Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Iowa Took The Deal.

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Here is my latest blog post. Let us get me a rescue today, so I can have rights. Let us impeach Obama ASAP, so America can have rights.

Sunday afternoon I went to the eye doctor. He asked me if I ever had anything stuck in my eyes. He asked because there are scratches on both of my corneas as if something lodged in my eye came loose and scratched them. So, I cannot wear contacts anymore. I have eye drops for my right eye. And I need new glasses.

Sunday night, my good friend Jared whom I do NOT sleep with anymore and I went out to dinner. He took me to a fancy Italian joint with white tablecloths, held the door for me, and picked up the bill. He is such a dollface.

I am sure you all saw all of it. We are much closer now that we no longer have sex. Yes, sometimes we still cuddle and sleep next to each other, but we have not had sex since Sweetness and I decided on a closed relationship.

I have been helping him lately with his College Algebra course, too. For some reason, I have all of this math know how that just sits around in my brain collecting dust most of the time. It feels great being able to wrestle with polynomials and logarithms again. I really enjoy our time together.

Christian Laffey called me Monday night as per usual. During our phone call, I expressed doubt that Sweetness and "Amber Half-His-Age," as Christian calls her, were sleeping together since they were traveling with his kids. Christian said they were probably living it up. As it turns out, Christian was right, and I was wrong. But I did not know that yet.

During Christian's comments about PBS's Frontline being the best news source on the planet, my multitasking mind reached a conclusion. The world is a mess. I do not want to run the world. I do not want to conquer the world and I should not have to. I just want to marry Sweetness.

People keep saying that if things keep going the way they are going, I will end up running the world before this is all over. I do not see why that has to be necessary. I just want to marry Johnny Depp.

Yes, I will do everything under the sun to make this marriage possible. But if Obama will just get his rules of persecution out of my way, I will not have to dominate him just to have a wedding. Onward and upward, my beautiful world. I need a wedding!

Congress, you seem as dedicated to saving America from Obama's oppression as I am. Why not impeach Obama for his obvious offenses? Impeach Obama for slavery.

Obama framed me for murder, so he could excuse putting cameras in my eyes and mics in my ears and selling me... As if anything could ever excuse slavery. He has been selling me to the public against my will since 2009 with the entire world forbidden by his rules from stopping it and from giving me back even the most basic of my human rights. I am not even allowed to know my head is full of cameras and mics under his rules, and no one is allowed to remove them.

If the only thing making the eye camera palatable is the fact it deters people from attacking me, impeach Obama for forbidding me from having a husband and bodyguards to keep me safe instead. You watch me in the bathroom! This is slavery! Persecution is illegal! Please, Congress, impeach Obama for persecuting me! Impeach him for his rules!

Something has to happen at the highest levels in America to end this bubble. Iowa accepted my deal earlier this week, but even with the state's help, my rescuers have had no luck reaching me. We need Congress to impeach Obama for enslaving and persecuting me. Save America, Congress. America cannot be free unless I am!

My beautiful world, do not fall for the causation fallacy. Obama tries to kill my rescuers because my rescuers try to save me from him. Obama will do everything possible in heaven or Earth to make sure he can continue to persecute me until I am destroyed at all costs of money and human life including mobilizing all of America's forces to kill every single one of my rescuers if necessary.

Obama does not attack my rescuers because I am effective at impeaching him. That is a fallacy of causation. Obama will always attack and try to kill my rescuers as long as my rescuers need to save me. Nothing will stop Obama from attacking my rescuers until he is impeached.

Obama likes to claim he kills my rescuers because I try to impeach him in an effort to control me into no longer fighting Obama. Do not fall for Obama's lies. I do not. Nothing will stop Obama except impeachment. We need a better movement in Congress to save America and less spreading around of Obama's brainwashing.

Quite the opposite, in fact, is true. Obama does not attack my rescuers because I am effective at impeaching him, but I am effective at impeaching Obama because he attacks my rescuers. Please stop spreading around the false causation. It works against our cause to save me, save America, and save the world.

Iowa, you have been wavering in your support of rescuing me. Please consider the price tag for not rescuing me. Then speak with Syniva about covering your costs for flying me to Canada.

SynSyn, thanks for always taking care of everything I need when I need it. Thank Iowa for agreeing to my deal, and do not forget we cannot leave them behind if they rescue me. Please work with the governor's office, so we can cover the expenses of flying me from here to Canada with my rescuers along. Go team!

My brave rescuers, you seem very concerned these days with my safety. Obama likes to put threats on my life as a way to control and brainwash the public. For example, "We will kill Squid if you don't torture her by obeying our rules." But the last thing Obama wants is for me to die. That would be political and legal suicide for him.

Obama is not going to kill me. He cannot handle the ramifications of having any more of my blood on his hands. If a random gunman burst in here and shot me up right now, Obama would be immediately impeached and imprisoned for the rest of his life for forbidding me from having bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe regardless of whether or not the gunman were working for Obama.

Obama wants me destroyed, so I cannot help the world anymore. Obama does not want me to die.

Sweetness, okay, we can have an open relationship again. I understand now that you have been traveling the world with your girlfriend and children while sleeping with your girlfriend. I understand you wanted it both ways. You did not want me sleeping with anyone, but you still wanted to be able to be with Amber.

Darling, I am not mad at you. I am hurt. I am upset. I am unhappy. But I am not capable of getting angry at you. You could sleep with half the city of Los Angeles, and I would not get mad at you. I will always stand by you, darling. Please just be honest with me next time.

Sweetness, we can have an open relationship. I am okay with that. Please just promise me we will be exclusive once we can finally be together.

P.S. LibriVox is having a fundraiser. LibriVox is an organization of volunteers who offer public domain recordings of public domain works for free to the world online. If you follow the links to my voice in the right panel of this blog, you will find LibriVox. Please follow this link. And please support them.

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