Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is no Irrational Theme of the Day today.

You know, sometimes when I leave my house, I find that there is some sort of irrational theme of behavior for the day. I used to wonder why they would not notify me for inclusion in their daily themes, but then again, I do anything I damn well please anyway.

There was the day when everybody was complaining I was not dying my hair blond and conforming. Well, that was more than one day, and honestly, I would look horrid as a blond. I am always open to good suggestions, but that was contrary to my Just-be-your-natural-and-beautiful-self-ALREADY! way of life. (Oo! Oo! That was an appropriate place for me to use the imperative tense without it being a verb!)

There was the day people kept trying to run me over with their cars. There was the day people in black peacoats kept looking at me like they knew who I was while refusing to talk to me. There was the day mothers kept scolding their sons in front of me; maybe their sons had actually misbehaved before I had noticed. There was the day people kept making fun of people with real mental illnesses.

There tends to be a theme everyday. I have not yet found the one for today. Maybe the Irrational Theme of the Day phase for the podpeople has ended. Honestly, it really does look like people are actually being themselves and trying to think independent thoughts again our here outside my house. It really is quite refreshing. Somehow, though, people keep treating me as if they know who I am while pretending they don't really recognize me while also insisting I am somebody I a really am not still persists. I wonder when they will break free of going along with that part of their Pod of Stupidity mental programming just because "everybody else is doing it."

Yes, yes, I know that we look at the universe on occassion while staring up at the starry sky (Okay, I do.) and wonder about its vasteness before sitting down with our crayons to pretend we know the actual colors of extinct dinosours and the swirling notions hinted at in Hubble telescope photos. Sometimes, moments like those make us all think that humanity is a strange and weak creature when faced with events like the natural geologic cycles of the Earth that sometimes happen to align (Or, do they not?... Nobody ever tells me anything.) with cosmic cycles like non-concentric rings within rings. I have found, though, that humanity is a reslient and concrete aggregate of individual resilience. It is pretty damn hard to stop a flood, and I have never recommended getting in the way of the weather doing what she wants. But we can bring humanity through it safely. I have said that many times. We just have to bother to care.

Oh! Look! I am verging on the land of esoteric questions that I have wanted to have the opportunity to think about for quite a while now! Huh,... look at that!

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