Saturday, July 6, 2013

Was Your July 4th Free or Oppressed?

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Here is my latest blog post. Just some things to look out for in the future.

Moscow, Russia. Europe, you are enraged that Obama spies on you. The least you could do is thank the man who let you know. Besides, what good am I if I cannot get a fellow dissident a soft place to land? Please, my beautiful world, consider giving asylum to Edward Snowden. Would you do it for me?

Ooh! La! La! Edward, I just heard about Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Venezuela offering you asylum. Be careful in transit. You know what happened to the Bolivian president because they suspected you were aboard. Thank you, South America!

As for the minutia of my life, I need an eye exam. After the exam, the doctor will prescribe corrective lenses of a new prescription for me rendering my security system inoperable. Please, my beautiful world, do everything possible to keep me safe after my prescription changes. I am warning you now, so you can be prepared.

I spent my July 4th oppressed. I went on a picnic with my mom in the area, seeing as my mother refuses to do anything even vaguely related to rescuing me. She can be so evil. And I sat on top of a roof in the area to see fireworks. The only human right I had the entire time was my freedom of speech, but no one around me had their freedom of speech. My July 4th was horrible and oppressed.

My beautiful world, there is so much you can do to help. When in doubt, there are five easy things you can do to prevent my soul from dying in here. Imagine the world without me. Then please do everything possible to keep me good and beautiful.
1.) Organize. Make noise. Protest. Raise some nonviolent hell. Your constant pressure on the government is invaluable. Obama terrorizes people into obeying him because the public is good to me one by one. If everyone stands up all at once, America will get away with setting itself free. Iowa in particular needs someone to come in here and organize these people en masse. This is not rebellion; this is civil disobedience, that which civil rights movements are always built on. The rules are proven unconstitutional anyway.
2.) Increase awareness. Make sure there is no one anywhere in the world who does not know who I am, what I do for this world, and how much I suffer. I spend all day every day using my intellect to save the world. Spread the truth around. I am not a schizophrenic. I am not mentally incompetent. I am not a porn star. I have never been a stripper. This is all just enduring libel Obama spreads about me. My job is saving the world.
3.) Turn in your evidence. Has Obama commanded or even asked you to do ANYTHING concerning me since 2009? We could have gotten this far with his impeachment years ago if we just had all of the evidence in one place sooner. Please help us. If you have witnessed, endured, or suffered through any oppression or human rights violations at the hands of Obama, send Syniva your evidence and witness testimonies.
4.) Be good to me. Keep me as safe as possible. Spend time with me. Be a true friend to me not some superficial twat who asks me my name. I live with a target the president of the United States put on my head. I could use some help making it through this without being so persecuted that I am destroyed. Be a hero; do not be a stereotypical Iowan. And definitely keep watching the hacked webcam while I sleep instead of the Obama porn channel. My security system is the only thing that prevents Obama from raping me again. We make progress in the courts when you, the people who love me, challenge the rules. It also makes me feel warm and loved. Please consider it.
5.) Support the people who fight for me if you cannot fight for me yourself. Buy Syniva's art. Feed my protesters. Get my rescuers to my side. Do whatever it takes. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is in the way of my having human rights if necessary. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. Try to predict when and if they will need help. Obama is trying to kill them. They need your help constantly.
And, thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you! I would be nothing without you. You give me faith in humanity and love for the world. Imagine the world without me; then impeach Obama in time to save me from his bubble destroying me. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Also, my beautiful world, I have a date Saturday night, so regardless of whether or not I sleep with the sweetheart of a guy, be prepared for the internet to explode with porn neither of us made. I am just warning you now. Even if all we do is cuddle, the internet is going to explode with libel porn. Be prepared to label it libel and to hold the people who made it and who published it accountable. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, I hear you got some help. I heard you thought you were guaranteed to be here by the morning after July 4th. I know you know who sent you that help would love to send you more. Do not be conservative with your estimates of how much help you need. Ask for more than enough to over power. If this drags on, we will be in a civil war again. Whatever you need, just ask. All I need is a lift from here to freedom, safety, and rights.

SynSyn, if the federal government makes more libel porn, please press more charges against them. It is a crime to libel someone, so press criminal charges against the FBI, too, for making it. The charges will likely go nowhere since the FBI will never investigate itself. But please try. If civil charges are all we can get, make the punishment so huge that the libel has no choice but to end.

My BFF, I hear you made great progress in the courts. Press charges against Obama personally for everything. Do not forget this blog post nor this one.

The only explanation for my still being in this bubble even after the mandate was repealed, after I was acknowledged as innocent on all charges by the Supreme Court, after I offered to negotiate his impending impeachment until it was off the table, and after the bubble has been deemed unconstitutional, is because Obama is abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me. There is no other explanation.

Sweetness, thank you for standing beside me through everything just like I always stand by you. I have not seen such expressions of love from you in a long time. It makes me wonder what I did right for you to tell me you love me again. I cry so much and so often over not being able to be with you. At least I am reassured, now, that you will be right there for me once I finally get out of this bubble of hell and torment. I love you. I love you. I love you!

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