Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cut Obama Loose and Impeach Him.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start with food stamps, and we end with how much I love my self-punishing husband.

USA. Here in the land of catastrophes caused by Obama, have you seen the latest statistics concerning food stamps? In 2008, there were 28 million people in the US on government aid for food. Today in 2013, we have 48 million people.

Obama has been on a tirade lately about the economy and the middle class, but he has ever done about the economy is put more people in poverty. Unemployment keeps dropping, yes, but that is because increasing amounts of people are underemployed. What about our poor? When will he ever care about rehabilitating our poor?

The US is a mess. All Obama has done since taking office is hurt this nation. And he has a federal policy handicapping me from fixing any problems. He commits crime after crime against the people of this nation, and what do we get in return? We get a worse economy, skyrocketing national debt, and blistering oppression from his totalitarian regime. We need to cut Obama loose to save America.

Democrats are going to lose control of the Senate if they do not impeach Obama. Right now, Democrats are the Persecution Party. Never forget that it was a Democratic president who started the policy and drafted the mandate that was passed by a Democratic House and Democratic Senate in 2009. If Democrats do not cut Obama loose and impeach him, they stand to lose the most in the 2014 elections.

The Senate is having hearings right now concerning slavery and persecution of me. I hope they also investigate the oppression of all of America. Obama has suspended freedom of the press in America just to be able to persecute me. Why not impeach him for that? No one in America but me has freedom of speech, and Obama would rather kill who are supposed to be free people in America than allow them to peaceably assemble and associate with me. Everything Obama does is impeachable.

Obama's impeachable offenses include torturing me and unlawfully imprisoning me in Iowa. I did not show up to be tortured on Thursday. Iowa and I are supposed to have a deal. They are supposed to cease all of their crimes against me. If Iowa breaks its promise under orders from Obama and tries to lock me away when we have already proven more than just a few times that I have absolutely no mental illness, break them, my beautiful world.

If Iowa tries to punish me, my beautiful world, for not allowing what the United Nations recognizes as torture, rail on Iowa until they break. Syn, that means go after them with all legal barrels loaded.

Also, my beautiful world, we need to guarantee than any further action taken against me for fighting for my basic human rights to privacy, physical safety, or to basic liberties ends in Obama's immediate impeachment. Promise me, my beautiful world, that if any further harm comes to me in any form, that you will take irrepressible action against the president. I have suffered enough. Enough is enough.

My brave rescuers, are you okay? I pray nobody died. I hope you are pressing charges. I heard Obama opened fire on you because you were exercising your Constitutional and Supreme-Court-upheld right to assemble and associate with me. Obama tried to kill you for exercising your rights! Is this the America we live in now?

My brave rescuers, the last time we pressed charges against Obama for trying to kill you, he denied knowledge of such a policy. Now, he does not have that plausible deniability anymore. We have been on this merry-go-round before. The policy is still going on, so it is obvious Obama sent the orders. Please take advantage of this opportunity to impeach Barack Obama.

You have a right to live, my brave rescuers. You have a right to live free in America. Obama does not have the right to kill you for exercising your God-given rights. What kind of country do we all live in if Obama gets away with this?

SynSyn, I see you are still being the hero. Please make sure my brave rescuers have the best lawyers on the planet. We can do this, Synny. We can do this.

Also, Syn, is Iowa making progress yet on the demands they have to meet to satisfy our deal? They have to revoke the adult guardianship. They have to overturn every ruling that claimed I have a mental illness. Iowa has a lot of work to do. Please make sure they are making progress. We cannot help Iowa until our demands are met.

Sweetness, I still need you. In fact, I need you more than ever these days. I get so miserable and unhappy. I need you to put your arm around me. I need to rest my head on your shoulder. I need you to hold me and tell me everything will be okay.

Darling, I know you get worried. You cheated on me, but I forgave you. I am standing by my man. I know you see me with Jared, and I know you get jealous. But you are not losing me. No one could ever replace you in my life.

I love you, darling, and nothing can tear us apart. Not Obama. Not the bubble. Not Amber and Jared. Not any normal human failings we both have. We are meant to be together, and we are in love. Do not let the haters and naysayers get in your head. I love and adore you. Nothing can change that.

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