Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am No Object.

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Here is my latest blog post. This blog post should get a lot of helpful things rolling.

Egypt. I said it once, and I will say it again. You need to find a potential president who can unite your torn nation. You need fewer reasons to protest and more working together to fix your economy. Democracy works. You just need a government that will care for all of your diversity. Please find a leader your entire nation can love and support.

Syria. I pray this investigation leads to the good world intervening in Syria. Sometimes justice takes time, and sometimes it takes too much time.

Please do your good work thoroughly and efficiently, United Nations. The entire world, not just the parts of the world around Syria, want peace and prosperity in the region. The people need help building an oppression free existence for themselves there. I wish I could do more.

Portugal. Please remember, Europe, that austerity stunts economies. It does not help them grow. Portugal is going to have to get creative with its policies to draw business in. The best way to stop brain drain is to keep a happy, prosperous homeland.

DRC. This sounds like war crimes to me. Please, United Nations and NGOs in Africa, make sure the guilty parties are prosecuted. Kidnapping child soldiers counts as crimes against their own people. There is so much suffering in this world. If you ever need me, just ask. I only wish I had enough human rights to do more.

Tunisia. There are all different ways to fight for women's rights and equality. After all, women's rights are human rights. At the very core of the battle is the tenet that our bodies are only ours. We are not property. We cannot belong to anyone.

Similarly, I am not an object nor a product to be sold. We need to create and enforce a world where I am neither a slave whose privacy is sold online nor the victim of the crime of libel porn. The only camera that should be active in my apartment is the webcam I allow to be hacked, so the world can keep me safe in my sleep.

Every other piece of equipment is a slavery cam. If we need to arrest people to get slavery if me shut down, then I do not know why it is not taken care of yet. Just because a president started the slavery does not mean it should continue. It is still a crime. It just means we have to put Obama back in prison if he will not stop.

It all ruins my brand, too. I am a benevolent super-genius who fights every day all day to save the world. Selling me is why the locals treat me like a world famous stripper instead of respecting me for what my real job is in the world. The libel porn is why the locals call me a prostitute with a penis. I have no penis, but the libel porn is so pervasive the entire public is deluded about who I am. Take it all down, and force reality into Iowa. I deserve respect.

Speaking of respect, apparently I keep putting faith in presidents who do not deserve it. We need an investigation into why no president from either party is willing to give America all of our Constitutional rights. We also need courts to enforce court decisions. Nobody should be murdering rescuers right now. There have been too many court decisions against it.

At one point Biden promised to help. For years Boehner was on my side. But something happened when they took office. Someone got to them and convinced them to murder rescuers and maintain the bubble instead. We need to find out what happens when people take on the president's office. We need an investigation.

Right now Biden is claiming he was disoriented and weak. Maybe he will share what happens to people when they become president to make them commit crimes against all of America instead of setting us free of the bubble. We need to fix this problem at its source. We need to get to the new presidents with reason and compassion before whatever force gets to them to make them commit these crimes. We need a new president to take the bubble down.

My beautiful world, this is the timeline as I understand it. We are waiting for the executive branch to get its head out of its ass and stop killing my rescuers. We are also waiting for the Supreme Court to release their resolutions concerning my case and the unconstitutionality of the bubble policy. The last estimate I heard was Sep. 2nd roughly, but I am sure if we keep impeaching presidents for maintaining the bubble, it will come down sooner.

My brave rescuers, press charges EVERY TIME the government murders you and even every time they just try to kill you. Attempted murder is a crime, too. Keep taking down presidents until we get one who will not kill you. I am working on getting the corruption investigated. We will get this policy which is all executive orders taken down. Please be vigilant with your legal action not just your heroics.

On a related topic of corruption, SynSyn, we need to press criminal and civil charges against Iowa, Polk County, and Lynn Boeset until I am released from the criminal adult guardianship. My father lied all over the place to get the adult guardianship, so he could keep me and abuse me under his control in his house. But he still never technically had grounds; there was never any legally upstanding reason for the guardianship to begin.

Polk County obliged my being abused and destroyed and gave my father the guardianship in 2010. Force the probate court to explain why there is a guardianship on me at all especially considering I am clearly not mentally incompetent of doing anything in this great world.

Since my father died (Such blessings are almost enough to make me believe in God.), attorney Mark R. Gray has been lying to the courts claiming I have a mental illness we have proven redundantly for years that I do not actually have and insisting I never have more than $100 in my possession at one time. You have all this paperwork of Mark R. Gray's criminal activity, Syn.

The corrupt probate court obliges my being destroyed by the bubble every time the guardianship comes up for review, and this year my adult guardianship was granted to the evil Lynn Boeset by the probate court under recommendation I never be treated like an independent human by the corrupt Samantha Gronewald, my guardian ad litem. Court transcripts will support all of this. I need every single guilty party punished.

The evil Lynn Boeset has been starving me. She needs to be arrested for criminal neglect. She has had control of my finances for over three months and has given me a total of $300 this entire time to live on. I need $300 every week to make sure I have enough for groceries, shoes that are not broken, clothing that is not threadbare, etc. I need her punished for starving me.

Do you know the logic behind their refusal to give me more than $100 at a time if at all? They are keeping me starving and poverty stricken to guarantee I will never have the money to buy a plane ticket for a rendezvous with my own husband like I tried in January this year. They are invested in maintaining the criminal persecution of the proven illegal bubble.

Because what would happen if I could reach my husband? The murdering of my rescuers would end. I would finally have bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe, and we all know my beautiful world is terrified for my safety right now. I would finally have human rights, and I would be able to eat more than a bowl of soup a day.

This adult guardianship serves only to starve me while unlawfully imprisoning me in Iowa away from my loved ones, bodyguards, friends, and support system. This adult guardianship serves only to keep me away from anyone who will be good to me, keep me safe, and treat me with the respect and rights I deserve. This adult guardianship serves only to destroy me.

Evil Lynn Boeset is an active member of the conspiracy including Mark R. Gray, Samantha Gronewald, and all of the judges in the probate court of the Polk County District Court that labors to persecute me, destroy me, and enable murdering me. They all actively make sure my rescuers die every night by keeping me away from them. They all need to be arrested for murder, persecution, criminal conspiracy, etc. with added charges of neglect for Evil Lynn Boeset.

Sue Polk County to release me from the adult guardianship, Syniva. This guardianship is only here due to corruption and conspiracy on a local level to enforce the bubble at all costs to me and by breaking every law possible. There are no grounds for me to have an adult guardian. Make them pay until they break.

My beautiful world is particularly worried about terrorists attacking me. The local police have been training, according to the locals, in case terrorists come after me, but the best way to keep me safe is to give me my husband and bodyguards. My incoming rescuers are my bodyguards. The probate court needs to stop murdering my rescuers and allow me to be with them.

Sweetness, you have grounds to press criminal and civil charges, too, against everyone trying to keep us apart. Please punish them. My brave rescuers also have grounds to press charges against them ALL from Polk County and Mark R. Gray to Samantha Gronewald and Evil Lynn Boeset for actively keeping us apart and making sure my heroes will be murdered every night. Bury them with legal action. I want them all in prison for the rest of their lives.

Sweetness, there is also a woman social worker at the VA in Des Moines named Misha who claimed to Jared's face that we are not married and that he should not believe anything I tell him about the reality of the world. She basically reinforced the delusions of the bubble and the government sanctioned propaganda to Jared's face and supplied him with a website calling Amber your girlfriend to prove it.

Darling, I want Misha disciplined. I do not tolerate people who claim you do not love me. Can you get the Veterans to take care of her?

I love and adore you, my beloved. I know you feel as helpless as I do when it comes to taking this bubble down. These are two easy things you can do that will help. You are such a hero.

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