping us. But please give them a chance to speed things up, so fewer people have to die first.

Thank you, Mr. Brahimi for understanding that I have great concern for the people of Syria, especially their children. Thank you for understanding I have no one to ask to do this for me but you. And thank you for expressing to Presidents Putin, Xi, and Ahmadinejad my great, deep desire to speak with them myself, but I cannot make it yet and may not make it for months to come.

I am trying to end the death and suffering in Syria by speeding up the inevitable outcome. I do not expect the entire world to agree with me, what I want, or what I do. But it is worth talking about, and I am doing everything I can to be able to talk with these world leaders myself about this. I just cannot make it. Thank you, Mr. Brahimi for doing this for me. It means so much to me.

Egypt. President Morsi insists that his decree allowing himself to assume unprecedented powers is only temporary.

Please, President Morsi, to return peace to Egypt as soon as possible give up your expanded powers as soon as possible. Also, for the peace of mind of the rest of the world, codify when you will give up your sweeping powers.

Will it be in one month? In two months? When an acceptable constitution is ratified? You will not have peace in Egypt until your powers are lawfully limited again. You need to listen to your people.

Obama. It must be so luxurious living in a metropolitan area that has independent book stores... Not to mention how luxurious it must be to be able to buy fifteen books at once. Click here to see Obama at the bookstore.

The Des Moines area has only one independent bookstore that I know of, Obama, and the last time I was there, she did not even have a copy of the Iliad. You would find the epic very educational right about now.

I was a regular visitor to City Lights Books in my home neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco when I still had enough human rights to live in my own home town. Des Moines is alien and cruel to me.

No one speaks to me here. No one is warm or welcoming but one chocolate shop on Ingersoll. San Francisco is familiar, comforts me, and never tortured me; no wonder you forbid me from living at home, Obama.

It must be so luxurious for you, Obama,... getting paid for torturing and enslaving me.

My beautiful America, the numbers are in. Obama has spent BILLIONS of dollars since 2009 persecuting me and oppressing all of America. That is where your taxpayer dollars are going in Washington. Your taxes go to raping me, torturing me, enslaving me, libeling me to get away with it all, and waging a war against my rescuers to be able to do it as long as possible.

Obama is spending your taxpayer dollars feeding lies into your heads through speakers he controls and taking away your freedom of speech to make sure you can never do anything to fix this mess. Does your lack of freedom of speech make you safer or just incapable of reporting crimes against us all to the masses?

We are facing a fiscal cliff because of years of spending like this. Tell your Congresspeople to cut Obama's funding for these crimes against all of us. Click here to contact your Congresspeople. Demand these crimes and financial support for these crimes end.

My compassionate podcasters, can you create a podcast/broadcast of the breakdown of how Obama has spent the taxpayers' billions persecuting me? I believe it would be very educational for everyone. Please make sure everyone in the US and abroad gets to see it. Take it to the local and international news media as well as the internet. Include instructions and links for people to be able to contact their Congresspeople. Thank you.

My beautiful world, as always, make some noise. We need as much pressure as possible on the US government if we want them to ever address the heinous crimes they commit against all of us. Making noise also creates awareness. I have faith the majority of people will do the right thing if they just finally know there is a problem. Make noise, my beautiful world, and do not stop until I am a human in the eyes of the US government again.

My brave rescuers, I worry sometimes about you fighting each other instead of fighting the bad guys. I know you are all very diverse, but that just makes you a symbol to the world. Please make a show of what love of me can accomplish. Prove we can unify the world. I need you all to work together if we want this rescue to work. I need you.

SynSyn, the constant onslaught of libel, lies, and twisted realities I endure and have endured since 2009 establish a pattern. These lies are used to enable all other crimes against me. They are also part of the coverup.

Press all charges that stick against the libelers and those that twist the reality I live in from persecution for unrelentingly making me suffer due to their lies making the public hate me to conspiracy for enabling other crimes such as rape (by calling me a hooker), torture (by calling me crazy), persecution (by calling me a murderer), slavery (by claiming there would be a nuclear attack against America if the spy equipment were acknowledged and removed), attempts to break me (by spreading lies that could break up me and my husband), attempts on my life (by claiming my life is not actually in danger), etc. to, obviously, libel and everything else you can think of.

My BFF, make it very expensive to lie about me by twisting up the reality of my life. Go through the list you keep of every lie they spread about me and show that it proves a pattern of intentional harm and damage. It does nothing but hurt me, and the public deserves the truth and nothing less. Put them away for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

Sweetness, at night, I hug a pillow. In the mornings, I wake up alone. All day I wish you were beside me. Existing without you is miserable. But still, just knowing you love me is the only reason I can hold on. I live to be with you. I have nothing else in here.

P.S. I borrowed and paraphrased a line from my friend Mr. Michael Perry to write a couple of paragraphs this afternoon. His Facebook status was my writing prompt for the day. The Legend of Thorbald can be found on my Facebook wall. Click here to read it.

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