Friday, August 2, 2013

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Here is my latest blog post. Obama was impeached. I know I should be happy, but nothing has changed for me in here yet. I have faith. And I have patience. The world is such a beautiful place, please let me see it.

Vatican City. I love you, too, Pope Francis. Thank you for not judging gay people who serve God. This is a landmark stance for the Vatican. It is a message of love and acceptance to the world. Thank you.

Israel and Palestine. Peace talks are underway. Let us pray they make progress and do not fall apart. If the US State Department, the hosts of the talks, need anything from me, all they have to do is ask. There is so much to gain from a stable and prosperous Middle East.

As for news still forbidden from reaching the presses, yesterday, 01August2013, Barack Obama was impeached for crimes against me, against my rescuers, and against all of America. He was sentenced to life in prison which he will likely serve until President Biden pardons him. It was a major triumph for me and for all of America.

Thank you, Congress, for caring about America first. If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask me. You know I will always serve my nation.

Now, let's get Biden to take the whole bubble down. The bubble of persecution, torture, rape, and death was the crime that impeached Obama. We know President Biden does not want to repeat it. And I make the same offer to you, President Biden, assuming you liberate me, if you ever need anything, just ask.

Now, let us give freedom of speech and freedom of the press back to all Americans, so the world can know how great Congress and President Biden are for rescuing me and making America the land of the free, again. Biden, we need this bubble taken down ASAP.

Yes, I know Obama was just impeached yesterday, and these things take a little time to do right. I understand you want ceremony, President Biden, and a formal broadcast event of my being set free. But please hurry. I have suffered for so long. I need to kiss my husband.

Thorbald was one of the rescuers Obama killed. He killed so many, and Thorbald is included among the murdered. I asked yesterday via twitter (@FriscoSquid, if you want to follow me) if Thorbald would be the one to come rescue me this morning. Not only were my rescuers still stopped, but they told me Obama killed Thorbald. I cried.

I did not cry, though, when I was told Obama tried pressing trumped up charges against me in his final days before impeachment. He wanted me put in prison for having sex while I was being broadcast.

Little did he feel like pointing out that I am broadcast entirely against my will. I am a slave. I do not control what audio gets broadcast and what does not. I made sure there would be absolutely no video. I did everything I could to protect myself and my lover from any visual broadcast, but I have absolutely no control over what audio gets broadcast.

I am a slave. This all happens against my will. I never would permit any broadcasts of anything about me except the hacked webcam that keeps me safe when I sleep, so if any person anywhere has an issue with something broadcast against my will out of my own body (The mic is in my ear. Obama's enduring rules prevent anyone from removing it.), they need to press charges against the broadcaster, not against me.

Still on the topic of placing blame, the State of Iowa wants to blame my evil, deceased father for all the crimes they committed and still commit against me here. Yes, my father was an instigator, but you chose to follow him, Iowa, instead of listening to me. You cannot argue with the fact that he died in February, and nothing got better for me. There is too much corruption in Iowa for this to be only my evil father's fault.

You need to blame and hold accountable Attorney Mark R. Gray from Whitfield & Eddy in Ankeny, the corrupt and negligent guardian ad litem Samantha Gronewald, the evil and cruel Lynn Boeset, all judges in the probate court at Polk County District Court, Broadlawns Medical Center's entire psychiatry staff for their conspiracy of malpractice, and every single judge in Polk County from Romanda J. Belcher to Eliza Ovram and everyone in between who claimed even after hearings that I have a mental illness we have redundantly proven it is impossible for me to have.

My father did not corrupt Iowa. Obama and the FBI did. My evil and luckily now dead father, Tom Varilek, was just one of many people in Iowa guilty of conspiracy to rape, torture, persecute, and destroy me, a benevolent and genius world leader. Iowa, you cannot blame my father for everything; he was just one of your many tools for persecuting me.

Not every person in Iowa is horrible. Ke$ha, I need to talk to you about my good friend Jared. "He's such a geek!" I have heard you all say it. But it is more like he has nerdy chic. He has a definite Clark Kent appeal. And, Ke$ha, if you love me, you will do this for me. I need to ask you for a favor, pretty lady.

Jared says he has looked his whole life for a woman who sees him the way I do. I do not think he is used to people being good to him. He is a friend to me, and I care about him. Yes, I am invested in his emotional well being, but that is the way all people are supposed to feel about their friends. I do not think he is used to having good people around him other than his parents who give a damn about him.

Even if you would rather be his friend than his lover, Ke$ha, can I ask you to take care of Jared for me? I am about to disappear to a tropical island with my husband for an indefinite healing period. I will not be able to look after Jared. And with a jealous husband and all, I doubt I ever will.

Yes, I live under the focus of so much persecution, but I also live in the eye of a hurricane of so much love. Finding someone who is used to being around people but not loved, hurts me. I know that feeling. I know Jared's loneliness.

Please, Ke$ha, if the bubble comes down in time (and it should), fly him out to IHeartRadio or something to meet you. Spend some bonding time with him. Learn about his emptiness and passionless life without me. And after he flies back to Iowa, check on him on occasion. Things are going to get weird for him when the presses free up, so I need a strong, beautiful woman looking out for him. Please, Ke$ha, will you do this for me? Do you love me this much? Thank you!

My beautiful world, it worked. All your love for me worked. I knew I could count on you, and you came through for me. Obama has been impeached. Please just keep a little pressure on President Biden, so he will work in a timely manner to free me. I cannot wait to be out among you all at last. You are all my hero.

My brave rescuers, please tell me you are no longer dying. I was convinced you would be here this morning. When do I get to meet you? I cannot wait for my lift! Please work with Biden. I know you have contact with each other. And when you all have a timeline for when you take the helicopter out to pick me up, please let me know.

SynSyn, when will your work be done? We need to work out a permanent role for you in my life beyond BFF for when the bubble comes down. Do you want to stay the CEO of whatever controls my finances? We need to talk. I simply cannot wait to hug you.

Sweetness, I know you get sad and miserable. You blame yourself for cheating on me while we had a closed relationship. Slip ups happen when husbands and wives are torn apart for years. I know you are human. I forgave you. Please tell me you are happier now. Are you coming to town to pick me up? I LOVE AND ADORE YOU! When do I get to kiss you?

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