Saturday, November 24, 2012

It Got Worse.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start, as is understandable, in Egypt, and we end with a classic of literature.

Egypt. You need a constitution as soon as possible, and you need to stand by your constitution. Make sure you have a system in place to replace your president if he (or someday she) does not accept the constitution's definition of and limitations on the president's power at all times.

As happy as I am that President Morsi brokered peace between Israel and Hamas, he needs to limit his powers to those defined for his office by the new Egyptian constitution.

Egypt, you need to put your parliament back together. You need to support the powers of your courts. And all of you in your full diversity need to have a voice in the construction of your new constitution if you want it to be representative of the what all Egyptian people want from their government and if you want it to ideally be long lasting.

UNHCR. The world has a number of crises right now that have displaced numerous populations. Turkey alone is carrying the burden of caring for over 120,000 refugees. Please help, my beautiful world.

Many of these refugees, those from Mali, Sudan, and the DR of Congo in particular, are seeking refuge in neighboring nations who were poor to begin with. Please click here and do everything you can to help. We can care for the world, my beautiful world; people just need to know where the problems are.

Scotland. Soon, Scotland will be voting as to whether or not it wants to split from the rest of the United Kingdom. I know that there are a number of Scotsmen who love and adore me passionately even beyond Mr. Andy Murry and Mr. David Tennant.

I just want to make sure their decision is not based on how I was treated by England and the British government in 2010. I want to make sure they all understand to what extreme level Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen of England have thrown down to rescue me. The British government is very much one of my heroes now.

Please make sure, Scotland, you do not harbor bad feelings towards the British government over me. The UK and I have made up, and I would not be as safe in here as I am without them.

As for my life at the hands of the US government, there has been absolutely no improvement to my quality of life. It is not that the US government has given me too little too late; it is that they have still given me nothing.

My father still controls what finances I am allowed, and no, I am sill not allowed the vast majority of my finances. I will be tortured on Thursday. The rules are still enforced. I still live under constant threat of being institutionalized.

I still have the enslaving spy equipment in my head instead of bodyguards to keep me safe. I do not have my husband. I still have to sleep at night with a webcam watching me to deter attackers in the night. My life is horrifying and miserable. They have given me nothing.

I still have no rights but my freedom of speech, but already the conspirators who hate me are out for revenge. The first news I received Friday was that the haters have vowed revenge, that there have been new attempts on my life, and that I am in grave, immediate danger-- more danger than I have ever been in before. Things are getting worse in here.

I need safety. I need a rescue. I need human rights. I need this situation to change for the better. And I need it to change immediately. Please help me.

My rescuers have been trying to reach me since April. They will not give up until I am safe and have human rights, but what if they can never reach me? We need to try something new and more effective.

Please, my beautiful world, take the head off the snake; put Obama/Biden in prison. Indicting the president and vice president for their crimes against their own people, which include me, and putting them in a prison for international criminals will leave Speaker of the House John Boehner as president.

That means regime change. That means I will get human rights for the first time since 2009. That means the Soviet-Russia-level oppression of all of America will end. That means I will be safe.

We could avoid a land war if you take the head off the snake. But, my beautiful world, you need to act before the torture and persecution destroys me, and you need to act before they can assassinate me.

Obama is giving us no choice. That is how dangerous things are for me in here, and it is only getting worse. You can put Obama/Biden in prison. You can invade America to rescue me. You can do anything you want to help. Please, my beautiful world, just make sure you save me. You have my permission to do absolutely anything that will rescue me.

Speak with John Boehner about what he would do for America if he were made president. Please make sure he would create a better, safer world. Make sure he would end the oppression of all of America. Make sure he will set me free.

In 2009, Obama addressed the American public when it became known for the first time that I had been recently raped and told America I was raped because I was a hooker. Libeling me has been a major part of his coverup from the start. I have been Obama's victim for so long; I am still his victim now.

Obama's crimes against me started in 2009 with his Code of Silence, his enslaving me, his raping me, and his libeling me to get away with it all. Then, that December, he wrote the Health Care Reform Bill, and his mandate was passed. My life has only gotten worse since. Now, things are more dangerous for me than ever before.

Now, there are new threats on my head. The people who hate me are taking measures to exact revenge. And I am still forbidden from having bodyguards or my husband to keep me safe. Things keep getting worse.

I need safety. I need human rights. I need a rescue. I need this situation to change for the better, but it keeps getting worse. I need you to save me, my beautiful world. Please save me.

My beautiful world, make some noise. I have faith in humanity. I have faith the vast majority of people will do the right thing if they just know there is a heinous problem.

Please, my beautiful world, make some noise. Create awareness. Spread the truth. So much of this battle is won if we can just get the truth to the masses despite the enforced silence over the media. Make the government feel the pressure.

Mr. James Carville, thank you for everything you do for me. My rescuers are having problems carrying me to Canada, but just because we have problems getting me to my human rights does not mean we cannot get the rest of America to yours. It just takes organization, effort, and love.

SynSyn, press charges for libel. Press charges for persecution. Press charges against everyone from Obama and the federal government to my father and the local government. Tear this bubble open and get me out. You are such a brave warrior woman in the courtroom. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Remind the haters and libelers that it is not libel to claim you and I kissed on camera. But it is libel to claim you have ever harmed me or my reputation. Kick those haters into place for me.

Darling, they intentionally distort the reality I live in to cause me as much harm as possible, and they will stop at nothing with their lies to break us up. Never let them take you away from me. Kick those haters into place for me.

P.S. Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested..."And why am I under arrest?" he then asked. "That's something we're not allowed to tell you."....

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