Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post. New rules were supposed to be effective Monday, so my husband could kiss me on Tuesday. The bubble is still incompatible with the Supreme Court ruling, and now Obama has promised the bubble will not come down even in September. He has chosen to delay indefinitely. Congress, would it not be nice if you could just sit down with me and ask me questions? This bubble will not end until Obama is impeached.

USA. This is here to honor the nineteen Arizona firefighters we lost fighting wildfires Sunday night. Remember those young, brave men as heroes. They ran into the fire to keep everyone else safe. That was their calling in life. Click here to donate to help their families. They will always be heroes.

Egypt. Egypt needs a government that makes its people happy. What sparked the anger with Morsi was largely his influence over the new Constitution. The opposition wanted it to be more secular and to protect more human rights.

I pray that the Egyptian military holds elections soon. I pray the opposition run a candidate of their own whom everyone can rally around. And I pray Egypt fixes up their constitution to make it more protective of everyone's human rights.

As for Iowa, I have absolutely no mental illness; I just speak the truth in a land where it is forbidden. So, I have been branded crazy in order to discredit, torture, and imprison me. Never take your foot off Iowa until they stop libeling me with a mental illness, my beautiful world.

SynSyn, you seem to be making great progress in Iowa. Thank you. I only wish it could deliver me to a place I could be safe and free at last.

My rescuers still are not here. Obama is outright violating a Supreme Court ruling! He has no respect for the US Constitution and wants me dead and destroyed at all costs. Does America allow tyrannical dictators? Or do we have checks and balances? Obama is out of control with his persecution of me. Please impeach him already!

Obama announced yesterday that he does not plan on taking the bubble down in September. America is stuck oppressed with no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, and no right to assemble and associate with me indefinitely. This bubble of human rights violations on everyone will not come down until Obama is removed from office.

Obama is holding all of America captive not just me. And why? What purpose does this bubble serve? Does it do anything more than work to destroy me with torture and chemicals and the anguish resulting from a public obeying his rules to persecute me at all costs? It keeps a gag order on all of Obama's crimes against me. Does it serve anything but Obama and his personal vendetta against me?

No. It does not. It is just crimes and human rights violations designed to destroy me and keep Obama in office. Imagine the world without me. The only way to avoid that catastrophe is to remove Obama from office as soon as possible.

It has never been more obvious that Obama must be impeached and forced out of the office he abuses to destroy me. How do you stop an abuser? You take away the abuser's power to hurt and destroy.

I have heard rumors that the military wants to get involved. If these rumors are true, thank you, military. Please understand that as far as I know, this is just rumors.

I have heard worries that military intervention to save America from Obama's dictatorship will lead to civil war. I do not see anything standing in the way of the US military. The FBI just is not strong enough. The military just needs to intervene with a large enough force to get this rescue taken care of as soon as possible instead of dragging things out.

If the military slowly builds up a resistance in the area to the FBI that is oppressing all of America and as a result is holding back the entire world, we will end up in a civil war. But if they over power the FBI in the beginning, we can avoid further conflict. Peace and rights we are all due according to the Supreme Court and according to the US Constitution will finally arrive.

I do not like armed conflict, but if it is the only way to end human rights violations and oppression, if it is the only way to fight a tyrannical dictator, and if it is the only way to save America, I thank the military for knowing what they have to do for the benefit of not just me but every American everywhere who wants to be free again.

Sometimes we get a bad president. It makes me feel safer knowing the military has a system for saving America when we are oppressed by a dictator who has no regard for anyone's human rights. If they are squeamish about disobeying orders from Obama, the military just has to wait for Congress to approve their taking matters into their own hands at the highest levels to uphold the Supreme Court ruling and the US Constitution finally in America.

I doubt Congress will let America down. Democrats want to avoid impeachment, and Republicans hate Obama's abuses of power. Leon Panetta wanted approval for a military intervention over a year ago. Congress, please save America.

All Americans everywhere are having their rights violated by Obama's bubble policy. It gives me comfort knowing someone has the power to save us; even if, it means the military has to declare itself in opposition to a horrible, human-rights-violating president.

Please recall, military, at the very least, I just need a lift to my rescuers. A lot of conflict can be avoided if military already inside Iowa just puts me in a helicopter and carries me to Canada or the British Virgin Islands or someplace else guaranteed to give me rights, keep me safe, and let me kiss my husband.

My beautiful world, when people get arrested or fined for violating the bubble and when we fight it all the way to the Supreme Court, we seem to make the most progress with taking the bubble apart. At least, we need people brave enough to challenge the rules to get the rules deemed unconstitutional.

My brave rescuers, I am sending you all the help I have got. I wish I could keep you safe. I wish there were alternatives to your putting your lives on the line. It is illegal for Obama to keep trying to kill you. I wish we could end the violence at last, so you could safely ride into Iowa and save me. I am working on it.

SynSyn, do we have enough evidence yet to prove Obama is abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me? Is there any other explanation for why I am in this bubble instead of released particularly now? We need charges against Obama personally.

The Supreme Court is upholding the Constitution. Congress is doing everything it can to help. The only people we have a problem with in the federal government is Obama and the FBI. Homeland Security, the NSA, the CIA, the State Department, the military, these are all people on our side. Can we limit our punishment of the federal government to just Obama and the FBI?

I care about justice. This is not about money. This is not about vengeance. We need the bubble taken apart, so please sit down with my legal team and work up a plan to hold Obama accountable personally. Thank you, Synny. You are such a hero.

Sweetness, the new rules were supposed to be effective Monday, but you are still somehow forbidden by Obama to be with me. I am furious with that DICTATOR who thinks he can create human rights violating policies without legislation and enforce them despite opposition from the highest court in the land!

I love you, Sweetness. I know you would be here if you could. I understand there is still no way to reach me. I am still forbidden from having any human rights. Do you have any idea how much I wish I could kiss you? I love you. I love you. I love you.

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