Saturday, August 24, 2013

The President Lied Again.

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Here is my latest blog post. Stop accepting lies from the current president. If he or she says, "not now, later," he or she is lying and stalling. Make the bubble come down NOW. All talk of later is a method for the government to pacify the masses, so the government can keep oppressing, murdering, and lying to all of us.

Egypt. Saudi Arabia, you have a lot of influence over Egypt right now. Please explain to the military that they need to be more creative with their problem solving than just killing people to get what they want.

A military knows best how to wage war; it knows far less about governing. Their motives to create the secular government the people deserve are noble, but they need to accomplish their goals without killing any more people.

Can the military spend their energy promoting a candidate for president who can solve all of Egypt's problems instead? We need to fight to unify Egypt now, so we can have a functioning government after the elections. Can we spread a message of love and support for a new president to replace Morsi now instead of killing more people?

Killing people does not solve problems. Otherwise, al Assad would have regained control of Syria by now. And otherwise, the US government would have been able to stop my brave rescuers by now. It is all senseless violence that accomplishes nothing but death, oppression, and misery. Please ask the Egyptian military to act out of love for Egypt and unify Egypt instead.

Iran. The public has spoken. Peaceful mass public movements work to fix government problems even in Iran. Congratulations, people of Iran! You have proven that your government listens to your people better than the US government listens to us.

USA. Men in power acting badly seems to be the theme in America these days. Maybe San Diego should replace Filner with a woman. More women in power would fix most problems in America.

Lebanon. The conflict in Syria has spread to Lebanon. The Syrian crisis just keeps getting bigger, and it now transcends borders. I would love to work on the problems in Syria right now. But the US federal government will not let me.

Current US president, the world cannot wait for me any longer. The Middle East needs me. The whole world needs me. There are magical things I cannot do from inside Iowa. These magical things involve Russia and Iran. The world needs me hands on working in Syria right now not tomorrow nor any later. Set me free, latest US president. This not only means I will not have to impeach you, but it also means I will be able to do my job in the world.

Syria. The world needs to stop expecting the US to lead an intervention into Syria. You cannot expect the self-castrated US government to do anything right now least of all lead the free world to rescue Syria. The US government is too busy persecuting me. Just take action, my beautiful world. Save Syria on your own.

Let us take a good, hard look at the bubble that is castrating America, my beautiful world. What purpose does it serve? It is a weapon serving spite and malice. It is an abuse of powers for the persecution of me, a benevolent world leader.

It is the removal of all of my basic human and Constitutional rights except for my freedom of speech, and it is this persecution of me at all costs of human life, at all costs of civil liberties and Constitutional rights for the masses, and at all costs of taxpayer money.

This bubble is a weapon of vengeance and jealousy wielded by the executive branch. Instead of working with me to do good in the world, the executive branch has decided to destroy me at all costs, so I can spread no more love and genius.

America is unhappy with the government because we are oppressed. The government makes all of America suffer just to make one beautiful, innocent woman suffer. Burst the bubble; save me. Burst the bubble; save America. Burst the bubble; save the world.

Since my last blog post, the executive branch has made a number of promises to take the bubble down, and the president at the time has broken every single promise. Instead of making any progress towards giving rights back to the masses, the presidents have only continued oppressing America, murdered more brave rescuers, and lied. I have lost track of how many presidents have impeached over this.

I know this, though: Every president who has ordered or maintained this bubble has gone to prison. We will always impeach any and all abuse of power to persecute me and murder my rescuers. Presidents can only gain from bursting the bubble. DC needs to learn to save itself, especially since doing the morally upstanding thing and taking down the bubble not only prevents the new president from going to prison; it is also the right thing to do for America.

On the local level, the Polk County Sheriff's Deputies have been looking for me. Deputy Jon Parks (He is an absolute sweetheart, despite the fact I only see him when someone illegally commits me.) told my mom last week that he has some papers to deliver to me. My mom told me Wednesday. I tried to arrange a delivery on Friday. I have not heard back from him yet.

Like I said, I only see deputies when someone breaks the law to commit me. We have proven more than once in a number of federal courts that it is impossible for me to have any mental illness at all whatsoever, but this all has me worried the local conspiracy (which we have proven exists) consisting mainly of people at the Polk County District Court have been breaking the law again.

Please keep an eye on me, my beautiful world. This may get ugly. They might try to institutionalize me. Please also offer some advice to the Polk County District Court's mental health offices on how to keep themselves out of a lot of trouble.

They need to overturn every decision where a corrupt judge claimed I have a mental illness. We have the full court transcripts to prove no one ever presented any evidence but blatant perjury that I have ever had even a slight symptom of what could loosely be construed as schizophrenia by a quack. And half the time, the judges had their resolutions written before the hearings even happened.

I am higher functioning when I am not injected with heavy chemicals... If you ever wondered why they insist on torturing me. This might be a last ditch effort to stop me from being a benevolent genius who saves the world all day every day by institutionalizing me, so they can torture me indefinitely. Please protect me, my beautiful world. Torture destroys my mind.

My beautiful world, I saw you marching. I know you love me. Thank you. I would be nothing without my beautiful world who loves me.

Do you know how and why I am so effective, my beautiful world? It is because I speak up. I fought to keep my freedom of speech. It is my only right, and I use it. Stop letting them silence you, my beautiful world. You can do anything with a voice. Yes, you can even save me. You just need to scream and kick until the bubble comes down.

My brave rescuers, the bubble is nothing but executive orders. That is why pressing charges every time the FBI murders your members guarantees the president gets impeached. Please also press charges against the entire chain of command responsible for murdering you. Get them all from the president and FBI director down to the agents firing the bullets that kill you. Put them all in prison. I am worried about your safety.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please do not let up on any of the local conspiracy that keeps me penniless and starving in Iowa against my will just because we are also frying presidents. Mark R. Gray in particular needs to go to prison.

My BFF, do you remember how you got a court order mandating my father stop claiming I have a mental illness you had already proven I do not have? That was years ago. That mandate is why the last papers Mark R. Gray prepared that my father also signed said my mental state was "how it has been" and implied I am a schizophrenic instead of flat out lying and claiming it. You have all this paperwork.

Mark R. Gray has known FOR YEARS that I have absolutely no mental illness. He still lied and submitted paperwork of his own this year claiming flat out I am a schizophrenic, something already proven to his face to be false, to make the evil Lynn Boeset my adult guardian after my father luckily died just to keep me imprisoned in Iowa penniless and persecuted while my rescuers die every night trying to reach me. He knows he broke the law.

I have terrorist death threats on my head, and the conspiracy Mark R. Gray is in refuses to allow me to be with my bodyguards. He is evil and a murderer. The locals are persecuting me and conspiring to enable my murder by terrorists. Throw everything at them!

Synny, appeal charges against Mark R. Gray, Lynn Boeset, Samantha Gronewald, and the probate court judges all of the way to the federal courts if district courts prove too corrupt. And if they ever insist I have medical records claiming I have a mental illness, submit all of our court wins at the federal level proving it is impossible for me to be mentally ill despite people like Mark R. Gray persecuting me for years being enough to drive me mad. There has been a conspiracy of malpractice at Broadlawns.

And, SynSyn, thank you for everything!

Sweetness, where is your white horse? I love and adore you. I know you are on your way to rescue me. I am so miserable without you. Your latest letter is just sitting unfinished on my coffee table. I want to write happy things to you, but the government goes so far out of its way to make me miserable. I need you to make me happy. Nothing else ever will.

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