Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progress Though Nothing Has Changed Yet

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Here is my latest blog post.

Egypt. Democracy, despite popular misconception, is not majority rules. It is rule of the people. That means the majority has a responsibility to every minority under its control.

This is why it was wrong for Morsi to create a sectarian government and Constitution instead of ones that respected and protected every minority in Egypt. Morsi was not in charge of a democracy in Egypt, he simply lead a ruling majority.

You are torn right now, Egypt, between a military trying to create a democracy that will protect every minority and supporters of Morsi. I believe you need new elections. I believe you need to find an Egyptian to lead you that everyone can rally behind. You need a president who can unify the nation instead of divide it. For the sake of the entire region, please try.

As for the US, all of America's rights to live without this bubble were held up by a federal court recently. Boehner was impeached for murdering my rescuers, and the president who replaced him started filling everyone's heads with promises of bursting the bubble. Sadly, these were all broken promises. The bubble is still here; I am still persecuted; America is still oppressed; and, my rescuers still get murdered every night.

When the government promised this last Monday that the bubble would burst the moment my rescuers reached me, they still murdered my rescuers that night. Then, yesterday, the Department of Justice sued to be able to maintain the bubble indefinitely. Jared tried to drive me to a rendezvous with my rescuers in Kansas City, and while I sat there in the restaurant waiting for my rescuers, I tore into the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. on twitter.

It worked. The lawsuit was dropped. Unfortunately, my rescuers could not make it to the rendezvous, so Jared drove both of us back up to Des Moines. But my rescuers said it would be okay, since they should have been able to reach me last night.

After watching the news yesterday, I slipped off to a local bar called Zimm's for some Diet Coke and to use the complimentary wifi. while there last night, Tuesday night, I heard another promise from the government that they would take the bubble down today or as soon as my rescuers could reach me, and I blew a gasket.

I started screaming on twitter for the government to take the bubble down immediately. The promise sounded like a set up to try to kill my rescuers again, and I hate being lied to. Apparently, I said something useful while I was on my verbal rampage because despite my rescuers being murdered again last night when they tried to reach me, people out there outside my bubble have been very happy all day today, Wednesday.

Rumor has it that I convinced the Supreme Court to take the bubble down in its completeness last night with my verbal tirade. We just need to wait for the Justices to write up and release their resolutions. I had no idea that my federal court decision deeming the bubble unconstitutional was already appealed and in front of them. I hope someone is archiving my twitter rants for history books and future Constitutional law research.

Please, my beautiful world, stop pretending anything can make me happy if the only human right I have is freedom of speech. If you want me happy, you will set me free. I cannot be happy until I am kissing my husband. And why would you want me complacent? Absolutely nothing would get done if I lost my edge.

My beautiful world, I understand we are making grand progress out there, but can I ask you for help still? The only motive I can think of for the government refusing to just admit wrong and take down the bubble is because they are mortified of having to explain the bubble. They do not want to have to answer to anyone for all of the crimes they have committed. So, please start demanding answers now before the bubble comes down. If we take away their motive for maintaining the bubble, they will have no reason left for persecuting me.

Also, Iowa, STOP ASKING ME MY NAME! You all know exactly who I am. I am arguably the most famous person in the world. I am a benevolent super-genius who does good for the entire world as my job, and you need to learn to respect me. Stop damaging me, and start disobeying the rules instead.

My brave rescuers, I have tried going to Kansas City. You could not reach me there. Is there someone in Iowa who can give me a lift directly to you? No one will stop us. The FBI would have to acknowledge the bubble to my face for them to be able to stop us, and they will never break the never-acknowledge-the-bubble rules of the bubble, Jared and I have proven this.

SynSyn, Lynn Boeset needs to go to prison for neglect. I know you have much larger fish to fry, but my life would be far less miserable if I had enough money to go out and enjoy myself. I need $300 a week to exist in Iowa comfortably, but all she has given me for three months is $200. My mother is going broke trying to fill in the gap with her own money, and it is not like I am asking for all of my billions from that horrible witch, Lynn Boeset. Please put her in prison.

More importantly, Synny, CONGRATULATIONS! You are such a hero. I am sure your name makes half the legal community starry-eyed with awe and the corrupt parts of the government shudder in fear. You are so amazing! Teamwork!

Sweetness, press criminal and civil charges over Sunday night. The Supreme Court already held up your right to assemble and associate with me in specific. The FBI still stopped you from flying into Des Moines to kiss me Sunday night. I agree the last thing we need is more money, but try criminal charges, too. Every legal win helps.

Darling, I love and adore you. I heard you are very proud of me today. There seems to be some movement among my beautiful world to make me happy and get me to chill out a little. I will never be happy until I am kissing your face. If they want me happy, they have to find a way for us to be together. Nothing is going to slow me down until I can be with you.

P.S. The orchid is in my hair again.

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